ReplayKernel.test_x86_64_pc fails intermittently

Bug #1899082 reported by Cleber Rosa
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Bug Description

Even though this acceptance test is already skipped on GitLab CI, the intermittent failures can be seen on other environments too.

The record phase works fine, but during the replay phase fail to finish booting the kernel (until the expected place):

16:34:47 DEBUG| [ 0.034498] Last level dTLB entries: 4KB 0, 2MB 0, 4MB 0, 1GB 0
16:34:47 DEBUG| [ 0.034790] Spectre V2 : Spectre mitigation: LFENCE not serializing, switching to generic retpoline
16:34:47 DEBUG| [ 0.035093] Spectre V2 : Mitigation: Full generic retpoline
16:34:47 DEBUG| [ 0.035347] Spectre V2 : Spectre v2 / SpectreRSB mitigation: Filling RSB on context switch
16:34:47 DEBUG| [ 0.035667]
16:36:02 ERROR|
16:36:02 ERROR| Reproduced traceback from: /home/cleber/src/avocado/avocado/avocado/core/
16:36:02 ERROR| Traceback (most recent call last):
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/var/lib/users/cleber/build/qemu/tests/acceptance/", line 92, in test_x86_64_pc
16:36:02 ERROR| self.run_rr(kernel_path, kernel_command_line, console_pattern, shift=5)
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/var/lib/users/cleber/build/qemu/tests/acceptance/", line 73, in run_rr
16:36:02 ERROR| False, shift, args, replay_path)
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/var/lib/users/cleber/build/qemu/tests/acceptance/", line 55, in run_vm
16:36:02 ERROR| self.wait_for_console_pattern(console_pattern, vm)
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/var/lib/users/cleber/build/qemu/tests/acceptance/", line 53, in wait_for_console_pattern
16:36:02 ERROR| vm=vm)
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/var/lib/users/cleber/build/qemu/tests/acceptance/avocado_qemu/", line 130, in wait_for_console_pattern
16:36:02 ERROR| _console_interaction(test, success_message, failure_message, None, vm=vm)
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/var/lib/users/cleber/build/qemu/tests/acceptance/avocado_qemu/", line 82, in _console_interaction
16:36:02 ERROR| msg = console.readline().strip()
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/usr/lib64/python3.7/", line 575, in readinto
16:36:02 ERROR| def readinto(self, b):
16:36:02 ERROR| File "/home/cleber/src/avocado/avocado/avocado/plugins/", line 77, in sigterm_handler
16:36:02 ERROR| raise RuntimeError("Test interrupted by SIGTERM")
16:36:02 ERROR| RuntimeError: Test interrupted by SIGTERM
16:36:02 ERROR|

On my workstation, I can replicate the failure roughly once every 50 runs.

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Cleber Rosa (cleber-gnu) wrote :

I'm actually able to increase the reproducibility to ~ 90% when running 8 of those tests simultaneously (on an 8 core system).

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Pavel Dovgalyuk (dovgalyuk) wrote :

I can 100% reproduce it with the following command line:
taskset 1 tests/venv/bin/avocado --show=app,console,replay run -t arch:x86_64 ../tests/acceptance/

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Pavel Dovgalyuk (dovgalyuk) wrote :

But I can't reproduce it outside the avocado toolchain, by running qemu directly.

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Pavel Dovgalyuk (dovgalyuk) wrote :

I traced this bug to hw/char/serial.c/serial_ioport_read

Bug disappears when I add qemu_log("serial_ioport_read %x %x\n", (int)addr, ret); into the end of this function.

I suppose that there is avocado (or socket) io synchronization problem, because running the same test without avocado works normally.

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Beraldo Leal (beraldoleal) wrote :

I could reproduce this without Avocado:



function run_and_wait() {
        /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -display none \
                                    -vga none \
                                    -machine pc \
                                    -chardev socket,id=console,path=${SOCKET},server=on,wait=off \
                                    -serial chardev:console \
                                    -icount shift=5,rr=$1,rrfile=${REPLAY_FILE} \
                                    -kernel ${VMLINUZ_PATH} \
                                    -append "printk.time=1 panic=-1 console=ttyS0" -net none -no-reboot &
        # Wait a little for the socket creation
        sleep 1
        socat - UNIX-CONNECT:${SOCKET}
        echo $?

run_and_wait "record"
echo "Was this (record) finished?"

run_and_wait "replay"
echo "Was this (replay) finished?"

The second echo is never displayed and my console stops here:

[ 0.036667] Speculative Store Bypass: Vulnerable
[ 0.256061] random: fast init done
[ 0.308652] Freeing SMP alternatives memory: 36K

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Cleber Rosa (cleber-gnu) wrote :

I was able to run the reproducer from Beraldo Leal, and achieved the same results.

Additionally, I got the following output from QEMU:

   qemu-system-x86_64: Missing character write event in the replay log

Which seems to come from replay/replay-char.c:158.

I then tested the record and replay separately, and found that, while the above message is given and QEMU exits at the replay phase, the amount of CPUs given to the *record* stage actually make the difference. When the recording is done with a single CPU, the replay log seems to be written with the "missing character write event".

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Pavel Dovgalyuk (dovgalyuk) wrote :

Beraldo, thanks for the script.
However, I can't reproduce the bug using it. I've got the newest QEMU from the repository, and it never hangs in this scenario.

But there are some problems in other runs with more complex tasks.

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Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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