Comment 31 for bug 238658

Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun) wrote :

The slave which builds two thirds of the Windows pyOpenSSL packages is currently offline. I hope that it will return very soon, but I can't build all of the pyOpenSSL Windows packages until it comes back.

However, this isn't the main obstacle here. Two issues have prevented me from doing anything on this ticket so far:

  - I haven't had a lot of time to work on pyOpenSSL lately
  - Windows isn't my primary platform and I don't have a good understanding of the implications of this change.

You've done a lot to help out with the first issue (by providing patches and a bzr branch) but relatively little has changed since this ticket was filed regarding the second point. Can you do anything about it? I am concerned about several things, although since my understanding of the issue isn't great, I'm also concerned that I'm missing being concerned about something important. In any case:

  - How does this change the experience for a Windows user who was previously satisfied with the current style of pyOpenSSL Windows installers?
  - What are the implications for the importance of the version of OpenSSL (not pyOpenSSL) installed on the host which builds the Windows installer for pyOpenSSL? I have very little control over these machines and I have the (unsubstantiated) feeling that this change makes the version of OpenSSL installed on them more important.
  - This isn't strictly Windows related, and I'd be happy to be told it is a complete red herring: What are the export implications of this change?

With the right answers to these questions, I think I'll feel comfortable about merging your branch.