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Bug #1089682 reported by Mike Owen on 2012-12-12
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I have a branch of pybindgen which has fleshed out more of the sequence slots for use in pybindgen. The branch can be found on launchpad at


Here's a list of the changes in this branch:

1. The python slots supported now are __len__, __add__, __mul__, __getitem__, __getslice__, __setitem__, __setslice__, __contains__, __iadd__, and __mul__. The unit tests in tests/ have been extended to cover this full set.

2. I added support for adding standalone functions as attributes of wrapped classes via cppclass.add_custom_instance_attribute. There is a new test in tests/ that test this feature as well.

3. We have added an example of functioning cross-module dependencies in examples/cross_module_inheritance. This involved only one change to the pybindgen source: adding compile guards around the _PyBindGenWrapperFlags enum in As the example shows you need to use a MultiSectionFactory in order to make this work. It is also necessary to comment out the -fvisibility=hidden flag in top level wscript in order for the example to run correctly.

There are also some minor changes:

1. The logic using abi::__class_type_info breaks using clang++ on Mac OSX, so I augmented the compile guards screening out this bit of code in the presence of the compiler defined __clang__ directive in

2. Added guards to tests/boost/wscript to only build and run this test if ENABLE_BOOST_SHARED_PTR=True. This was preventing the tests from completing correctly on machines where I did not have boost installed.

I would like see these changes incorporated into the mainline pybindgen, so please as you get the chance check them out! I have confirmed that all the pybindgen unit tests pass correctly under "waf --disable-pygccxml check", with the obvious exception of the automatically generated bindings since I don't have gccxml installed. I certainly don't think these additions should break the automatic parsing code, though.

Gustavo Carneiro (gjc) wrote :

That sounds cool. Maybe you could use the launchpad "propose for merge" feature? I never used it before, but supposedly will help me see the changes more clearly... I can take a look over the weekend.

Aaron Black (black27) wrote :

I think this issue is resolved and can be closed. I just chatted with Mike and he thought these changes were now folded into the main branch.

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