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Church media department and administration office solutions.
Maintained by TR Precht; Registered on 2015-06-22
Python Prefix Delegation Driver for Neutron
A prefix delegation driver written using pure python with no dependencies for use with OpenStack Neutron.
Maintained by Sam Betts; Registered on 2015-06-22
masalla icon theme
Masalla icon theme by hayder majid <>
Maintained by hayder majed; Registered on 2015-06-22
My first ever bash script
This is just my first bash script. NOTE: You have to have a Linux distribution that comes with bash or at least Cygwin for windows, and in order to execute it, navigate to the projects folder by typing cd <Whatever you named the folder you dropped the .sh file in> and then typing in sh My_first_ever_bash_script
Maintained by Aaron Santiago; Registered on 2015-06-21
OpenLeraar is software waarmee moeilijk lerende mensen beter kunnen leren.
Maintained by Stef Brusselers; Registered on 2015-06-21
Neverbore Picross
A logic puzzle game.
Maintained by Michael Terry; Registered on 2015-06-21
The project includes basic frontend files for GreenHoll cleaning company site
Maintained by Владимир; Registered on 2015-06-21
OpenSchoolTrainer is een software die het makkelijk maakt om te leren en je informatie op te slaan!
Maintained by Stef Brusselers; Registered on 2015-06-21
Giving users utility of multiple clipboard with appending facility to the old one and toggling between them. Also includes recovery options when shut down.
Maintained by arun; Registered on 2015-06-20
Active Defense Harbinger Distribution
Active Defense Harbinger Distribution
Maintained by Ben; Registered on 2015-06-19
UT ssh service
Maintained by Nexcor; Registered on 2015-06-19
Nova currently supports Docker with nova-docker driver. The difference between LXC and VM makes the driver hard to maintain a unified model in Nova. Hyper is a hypervisor-based Docker runtime. It allows to run any Docker images with any hypervisor. Given its hypervisor nature, Hyper makes it way easier and straightforward to support Docker in Nova.
Maintained by nova-hyper-drivers; Registered on 2015-06-19
A word processor designed for elementary os.
Maintained by Author-Team; Registered on 2015-06-18
A tool to run commands remotely.
Maintained by Aaron Bentley; Registered on 2015-06-18
Go Code Template for Snappy Service
Template code to make it easy to get started creating a service using the language targeted at a snappy system
Maintained by Rick Spencer; Registered on 2015-06-18
The photos aggregator scope
Maintained by photos-scope-team; Registered on 2015-06-18
Überkopf Land: The Game
The World's Greatest Game
Maintained by UBKLTG; Registered on 2015-06-18
This project aims to develop a software suite for collecting passwords on participants' personal computers for in-the-wild password research. It is developed at UCL Computer Science as part of the MSc project of Tianwei SONG. Placeholder in anticipation of project being futurely hosted on Launchpad, and for bug/translation management. The password collection client is under the Affero GPL v3 license.
Maintained by tianweisong; Registered on 2015-06-18
OpenConnect Rehandshake
Rehandshake support implemented for OpenConnect
Maintained by intel352; Registered on 2015-06-18
The client library for connectivity to SIRA_PRISE servers.
Maintained by Erwin Smout; Registered on 2015-06-18
ucl password monitor
Maintained by tianweisong; Registered on 2015-06-18
Tonny Huang
Split and merge back your files on Mac OS X.
Maintained by; Registered on 2015-06-18
Split large file into smaller files and merge them together when you need it.
Maintained by; Registered on 2015-06-18
This is a test build of HAL for newer builds of ubuntu
Maintained by ken summerville; Registered on 2015-06-17
These are tools to perform advanced reporting and role matching based on the introspection results from OpenStack Ironic prior to doing an RDO-Manager deployment. This is based on the AHC concept from the enovance edeploy install method. Usage documentation is currently provided as part of the RDO-Manager documentation.
Maintained by John Trowbridge; Registered on 2015-06-17
test project
Maintained by Julien; Registered on 2015-06-17
OpenStack Monasca Puppet Module
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-06-17
Helper classes that utilize the core Puppet Openstack modules
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-06-17
LithoGraphX is a software to visualize, process and analyze 3D images and meshes. This is a fork of the MorphoGraphX project version 1.0.
Maintained by Pierre Barbier de Reuille; Registered on 2015-06-17
Maintained by DeadMetaler; Registered on 2015-06-17
Save all Lawyers in USA
Maintained by Hung Truong; Registered on 2015-06-17
Kubuntu Manual
The Documentation for the Kubuntu Project following the work of both the Ubuntu Manual and Lubuntu Manual but in reST (reStructuredText)
Maintained by Aaron Honeycutt; Registered on 2015-06-17
Proyecto en equipo ESFM
Maintained by omega16; Registered on 2015-06-17
Aggregation and integration of the best Amateur Radio applications for primarily AX.25 operations.
Maintained by Mitch Winkle; Registered on 2015-06-16
This application is designed to provide a simple way to monitor the status of Mitel PBXes. It provides visual status of the current state of the PBX as well as a history of the previous alarms. Alerts via email on status changes are also available. It is possible to monitor multiple PBXes at various sites as well.
Maintained by Gerry Armstrong; Registered on 2015-06-16
This project provides Openstack Neutron drivers for Huawei.
Maintained by HuaweiCloudEngine; Registered on 2015-06-16
iHRIS Manage Burundi
The iHRIS Manage customizations for Burundi
Maintained by Jean Paul Mutali; Registered on 2015-06-16
video email
Maintained by Sergey Kozlov; Registered on 2015-06-16
this a project that includes libraries of the tested bash shell code ready for a reuse.
Maintained by yds; Registered on 2015-06-16
A simple Weather app for Ubuntu Touch with support for multiple backends.
Maintained by Michael Zanetti; Registered on 2015-06-15
Puppet module for Zaqar
This module can be used to configure and manage OpenStack Zaqar.
Maintained by Richard Raseley; Registered on 2015-06-15
NFV tests
Maintained by Waldemar Znoinski; Registered on 2015-06-15
Socorro is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) database implementation optimized for OpenStack to build an operational management database.
Maintained by Davide Guerri; Registered on 2015-06-15
Javascript bindings to the Unity Scopes API. It allows one to develop scopes for Ubuntu in Javascript.
Maintained by Alexandre Abreu; Registered on 2015-06-15
Chrony 2
Maintained by Brad Kim; Registered on 2015-06-15
ghostsec reposity
Maintained by ghost; Registered on 2015-06-13
BzrLog is a log oriented GUI for Bazaar version control system. It allows to take notes as one hacks and to generate a nicely formatted log file at commit time. Moreover, BzrLog automatically generates and maintains files NEWS, TODO and VERSION. BzrLog can bee seen as a specialised editor intended to ease and improve the logging of projects. BzrLog is the successor of ArchLog which focused on the Arch revision control system (both "tla" and "bzr").
Maintained by Johannes Dewender; Registered on 2015-06-13
Air Nat Odoo Specific
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2015-06-12
Air Nat Odoo Addons
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2015-06-12
Air Nat Others Addons
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2015-06-12
Certificate Monitoring Service
Maintained by Tom Cammann; Registered on 2015-06-12
Hebrew Calendar for ubuntu phone
Maintained by avim; Registered on 2015-06-12
SchoolTool ISLI
SchoolTool customization for ISLI (India School Leadership Institute).
Maintained by SIELibre; Registered on 2015-06-12
SchoolTool ARK
SchoolTool customization for ARK (Absolute Return for Kids).
Maintained by SIELibre; Registered on 2015-06-12
Proyecto Julian
Proyecto Julian
Maintained by Julian Seewald; Registered on 2015-06-11
Maintained by <Geek/>; Registered on 2015-06-11
Ironic Dashboard
This is the UI component for the Ironic project
Maintained by Ironic Dashboard Drivers; Registered on 2015-06-11
Relational DBaaS
Maintained by Shashank Chakelam; Registered on 2015-06-11
BNT Packer is the best program from Black Newbie Team
Maintained by btnlab; Registered on 2015-06-11
Imgur plugin for Contractor
A Contractor plugin for uploading images to Imgur.
Maintained by Stefan Ric; Registered on 2015-06-11
App to test speed of your internet connection on Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by Szymon Waliczek; Registered on 2015-06-10
A version of mox that works under Python 3
Maintained by OpenStack Administrators; Registered on 2015-06-10
Set of libraries to deal with S3 from Python, including a library to use S3, and a demo backend to do testing.
Maintained by Facundo Batista; Registered on 2015-06-10
A community driven material design icon pack
Maintained by Material Design Open Source; Registered on 2015-06-10
- Mapear rotas de acordo com : horário de partida e chegada, e velocidade das vias de acordo com itinerário; - Informar tempo aproximado de chegada da linha a determinado local; - Sugerir linhas favoráveis de acordo com horário, posicionamento e destino do usuário.
Maintained by Principal SSTC; Registered on 2015-06-09
Aodh is the alarm engine of the Ceilometer project.
Maintained by Ceilometer Drivers; Registered on 2015-06-09
Python client for Ironic Inspector
Python client for
Maintained by Ironic Inspector Drivers; Registered on 2015-06-09
Christoffen Base
The default packages will come from the base ppa at
Maintained by Gage Morgan; Registered on 2015-06-09
Transverse momentum resummation generalizes the conventional collinear factorization for hadronic processes to calculate both normalization and shape of particle distributions. Since its conception in the late 1970's, QT resummation has been successfully applied to study all-order structure of hadronic differential distributions and provide excellent predictions for a variety of experiments. Analytical resummation should not be confused with Monte-Carlo showering models, which have different objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. In fact, QT resummation and parton showering methods are quite complementary, as shown by the comparison of their key features.
Maintained by Joshua Isaacson; Registered on 2015-06-08
A simple file picker for use with content-hub, allowing users to exchange content with legacy applications.
Maintained by Ubuntu Phablet Team; Registered on 2015-06-08
Tracking issues with applications for murano published at openstack/murano-apps Source:
Maintained by Murano Drivers; Registered on 2015-06-08
Trabajo de catedra HDP115
Maintained by SimulacionHDP; Registered on 2015-06-08
tiro parabolico
Maintained by Bryan; Registered on 2015-06-08
Experimento fisico sencillo "tiro parabolico"
Maintained by Bryan; Registered on 2015-06-08
Indicator Netspeed Unity is an Ubuntu AppIndicator which displays the current network upload / download speed on the panel.
Maintained by Gleb G.; Registered on 2015-06-08
76150 of 36450 results