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Bug #1203407: pyOpenSSL only supports GeneralizedTime for validity but UTCTime is required for RFC compliance Undecided New 200 weeks

From: J. D. Bartlett
Link: utctime_rfc.patch

Patch set_notBefore() / set_notAfter() to follow RFC2459

Bug #1233810: Add ECDH support Undecided New 232 weeks

From: Andy Lutomirski
Link: ecdh_v2.patch

Patch to add ECDH bindings, v2

Bug #1249293: Get parameters of the cipher used in connection Undecided New 233 weeks

From: Fedor Brunner
Link: diff.txt

Patch for get_cipher_* methods

Bug #1223407: crypto_X509_get_serial_number() must use OPENSSL_free() Undecided Fix Committed 241 weeks

From: Christian Heimes
Link: free.patch


Bug #1020632: Feature Request: Support for TLS 1.2 Medium Fix Committed 242 weeks

From: Fedor Brunner
Link: new_tls.patch

patch for TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2 support

Bug #1197490: Request to support additional OpenSSL interfaces Undecided New 251 weeks

From: Erik Trauschke
Link: add_if.patch


Bug #892522: pyOpenSSL has no support for verifying a certificate Undecided New 268 weeks

From: Johannes Bauer
Link: crt-verification.patch


Bug #900792: Python 2.7 SocketServer socket shutdown is incompatible with pyOpenSSL Undecided Confirmed 323 weeks

From: Rémy Roy
Link: shutdown.patch


Bug #845445: Failed to build 0.13 on CentOS 5/RHEL 5/OS X 10.6.8 Undecided New 328 weeks
Bug #808879: pyOpenSSL should expose OpenSSL session APIs Undecided Confirmed 354 weeks

From: Alejandro Álvarez Ayllón
Link: pyopenssl.patch


Bug #735449: extend X509 and PKey object with modulus function Undecided Confirmed 371 weeks

From: Wouter van Bommel
Link: pyOpenSSL-modulus-patch-0.10.patch


Bug #454737: DTLS (UDP) support Wishlist Confirmed 382 weeks

From: hashstat
Link: dtls-set_mtu.diff

Dale's patch plus set_mtu()

Bug #385178: Extended certificate verification options and some extensions to PKCS#7 API Undecided New 463 weeks

From: Victor Wagner
Link: patch.pyopenssl.0.9.diff.gz


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