Stopped working for Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)

Bug #574025 reported by Patinhas on 2010-05-02
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Pystromo (v0.60) worked in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS for a Saitek Pro-Gamer I had.

Since I updated to 10.04 LTS it stopped working (partially).

When starting it drops a few error lines (I assume simply problems with python version?).

/home/patinhas/.config/pystromo/lib/ DeprecationWarning: object.__init__() takes no parameters
  tuple.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
/home/patinhas/.config/pystromo/lib/ DeprecationWarning: object.__init__() takes no parameters
  tuple.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
/home/patinhas/.config/pystromo/lib/ DeprecationWarning: object.__init__() takes no parameters
  tuple.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)

However, the real problem is that it stopped recognizing both the joystick and shift (21) key, it just emits the regular (1-20) keys.

The shift key seems to never be recognized, however the joystick seems to be, but the results are different than they were previously:

Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.704735, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=279>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7080531, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=1>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7127309, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=277>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7234361, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=1>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7287321, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=276>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7367351, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=290>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7400291, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=1>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7447309, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_Y', value=1000>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7527339, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=341>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7527361, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_Y', value=862>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.756551, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=1>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7565989, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_Y', value=1>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7607291, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=458>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7607319, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_Y', value=680>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.768733, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=512>
Incoming event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7687349, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_Y', value=512>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.773062, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_X', value=1>
Outgoing event: <Event timestamp=1272836172.7731121, type='EV_ABS', code='ABS_Y', value=1>

Any hints?

Patinhas (patinhas) wrote :

I assumed it recognized 1-20, but it just recognizes 1-16, although 17-20 also generate input in /dev/input/js0 when pystromo is not running (pystromo seems to filter them).

Raumkraut (raumkraut) wrote :

You may be able find out why 17-20 and shift aren't being detected, and get them working, by following my recent comment in .
Did those keys used to work in 8.04? That would be odd.

As to the joystick oddity, what are the mappings you're using?

Jeff Licquia (jeff-licquia) wrote :

You might want to try my branch (also posted in the answers thread mentioned above). It seems the kernel changed some of its key mappings; updating pystromo (and the map file) to recognize the new keys fixed the problem for me. I don't use the joystick, so I can't tell you what might be wrong there.

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