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Bug #1099551: Quickly run fails on text-based systems Undecided New 313 weeks

From: Gabriel P-C
Link: ubuntu-cli.tar.gz

New ubuntu-cli template

Bug #1069077: Two small mistakes in the code samples in part 2 of the tutorial Undecided Confirmed 326 weeks

From: Marten Gorodetsky
Link: quickly_tutorial_part2_second.patch


Bug #1020502: For extras.u.c ship crashdb.conf to opt/<app>/etc/apport/crashdb.conf.d/<app>-crashdb.conf Undecided New 340 weeks

From: Aaron Haviland
Link: quickly-crashdb.patch

Quickly: Move crashdb files to /opt

Bug #976817: Compiling schemas not part of the application template Undecided New 353 weeks

From: Tony Byrne
Link: 976817-schemas.patch


Bug #950074: "quickly configure dependencies" fails when gedit is running Undecided New 358 weeks

From: Frederik Elwert
Link: quickly_run_gedit_standalone.patch

run gedit with --standalone argument

Bug #892486: .bzr shows up in template listing Undecided New 374 weeks

From: Tony Byrne
Link: hide .bzr.patch

hide .bzr.patch

Bug #702153: projects built with a new template shows an /opt warning Undecided Confirmed 392 weeks

From: Tony Byrne
Link: upgrade.patch

only upgrade if necessary

Bug #734050: quickly refuses to run newly created application Undecided New 408 weeks

From: Tony Byrne
Link: bug734050.patch


Bug #667492: Request: add an ability to refactor (rename ) the project Undecided New 429 weeks

From: Tony Byrne
Link: spaces_in_project_name.patch

allows spaces in project name in original rename solution

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