Comment 67 for bug 238658

Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun) wrote :

I wonder how Chris built this. I'm very keen to have build automation which does this stuff right. I don't want to bother anyone when I release 0.10 to build another egg, I just want it to happen. :)

Chris, can you provide details on what you did?

By the way, before Zooko reminded me of the last comment on this ticket, I spent a long time reworking I've gotten it to the point where it can build the other kinds of bdists for Windows, but it's presently placing the dlls in the wrong place when bdist_egg is used. I wonder if there is some trick to being able to put the dlls in the right place in all cases.

That work is in <lp:~exarkun/pyopenssl/working-windows-build>, for what it's worth.