Comment 7 for bug 1073986

On Tue, 06 Nov 2012, Andreas Roehler wrote:
> > with all recent improvements (Thanks! trying them now) -- is there an
> > option accessible to mortals like me which would allow me to
> > focus into the python shell without changing anything in buffers/windows
> > configuration (and without going to the suggested "flow" of settings?
> > ;) )

> well, sure, just M-x python
> resp. C-c C-c from script-buffer

exactly my question since those do not switch focus into the Python
shell buffer.

> All question starts of you want to have a specific look and feel and
> make Emacs remember it.

I was just trying to get a "feel" similar to the one I had with
previous/elderly python-mode. But ok -- I guess what I am aiming at is
both py-split-windows-on-execute-p and
py-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute being set on and perform
consistently then...

another recent one I believe: with split-windows-on execute set,
if I have 1 buffer, initiate a new shell (C-c !) I get now 3 buffers --
two of the original file (some times 1 of the original, another one
*scratch*) and then the shell one. Then if I call C-c C-c again (while
having toggle-switch-shell-on-execute on) -- I can even get 4 buffers
now (2 for file, 2 for shell)

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