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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #941523: Build error (graphical interface) Medium Fix Committed 300 weeks
Bug #938481: New minimize behavior breaks "Start qBittorrent minimized" Undecided New 300 weeks

From: Bruno Barbieri
Link: Fix-Start-qBittorrent-minimized.patch


Bug #792716: Search Engine (Improvement) Undecided Incomplete 338 weeks

From: J├╝rgen Heinemann (Undefined)
Link: qbittorrent-2.8.0-search-engine-filter.patch


Bug #763164: start using python2 instead of python in the code Undecided Confirmed 345 weeks

From: Thomas Dziedzic
Link: python2.patch

python->python2 patch

Bug #684279: Extreme CPU usage at 99% download of individual files Undecided Triaged 362 weeks

From: Christophe Dumez
Link: cpu-fix.patch

Patch for libtorrent

Bug #657745: Libtorrent crash in upnp::on_reply or upnp::delete_mapping Undecided Triaged 370 weeks

From: Christophe Dumez
Link: upnp-fix.patch

Proposed patch

Bug #565038: [Wishlist] Temporary Pause (not-scheduled) Wishlist New 377 weeks

Link: temporary_action_dialog.hpp

Example From Flush c++ (2)

Bug #578862: Force qBittorrent to listen on a particular network interface Wishlist Triaged 394 weeks

From: Christophe Dumez
Link: interface_settings.patch

Patch proposal

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