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Markus Zoeller (markus_z) (mzoeller) wrote :

The novaclient uses only one instance to show the progress [1] and
doesn't consider the real number of created instances. AFAIK the REST
API to create instances will always return the first instance and not
a full list of all created instances. Blueprints to change that [2]
didn't get implemented. There was a bug about that too (within the
last 12 months) but I don't find it anymore. IIRC we accept this
behavior, but don't pin me down on this.

However, there is the REST API request parameter "return_reservation_id"
which could maybe used in the python-novaclient to list all instances
matching this reservation_id [3]. And then the progress can be polled
per instance. If this would make the testing more reliable it's worth
a shot IMO.

[1] novaclient; Mitaka; create; poll for one instance:
[3] nova api-ref; V2.1; create multiple instances: