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Bug #928613 reported by mckayc on 2012-02-08
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Ok, the RSS feature is really a killer. But I guess I'm doing something wrong, because it keeps downloading old torrents.

Let me explain: I add the RSS to the feeds lists. So, in order to download them automatically, I go to the RSS Feed Downloader window and check the "Automatic download..." box. As the RSS feed is filtered server-side and contain only downloads in which I'm interested, I do not set any filter.

I guessed I've done everything right. I expected it to start downloading new itens as they were added to the feed. However, every time I launch qTB, it tries to download every entry in the RSS ever. I have set two RSS feeds, and it tries to queue all torrents in it, no matter how old they are, every time I restart qbT or click in the "Update All" button in the RSS tab.

At first, I though it was trying to download everything in the feed list once, and I should only remove the files from the queue and it would not bother me again, as it would count these as already downloaded. It would be a bug, indeed (at most, it should try to download only the articles shown in the list, as set in the RSS preferences - and that would be still a bad design). But this is not what happened. If I remove the downloads from the queue and restart qBT, it put all of them again in the queue.

I tried to click "Mark Itens Read" in the feed list, with no effect. I looked for help in the FAQ, in the Manual and in this forum, but I could not find anything. What can I do?

Just in the case of RSS i'm trying to download from becomes relevant, there it goes:

mckayc (mckayjunk) wrote :
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[[Bug created from question:

I posted there but wanted to change it to a bug report and it created a new bug... sorry for my inability to correctly use launchpad (first time).]]

Hey Christophe, I think I have the same problem as posted above.

I read through this thread experiencing the same problem. I saw that the issue was solved with the newest release, so I added the PPA. I now have version 2.9.3 but am still experiencing the same problem as before. I will mention all the steps I have taken:


1. Enabled RSS tab. Added a new subscription (4 subscriptions actually). I added the following:

That is the same order that they show up in my RSS tab

2. For the RSS Downloader... button (Automated RSS Downloader) I created a rule and checked "Use Regular Expressions" then added Must Contain "x" (so that it downloads everything that is in the 01x06 format etc).

3. In the "Settings..." button I set it to the default of 5 minute refresh interval and set the max number of articles per feed to 1.

4. Everything is showing up correctly with just one episode showing up per feed. It is greyed out.

5. I close Qbittorent. I open it again...(in the process right now) and it is downloading ALL Happy Endings and Cougar Town episodes. Now it is starting to download Burn Notice Episodes..... Deleting them now. Deleted them... now it is moving onto Community and downloading all of those episodes. [As a side note, this is more progress then the previous version of Qbittorent, which for some reason would only download Burn Notice episodes].

OK. They are all deleted now and don't seem to be adding anymore.

6. Just for kicks, I go to the Happy Endings feed and double click the single episode that is listed. Woot! It worked (This never worked for me in the previous version for me).

7. Now, I will try to replicate the same thing. Closing Qbittorent now..... Yikes... went to close it and noticed that it is now downloading ALL of Happy endings (and is starting to download Community and Burn Notice as well). Definitely a problem.

I went ahead and closed Qbittorent before it would download any more. Opening the program again...

8. And.... it is downloading everything again.

Yep. Definitely a problem


Hopefully this is just a user error (I like to feel dumb every once in a while), but I don't see what I can change to get different results. Should I be trying a different version of the software?

I am making the full plunge from Ktorrent (which works great but I prefer some of the features of Qbittorent). So any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated; I really don't want to go back to Ktorrent at this point.

PS Because constantly deleting the reoccurring episodes got annoying, I unchecked the option ...


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