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Dan Prince (dan-prince) wrote :

This is an example using instack undercloud which typically uses the puppet defaults. Note that glance is the only service which doesn't use the project name as 'name'.

MariaDB [keystone]> select extra from service;
| extra |
| {"description": "Openstack Compute Service v3", "name": "novav3"} |
| {"description": "OpenStack Image Service", "name": "Image Service"} |
| {"description": "Bare Metal Introspection Service", "name": "ironic-inspector"} |
| {"description": "OpenStack Workflow Service", "name": "mistral"} |
| {"description": "Openstack Orchestration Service", "name": "heat"} |
| {"description": "Neutron Networking Service", "name": "neutron"} |
| {"description": "Ironic Bare Metal Provisioning Service", "name": "ironic"} |
| {"description": "Openstack Object-Store Service", "name": "swift"} |
| {"description": "OpenStack Identity Service", "name": "keystone"} |
| {"description": "Openstack Compute Service", "name": "nova"} |
| {"description": "Openstack messaging Service", "name": "zaqar"}