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Bug #508435 reported by Dagor on 2010-01-16
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Christophe Dumez

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tracker say "Torrent not registered" or another,but qbittorrent not notify me.

Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n) wrote :

What version of qBittorrent are you using? qBittorrent prints tracker messages in tracker tab (torrent properties).

smwed (smwed-ya) wrote :

I have this problem too.


smwed (smwed-ya) on 2010-01-22
description: updated
NovA (av-nova) wrote :

I think changing the icon and/or color of a torrent item in the transfer list would be enough to indicate some error with that torrent. And I propose to notify this way not just "torrent not registered", but also connection errors, local file errors, etc.
BTW, it would be nice if indication of the torrent in paused state will be changed as well. Now it's too "aggressive". Probably red color of paused torrent could be transmitted to error one...

Dagor (poluleha) wrote :

2.1.1 NovA give fine idea!

Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n) wrote :

The thing is, having no working tracker is not really an error nor a problem. Trackers are not even required in torrent files. qBittorrent uses DHT and Peer Exchange to operate without trackers. Thus, indicating an error when there is no working tracker can be misleading.

You are considering one scenario (which is the torrent has been updated on the tracker). But in that case, I see no reason to display an error: your current torrent is fine. If the torrent was updated on the tracker, then its info_hash changed and it is a totally new torrent file. I cannot detect this and I cannot parse the tracker message since it is not standard.

Dagor (poluleha) wrote :

if DHT disabled have problem,on private tracker DHT disabled. IMHO on any problem standart or non standart-red icon and user mind about this.

NovA (av-nova) wrote :

If torrent is changed on a private tracker (with DHT disabled), then my current (old) torrent is not fine, it's useless - it's not being seeded anymore. So there should be some way to indicate this, like in uTorrent. As I understand we don't need to parse tracker messages for this. Just the presence of a key "failure reason" in the tracker response indicates some error with it. In such a case mark the torrent with a color and/or icon. Yes, this is not necessary a fatal problem in general (especially if DHT is available). Then let's call it not "error", but "warning"...
This is really important for private trackers, where your upload ratio does matter - if you not seed, you can't download.

Shiki (shiki) wrote :

Never seen a tracker where one could change .torrent files. Maybe after deleting the whole torrent and making a new upload from scratch. But replacing the torrent file? How is that even possible to detect?

NovA (av-nova) wrote :

Zsolt Peter Basak:
>Never seen a tracker where one could change .torrent files.
>Maybe after deleting the whole torrent and making a new upload from scratch.
>But replacing the torrent file? How is that even possible to detect?

Yep, it's about deleting the whole torrent and uploading a new one. And yes you can't detect directly whether a new torrent available or not. But it can be definitely detected that the old one is not registered anymore. And if so, the user is supposed to check for update an appropriate page (e.g. forum post) from where he downloaded .torrent file originally.
This kind of constantly re-uploaded torrents is very popular on some private trackers for seeding seasons of tv-series. When a new episode is released, the season's torrent is updated by adding a new file. It's not too convenient actually, but lowers down a load on the tracker and seeders - it's better to seed one big torrent then a bunch of small ones.

Anyway, the proposed feature is NOT concerns of such special kind torrents/trackers only. Yes it is really important for them, but it's also useful for everyone I think. Some noticeable indication about a torrent error is a nice feature, isn't it? I can imagine many different types of tracker errors - torrent is deleted, tracker is down, tracker ban your client for some reason, connection is down, etc. For all of these qBitTorrent do not show anything in the transfer list for now...

Fyodor Kupchik (ferimy) wrote :

Extending these proposals I would give you an "long term idea". When torrent file on a private tracker changes it would be nice to have a possibility to automagically re-download torrent file and then update download position in qbt. I think some steps were completed on that way: we have API and possibility to write search plugins in python. So by extending this API we'll have all the thing to even track updates on specific topics on a tracker (forum of course).

I hope I stated the idea clearly.

Ostland (evp74ru) wrote :

Indication of the tracker/torrent errors would be very useful.

Ok. Confirmed for next major release.

summary: - If torrent file was updated on tracker (added new file) qbittorrent not
- indicate about this
+ Add Torrent error state
Changed in qbittorrent:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
milestone: none → 2.3.0
status: New → Confirmed
Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n) wrote :

I added an error state for important torrents errors that cause the torrent to be paused. The torrent error message is then displayed in a tooltip. However, this do not apply to trackers errors because those are not critical.

I don't know exactly how I should make trackers error more noticeable. More importantly, detecting that all the trackers for a torrent failed is not an easy task (although feasible).

If you have suggestions, I'm listening.

summary: - Add Torrent error state
+ Notify of trackers errors
NovA (av-nova) wrote :

Thanks for working on this. Tooltip with an error is a nice feature, but it's too easy to miss when computer is left unattended. Anyway if a torrent is paused (automatically or manually) it's easily noticed by changed color and icon in the transfer list. So I suggest to introduce another one color and/or icon for torrents without working trackers (see my comment #3 above). Just mark them in the transfer list, as you do for paused and downloading ones. FYI, uTorrent behaves in this way also.

As for detection of failed trackers, I don't understand why it could be hard. Logically it's simple, "Trackers" tab in the bottom panel already has all needed information. If every tracker of a torrent has status "Not working" (namelly), that's it - mark the torrent in the transfer list. Possibly data encapsulation used in the current code internally could prevent implementing this idea, but I hope it will not be too hard to modify.

Changed in qbittorrent:
milestone: 2.3.0 → none
Ostland (evp74ru) wrote :

In 2.3.0 this option doesn't work for me. When torrent was changed on tracker (new series added) I didn't see any error messages in the qbittorrent (for example - in the Transmission such torrents becomes red and I know that new serie is coming).

Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n) wrote :

Ostland> Indeed, this is why this bug report is NOT closed yet.

Jinnjal (aom-aom-asd) wrote :


NovA (av-nova) wrote :

Any news on this? It's the only thing I really miss in qBitTorrent

Mac (chimit) wrote :

NovA is right! It would be very useful feature.

Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n) wrote :

Adding to v2.9.0 TODO list.

Changed in qbittorrent:
assignee: nobody → Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n)
milestone: none → 2.9.0
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