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Andreas Roehler

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I really like the idea of pycomplete a lot.

However, it only completes simple cases: ""
becomes "sys.clock" once completed.

What would be interesting would be to get a list of
completions for "sys.".

I believe that what needs to be changed is the following:
- have return a list of all possibilities
- in py-complete() in pycomplete.el, use the output of to call try-completion; if it works, use
it, if not and there are several possibilities, display
all the possibilities given by all-completions and
allow to chose between them.

The former is trivial (patch attached).

I tried to do the latter, but my lack of knowledge in
elisp put a rapid stop to it, so in case somebody knows
elisp and is interested by this (I think it would be a
cool feature), I thought I'd record the idea here.




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Hugoh-users (hugoh-users) wrote :
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Errebepe (errebepe) wrote :

I've implemented these suggestions and put the resulting
files at . Please take
a look and let me know what you (all) think.

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Hugoh-users (hugoh-users) wrote :

It seems to do exactly what I was after! Except maybe for
the completion prompt, as maybe it could just give a list of
possibilities in a separate buffer without requiring the use
of the mini-buffer, but that's a detail.

Thanks a lot.

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Errebepe (errebepe) wrote :

I used minibuffer because it seems to be the way Emacs
usually handles these things. It's also a close analogy with
the way Eclipse does it.

Anyway, I've been thinking about code-completion for a
while, and it seems the best way to do it would be to parse
the code and act according to context. Apparently, the
Semantic package
( does this.
Now, if I can get it to work...

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Errebepe (errebepe) wrote :

I just managed to use Semantic with ECB
( Installed both, fired up ECB
(M-x ecb-activate). From then on, on a source file, I type
M-Tab and it completes (using the same "interface" my patch
provides, which I found cool, BTW). I've spotted what is
apparently a bug (when importing a module from a file I
created on the current directory), but otherwise it seems to

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Errebepe (errebepe) wrote :

Ahn... Sorry, false alarm. I was still using my code
completion code and hadn't realized it. No wonder it was so
similar ;)

Haven't had much luck using Semantic yet, though I still
think it's the best approach.

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Liujin (liujin) wrote :

Unable to see errebepe's patch, but here's my attempt
following IPython's implemention. It's like other
completions in Emacs:
- No completion: ring bell and display in echo area "Can't
find completion for 'foo'"
- Sole completion: complete
- Multiple completion: open a window with mouse-clickable

--- Wed Jan 11 21:07:19 2006
+++ Sun Feb 26 23:49:19 2006
@@ -74,12 +74,21 @@

 def pycomplete(s, imports=None):
     completions = get_all_completions(s, imports)
+ if len(completions) == 0:
+ return None
     dots = s.split(".")
- return os.path.commonprefix([k[len(dots[-1]):] for k
in completions])
+ prefix = os.path.commonprefix([k for k in completions])
+ if len(completions)==1 or len(prefix)>len(dots[-1]):
+ return [prefix[len(dots[-1]):]]
+ return completions

--- pycomplete.el.old Sat Dec 3 00:30:11 2005
+++ pycomplete.el Sun Feb 26 23:51:16 2006
@@ -10,9 +10,21 @@

 (defun py-complete ()
- (let ((pymacs-forget-mutability t))
- (insert (pycomplete-pycomplete (py-symbol-near-point)
- (py-find-global-
+ (let* ((pymacs-forget-mutability t)
+ (symbol (py-symbol-near-point))
+ (completions
+ (pycomplete-pycomplete symbol
+ (py-find-global-
+ (cond ((null completions) ; no matching
+ (message "Can't find completion for \"%s\""
+ (ding))
+ ((null (cdr completions)) ; sole completion
+ (insert (car completions)))
+ (t
+ (message "Making completion list...")
+ (with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Python
+ (display-completion-list completions))
+ (message "Making completion list...%
s" "done")))))

 (defun py-find-global-imports ()

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Jeff S (jeffspencerd) wrote :

Where was this fix commited? This still doesn't function properly for me.

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