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TAC one (tacone) wrote :

Some notes pasted from irc:

(11:45:07 PM) KillerKiwi2005: i think ' dpkg -S /etc/apache2/mods-available/*' lists installed modules...
(11:46:29 PM) tacone: uhm
(11:47:13 PM) tacone: could be. anyway I could check for packages dependent on apache2 and download the installed files list
(11:47:22 PM) KillerKiwi2005: maybe use apt-file ?
(11:47:50 PM) tacone: KillerKiwi2005: I haven't checked how to do that in detail, it's just an idea for now. but I think it's possibile.
(11:47:55 PM) tacone: *possible
(11:48:12 PM) tacone: I hope, at least :-)
(11:48:59 PM) KillerKiwi2005:
(11:50:26 PM) ***tacone reading it
(11:51:47 PM) tacone: is apt-file the only way ?
(11:52:15 PM) KillerKiwi2005: just looking at $Contents-ARCH.gz
(11:52:34 PM) tacone: me too
(11:53:39 PM) tacone: uhm. apt-file looks like more solid
(11:53:51 PM) tacone: we could add it as dependency or suggested
(11:54:16 PM) KillerKiwi2005: yes... the contents file looks dodgy
(11:54:51 PM) tacone: guess it's just the raw way to do what apt-file does (and it does for the right architecture and for every repository)
(06/23/2008 12:06:14 AM) KillerKiwi2005: apt-file is so slow....
(12:08:22 AM) KillerKiwi2005: problem that will get you a package name but it might not be the 'correct' package
(12:09:02 AM) tacone: I would present a choice
(12:10:23 AM) tacone: anyway I shuold have thought it wasn't going to be so easy. even synaptic doesn't tell you installed files prior installation.
(12:11:20 AM) KillerKiwi2005: ie libapache2-mod-mono will be returned for mod_mono but you really need mono-apache-server and mono-apache-server2
(12:12:22 AM) tacone: aren't those 2 dependancies of libapache2-mod-mono ?
(12:12:57 AM) tacone: yes, they are.
(12:14:21 AM) tacone: omg, apt-file do have a cache ? nice.
(12:14:52 AM) KillerKiwi2005: then use dpkg -p <packag_name> to get descriptions
(12:15:17 AM) tacone: like apt-cache show you mean ?
(12:15:44 AM) KillerKiwi2005: loyes
(12:15:46 AM) KillerKiwi2005: yes
(12:15:56 AM) tacone: dpkg seems to work only with installed ones
(12:16:23 AM) tacone: apt-cache show libapache2-mod-mono
(12:16:26 AM) tacone: works nicely
(12:16:44 AM) KillerKiwi2005: sweet
(12:16:57 AM) tacone: uhm
(12:18:38 AM) KillerKiwi2005: how to install... use synaptic?
(12:18:43 AM) KillerKiwi2005: or command line it ?
(12:18:50 AM) tacone: is there a way to call update manager specifing a precise package ?
(12:19:10 AM) tacone: mh, commandline would be required for remote server handling
(12:19:26 AM) tacone: but at the moment I'd prefer just calling update-manager if possible.
(12:19:31 AM) KillerKiwi2005: we could do both.. depending upon local or remote
(12:19:45 AM) tacone: KillerKiwi2005: sure, we really should do both.
(12:20:06 AM) KillerKiwi2005: I dont think update manager installs packages does it?
(12:20:14 AM) tacone: it seems not.
(12:20:24 AM) tacone: but if you double-click a .deb you're presented a gui
(12:20:26 AM) KillerKiwi2005: you can command line synaptic though
(12:20:56 AM) ***tacone checking
(12:21:41 AM) tacone: gdebi-gtk ?
(12:22:04 AM) KillerKiwi2005: isnt that for debs?
(12:22:11 AM) tacone: yes
(12:22:25 AM) KillerKiwi2005: in ubuntu you could do "apturl apt:libapache2-mod-mono"
(12:22:27 AM) tacone: but I could download deb via command line and execute it with the gui
(12:22:34 AM) tacone: uh
(12:22:36 AM) tacone: apturl nice
(12:22:43 AM) KillerKiwi2005: umm that seems bizare
(12:22:55 AM) tacone: I thought about that, but don't know about the command line handler's name
(12:23:28 AM) KillerKiwi2005: thats not in debian though we would be tied to ubuntu then
(12:23:35 AM) tacone: that's nice.
(12:23:43 AM) KillerKiwi2005: could default to apt-get if its not there i guess
(12:24:01 AM) tacone: the problem with apt-get
(12:24:12 AM) tacone: is I should present an embedded terminal
(12:24:19 AM) tacone: because some package requires configuration
(12:24:33 AM) tacone: although that's unlikely for apache mods
(12:25:07 AM) KillerKiwi2005: I dont think apturl can do a list
(12:25:16 AM) KillerKiwi2005: I think add/remove command lines synaptic
(12:25:20 AM) tacone: KillerKiwi2005: me neither, but one at once would be ok anyway
(12:27:02 AM) tacone: there are many factors to consider. errorlevel (exit status) for example.
(12:27:35 AM) KillerKiwi2005: not so bad... just update list at end with installed modules... it ether installed or didnt
(12:28:20 AM) tacone: KillerKiwi2005: true.
(12:29:23 AM) ***tacone pushing changes into branch even if still raw
(12:29:30 AM) tacone: basic module handling is there
(12:31:07 AM) tacone: uff, done.
(12:31:53 AM) tacone: basic module enabling/disabling is there, but I really need to handle dependancies
(12:32:01 AM) tacone: as it seems a2enmod doens't
(12:33:49 AM) tacone: uh.
(12:34:00 AM) tacone: no it does. it's something on my system.
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(12:48:32 AM) KillerKiwi2005: bzr update, should be all i need to do ?
(12:50:56 AM) tacone: KillerKiwi2005: probably yes
(12:51:04 AM) tacone: lol I never update, only push :-)
(12:51:38 AM) tacone: everything is very basic. only enabling and disabling
(12:53:12 AM) KillerKiwi2005: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/AppInstall/
(12:53:19 AM) tacone: uh...
(12:54:22 AM) KillerKiwi2005: installs packages using synaptic