Comment 2 for bug 1734914

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 290355e1855dc9821b28c1c6b82dca6584c8820d
Author: Tom Patzig <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Nov 29 12:56:45 2017 +0100

    Do not use own function to find migration target

    The nova scenarios BootServerAttachCreatedVolumeAndLiveMigrate,
    BootServerFromVolumeAndLiveMigrate, BootAndLiveMigrateServer are using
    rally's own function to find a suitable target compute host for live
    This function does not support all filters that are available and
    configured in nova. This function only filters computes on AZ level.
    For example it completely ignores flavor-aggregate mappings
    (AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter). This leads to wrong target host
    selection and thus a failing live migration.
    This patch removes the function _find_host_to_migrate and the argument
    target_host that was given into the function _live_migrate.
    This leaves the target host selection completely up to nova,
    for live migration, which allows to benefit from the whole nova
    scheduler filters implementation, to find a suitable host.

    Change-Id: Ide64667a5e482b10b8935e9ebd7655c0004c6a0b
    Closes-Bug: #1734914