Comment 1 for bug 1529914

Akihiro Motoki (amotoki) wrote :

The expected output is 2).
The result should come from cliff json formatter, not form cliff-tablib json formatter.

cliff-tablib should not be installed. Both cliff and cliff-tablib provides json formatter.
If both are installed, you will see two 'json' when you show the help by 'neutron help net-show'.
It is not an expected situation.

neutronclient 3.1.0 does not have cliff-tablib in requirements.txt and contains cliff-tablib only in test-requirements.txt.
This is the reason that cliff-tablib is not included in requirements.txt.
(Note that cliff-tablib test dependency has been removed in the master branch.)

If centos package installs cliff-tablib as a dependency of neutronclient, it should be fixed in CentOS package side.