Comment 1 for bug 1178734

Phil Day (philip-day) wrote :

For example:

Use case: Adding a floating IP to a VM.

If the tenant network is not attached to the router, quantum client reports:
QuantumClientException: External network 7da74520-9d5e-427b-a508-213c84e69616 is not reachable from subnet 7760b25c-861e-4f60-8097-3d8ae65d9d6c. Therefore, cannot associate Port 61934195-e4e8-4bf2-a0d4-273b578f2794 with a Floating IP.

However nova only reports:
ERROR: Error. Unable to associate floating ip (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-75a4dbcb-9302-4868-b32a-69b48a45b559)
It would be useful to have the entire error in this case.