Comment 45 for bug 1580459

Jimi (jimijames-bove) wrote :

I enabled MSI interrupts, and now for 2 nights in a row I gamed 2 hours straight and shut down the Windows VM without a freeze. Never in my 7 months of living with this bug have I gotten no freeze twice in a row. I think the MSI interrupts have fixed it for me, and no, I did not remove my HDMI sound card from the VM, so that wasn't part of the issue and should be safe to leave in for those who needed this fix. That's 2 people who this fix has worked for now. Hopefully it'll work for the rest of you, too. I'll post back if I ever get this freeze again after confirmed it hasn't suddenly switched my hardware off MSI interrupts or anything.

Note: I didn't just make my video card use MSI interrupts. Most of the VM's hardware was already set to use them by default--namely the VirtIO stuff--and I set EVERYTHING else to also use it, which is the video card, its HDMI, the USB3 card, and the virtual USB2 controller that I don't need but libvirt refuses to remove. I figured that'd work out because the USB3 card is also PCIe, which works better with MSI, and the USB2 controller doesn't matter. So, if this doesn't fix it for you, try making every last MSI-capable device use MSI interrupts.