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Michael Tokarev (mjt+launchpad-tls) wrote : Re: QEmu 1.3.90 cannot restore a 1.1.2 live snapshot

Ok, so this is migration from qemu-kvm 1.1 to qemu 1.3. This officially does not work because the two uses different memory layout.

There is a way to make this work from old qemu-kvm to new qemu, by patching new qemu, but this introduces incompatibilities in other areas.

Hopefully there will be no more "major" transitions like this in the future (I mean from qemu-kvm to qemu), so there's a chance that snapshots made with 1.3 and up will be forward-compatible.

While this bugreport is filed with debian versions in mind, we in debian especially did not apply any changes to upstream qemu in this area, -- as history shows, any attempt to "fix" this "downstream" only makes things worse.