Comment 53 for bug 238658

Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun) wrote :

I got this far:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 102, in ?
    data_files = [("OpenSSL", glob(os.path.join(ssl_lib, '*.dll')))]
  File "c:\python23\lib\", line 89, in join
    assert len(path) > 0

I don't have SSL_LIB or SSL_INC set, so that'd be why. I need some more help from Windows people to get any further. The data files we want seem to be cryptoeay32-0.9.8.dll and ssleay32-0.9.8.dll. Zooko got this by building OpenSSL himself following some procedure which I haven't read through in detail. I can't build OpenSSL for Windows without a lot of work (Zooko figured out most of the hard stuff, probably, but I don't even have direct access to a Windows machine) and I'd rather *not* build it myself, anyway. So I need to see if there are other possibilities for getting these dlls. I already have *some* OpenSSL libraries (I can use pyOpenSSL, after all). If there's some way to leverage those, that would be great.

There are a couple Windows people in particular I am going to track down to try to find the answers to these questions, but any input from anyone else is more than welcome.