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Bug #1470589: not compatible with python2.6 Undecided Fix Committed 96 weeks

From: Tom Henderson
Link: pybindgen.patch

suggested patch

Bug #1443379: __len__binding don't work in 0.17.x versions Undecided New 107 weeks

Link: PyLong.patch

Patch to fix the issue

Bug #1372020: Support for std::unique_ptr parameters Undecided New 136 weeks

From: Kevin Stenerson
Link: unique_ptr_parameters.diff


Bug #1368538: Support translating C++ exception into Python's standard exceptions Undecided Fix Committed 137 weeks

From: Kevin Stenerson
Link: standard_pytthon_errors.patch


Bug #1367690: Custom function and method wrappers should support `docstring` Undecided Fix Committed 138 weeks

From: Kevin Stenerson
Link: custom_wrapper_docstrings.patch


Bug #1286502: add_function doesn't use custom_name for generated wrapper code Undecided Fix Committed 164 weeks

From: Kevin Stenerson
Link: function_custom_as_mangled.patch


Bug #1291215: Bugfix: cppmethod.clone() doesn't copy custom_name Undecided Fix Committed 164 weeks

From: Kevin Stenerson
Link: method_clone_customname.patch


Bug #1083957: In ReverseWrapperBase, the check to ensure the return value is a tuple fails Undecided New 231 weeks

From: Max BĂ©langer
Link: patch.diff


Bug #570683: Array fields are not handled Low Confirmed 366 weeks

From: vldmrrr
Link: pybindgen-array-types.diff


Bug #247013: enum/struct without typedef binding code does not build with C compiler Low Confirmed 457 weeks

From: Gustavo Carneiro
Link: pure-c.diff

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