Comment 1 for bug 1025546

Adam Reichold (adamreichold) wrote :

I agree that this problem should be taken seriously. Especially for a program that aims to be lightweight. (Just thinking about it, I'd say that only prefetching could - under very special usage patterns - consume memory without bounds.)

I tested the file and could not reproduce the problem. Using the default settings for cache and prefetch, qpdfview was never using more than 80 MB of RAM while displaying the linked file. So first things first, what Qt and Poppler versions do you use? (Personally, I use Qt 4.8.2 and Poppler 0.20.2.)

Another user reported a similar problem directly to me in the past where he found that some files make qpdfview and Okular consume a lot of memory which however do not pose a problem for Evince. Hence it would be nice if you could test this with another program like Okular that uses the Poppler-Qt frontend.

The main difference is that the Poppler-Qt relies on the Splash rendering backend whereas the Poppler-GLib frontend relies on the Cairo rendering backend. A "Qt-native" Arthur backend exists but is unfinished. So if Okular has the same memory problems, it is probably something inside the Splash rendering backend which is possibly already fixed in the current Poppler version. If not, we have to try to find the problem in qpdfview in the next two weeks. :-\

Best regards, Adam.