Comment 3 for bug 1073986

Am 01.11.2012 19:52, schrieb Yaroslav Halchenko:
> On Thu, 01 Nov 2012, Andreas Roehler wrote:
>>> now it would just switch current buffer from code to an interpreter
>>> buffer even if interpreter buffer is already visible next to it -- kinda
>>> pointless.
>> visibility and focus are different things.
> agree! are focus and switching the same? ;)

to be more precise let's drop the term focus and say


>> if switch is t, focus will shift
>> set py-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute to nil to avoid this
>> I thought that in such scenario (both code + interpreter
>>> visible) it would be useful if just focus was switched from code buffer
>>> to interpreter buffer
>> done when py-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute is t
> Once again, if I
> py-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute: t
> it first switches current buffer to the shell (thus maintaining
> original focus). I expected it to shift focus to the Shell buffer
> (already visible) instead of getting two vies of the same shell buffer.

Setting that variable alone should do nothing.
The result depends on the command which will follow

To make some ground, maybe try this:

Set py-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute: t
Register a point in your script buffer
M-x split-buffer-vertically
Switch to shell
M-x other-window

now you should have the desired configuration, save it

M-x window-configuration-to-register

Hmm, C-c C-c works nicely, but py-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute is ignored, cursor remains in script-buffer.

So there is a bug,

So far,