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A simple text to Morse code converter
Maintained by Jacajack; Registered on 2016-05-13
Arduino project
Maintained by Caesar Passée; Registered on 2016-05-13
Scope launcher helper for the Ubuntu SDK IDE
Maintained by Ubuntu SDK team; Registered on 2016-05-13
my dotfiles
Maintained by DU HUANPENG; Registered on 2016-05-13
Linux kernel mirror
Maintained by DU HUANPENG; Registered on 2016-05-13
Maintained by DU HUANPENG; Registered on 2016-05-13
Fuel Plugin Cinder Netapp
NetApp plugin provides support of ONTAP and E-series storage clusters to Cinder
Maintained by Fuel Plugin Cinder Netapp; Registered on 2016-05-13
The BQ M10 HD Ubuntu Edition
Maintained by device-release; Registered on 2016-05-13
BQ M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition
Maintained by device-release; Registered on 2016-05-13
BQ Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition
Maintained by device-release; Registered on 2016-05-13
BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition
Maintained by device-release; Registered on 2016-05-13
Paste your code online and in a desktop file.
Maintained by Lee; Registered on 2016-05-13
vtk7 build to support OCCT 7 and update SMESH into FreeCAD
Maintained by Jean-Marie Verdun; Registered on 2016-05-13
Swift-on-HPSS is a Swift Object Server implementation that enables users to access the same data, both as an object and as a file. Data can be stored and retrieved through Swift's REST interface or as files from a High Performance Storage System (HPSS) mount point.
Maintained by SwiftonHPSS Drivers; Registered on 2016-05-12
Ubuntu Image
Ubuntu Image is a tool assisting in creating snap-based images for Ubuntu
Maintained by Canonical Foundations Team; Registered on 2016-05-12
A simple connector pool for python-ldap. The pool keeps LDAP connectors alive and let you reuse them, drastically reducing the time spent to initiate a ldap connection.
Maintained by ldappool-drivers; Registered on 2016-05-12
Evergreen Quick Reports
An optional add-on to the Evergreen library software which provides an additional, web-based access point to Evergreen's Reporter functions.
Maintained by Terran McCanna; Registered on 2016-05-12
Django specific parts that doesn't fit lp:ols-tests and provide django support around test loading and running.
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2016-05-12
Snappy for HiKey
A project to bring up snappy Ubuntu Core for the HiKey board (
Maintained by HiKey Snappy Team; Registered on 2016-05-12
nonotifs (full name: NoNotifications) is a simple indicator for Ubuntu to temporarily suppress notifications of notify-osd (notify-send)
Maintained by Jacob Vlijm; Registered on 2016-05-12
Python client library for OpenStack Kingbird
Maintained by Dimitri Mazmanov; Registered on 2016-05-12
The Wollmux is an extension for LibreOffice developed by the City Administration of Munich. WollMux adds additional functionality to LibreOffice, making the handling of templates, forms and letterheads much easier. Because WollMux is open source and available for everyone, it is also used by other public administrative bodies and corporations.
Maintained by WollMux; Registered on 2016-05-12
Creación de jaulas chroot personalizadas con JailKit-2.17
Maintained by Marcos; Registered on 2016-05-11
Digrary is Open Source Digital Library System that enables services for creating electronic archives.
Maintained by Stanislav Tsymbalov; Registered on 2016-05-11
A backup/restore utility for Ubuntu.
Maintained by Unity API Team; Registered on 2016-05-11
Neutron Plugin utilized by Rackspace to achieve large scale in Openstack. Quark developed on the ideas of segmentation and it being the source of truth for all things related to Neutron.
Maintained by Quark Admins; Registered on 2016-05-11
Python client library for OpenStack Billing Service (Bilean)
Maintained by Bilean Drivers; Registered on 2016-05-11
Ubuntu BurgerFuel Webapp
Webapp to access BurgerFuel (
Maintained by Ubuntu BurgerFuel Webapp Development Team; Registered on 2016-05-10
A project for providing a recent build of ufraw which should include the latest white balance information for recent cameras.
Maintained by Ayan George; Registered on 2016-05-10
Puppet OpenStack Project Guide
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-05-10
Cookiecutter template for a compliant Openstack puppet-modules
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-05-10
Puppet module for Octavia
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-05-10
Text chat web application showing characters as other side writes. Technologies: Client: HTML, CSS, javascript (websocket, webrtc) Server: Bash, python, php, websocketd
Maintained by Ľubomír Mlích; Registered on 2016-05-10
Création d'une archive zim de la documentation : en juin et décembre de chaque année. Hébergement de l'archive. Création et maintenance des outils nécessaires
Maintained by Export au format Zim de la documentation Ubuntu Française; Registered on 2016-05-10
Tanzania Public Private Partnership for Health
Maintained by Juma Lungo; Registered on 2016-05-10
Internet Radio
Maintained by Felix Häcker; Registered on 2016-05-10
liberasurecode is an Erasure Code API library written in C with pluggable Erasure Code backends.
Maintained by liberasurecode drivers; Registered on 2016-05-10
test to distribute cplus2asp system
Maintained by Samsamsam; Registered on 2016-05-10
Puppet module for Watcher
Maintained by David TARDIVEL; Registered on 2016-05-10
This library provides a simple Python interface for implementing erasure codes and is known to work with Python v2.6, 2.7 and 3.x.
Maintained by liberasurecode drivers; Registered on 2016-05-09
Cinnamon Role
Role-based testing against OpenStack APIs
Maintained by Ryan Rossiter; Registered on 2016-05-09
improved panel
Maintained by james abtahi; Registered on 2016-05-09
Machine Description Interface
Maintained by Christophe Guillon; Registered on 2016-05-09
Kubernetes integration with OpenStack networking
Maintained by Kuryr Drivers; Registered on 2016-05-09
Docker remote driver for OpenStack Neutron
Maintained by Kuryr Drivers; Registered on 2016-05-09
Vanadium Graphical Environment
Simplified graphical interface for LUCID operating system taking inspiration from game consoles and smart TVs
Maintained by Ashton Scott Snapp; Registered on 2016-05-09
Cellular STAC
Server-side implementation of the Cellular Package Management System. STAC stands for "Software To All Clients"
Maintained by Ashton Scott Snapp; Registered on 2016-05-09
kodi on jetson tk1
Maintained by Felice; Registered on 2016-05-08
A simple maze game with moving walls
Maintained by cafeinoz; Registered on 2016-05-08
Gorbeh GNU/Linux
A GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.
Maintained by Salman Mohammadi; Registered on 2016-05-08
sergiort repo
Mi repo
Maintained by sergiort; Registered on 2016-05-08
Container Management Service for OpenStack
Maintained by higgins-drivers; Registered on 2016-05-07
GUI frontend for configuring minidlna config file. The program is not intended for everyday use yet.
Maintained by Sławomir; Registered on 2016-05-07
Interface for Platform Master to be used by Platform products like LSF and Symphony created by IBM
Maintained by shilpa; Registered on 2016-05-06
Interface for NFS Storage to be used by Platform products like LSF and Symphony created by IBM
Maintained by shilpa; Registered on 2016-05-06
Interface for DB2 created by IBM
Maintained by Suchitra Venugopal; Registered on 2016-05-06
The OpenSCAP ecosystem provides multiple tools to assist administrators and auditors with assessment, measurement and enforcement of security baselines. We maintain great flexibility and interoperability, reducing costs of performing security audits.
Maintained by Koma; Registered on 2016-05-06
this app find the ip and the location of the remote user
Maintained by jiwan; Registered on 2016-05-06
Maintained by Alan Xu; Registered on 2016-05-05
Htop snap test.
Maintained by Maximiliano Bertacchini; Registered on 2016-05-05
The package contains some good practice based scripts grouped into a framework simplifying creating BASH based applications.
Maintained by Michal Ajduk; Registered on 2016-05-05
Band-aids for Ubuntu Phone
Easy-to-fix things that mean a lot for everyday users, and that can be fixed by people who want to be involved in the project, starting with little steps.
Maintained by Julia Palandri; Registered on 2016-05-05
creating apps for DHIS2
Maintained by Le Hong Em; Registered on 2016-05-05
A pure python IPMI library
Maintained by Ironic Drivers; Registered on 2016-05-05
Murano applications allows to deploy several services like Jenkins, Geriit, Zuul independently or all in one Meta application.
Maintained by CI CD App Drivers; Registered on 2016-05-05
Для посмотреть что такое базар
Maintained by dtulyakov; Registered on 2016-05-05
Image Builder for OpenStack Trove
A tool to create guest images for the OpenStack Trove project (
Maintained by Amrith; Registered on 2016-05-05
POC application for BitHorde
Maintained by Ulrik Mikaelsson; Registered on 2016-05-04
Goroutine Benchmark
Spawn millions of Goroutines simultaneously
Maintained by Maximiliano Bertacchini; Registered on 2016-05-04
Delimiter - Cross Project Quota Enforcement and Management
Maintained by delimiter-core; Registered on 2016-05-04
OpenNTPD is a FREE, easy to use implementation of the Network Time Protocol.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-05-04
Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone
Maintained by Jason Yen; Registered on 2016-05-04
hello world
Maintained by DU HUANPENG; Registered on 2016-05-04
Maintained by Singar Singaravelan; Registered on 2016-05-03
Postgresql with dtrace support
Maintained by Andrew Glen-Young; Registered on 2016-05-03
76150 of 38222 results