Comment 5 for bug 998435

Boris Derzhavets (bderzhavets) wrote :

>It has nothing to do with spice enabled qemu version.

Not exactly :-

boris@boris-P5Q-E:~$ sudo /usr/bin/kvm-spice -cpu host -enable-kvm -name W7 -m 2048 -drive file=/dev/sda7,if=virtio,media=disk,aio=native,cache=off -net nic,model=rtl8139 -net user -localtime -usb -vga qxl -spice port=5900,disable-ticketing -cdrom /home/boris/win7.iso -boot d

do_spice_init: starting 0.10.0
spice_server_add_interface: SPICE_INTERFACE_MIGRATION
spice_server_add_interface: SPICE_INTERFACE_KEYBOARD
spice_server_add_interface: SPICE_INTERFACE_MOUSE
Could not open option rom 'kvmvapic.bin': No such file or directory
spice_server_add_interface: SPICE_INTERFACE_QXL
red_worker_main: begin
ensure_display_channel_created: create display channel
ensure_cursor_channel_created: create cursor channel