Parameter class Issue - Can't remove and add a child parameter back to the same place

Bug #1586649 reported by Adriel
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Bug Description

I'm having the following problem with PyQtGraph0.9.10+PySide1.2.2+Python2.7. I'm getting a segmentation fault after remove a Parameter, add it back, and try change its value. This error happens in the valueChange method of the WidgetParameterItem class:


If we call in the line before, this exception is raised:

RuntimeError: Internal C++ object (SpinBox) already deleted.

This is a code example that reproduces the problem I'm having:

from pyqtgraph.parametertree import Parameter
from pyqtgraph.Qt import QtGui
from pyqtgraph.parametertree import ParameterTree

app = QtGui.QApplication([])
t2 = ParameterTree()
root = Parameter.create(name='Root', type='group')
par = Parameter.create(name='Par1', type='group')
par.addChildren([{'name':'test', 'type':'int', 'limits':(500, 2000000), 'value':38400}])


The problem is that the signals in the Parameter class remain connected to the destroyed ParameterItem. My workaround was to capture the destroy signal of the widget objects and disconnect the ParameterItem signals:

# Disconnect the signals when the widget is gone
def __init___fix(self, param, depth):
 ParameterItem.__init__(self, param, depth)

 self.hideWidget = True ## hide edit widget, replace with label when not selected
 ## set this to False to keep the editor widget always visible

 ## build widget into column 1 with a display label and default button.
 w = self.makeWidget()
 self.widget = w

 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigValueChanged.disconnect(self.valueChanged))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigChildAdded.disconnect(self.childAdded))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigChildRemoved.disconnect(self.childRemoved))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigNameChanged.disconnect(self.nameChanged))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigLimitsChanged.disconnect(self.limitsChanged))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigDefaultChanged.disconnect(self.defaultChanged))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigOptionsChanged.disconnect(self.optsChanged))
 self.widget.destroyed.connect(lambda: self.param.sigParentChanged.disconnect(self.parentChanged))

 self.eventProxy = EventProxy(w, self.widgetEventFilter)


WidgetParameterItem.__init__ = __init___fix

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