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Macvtap Neutron ml2 driver and agent
Maintained by Andreas Scheuring; Registered on 2015-05-12
Test enlightenment ppa
Maintained by geotchy; Registered on 2015-05-11
Tools to make Grafana dashboards form templates
Maintained by OpenStack Continuous Integration Administrators; Registered on 2015-05-11
My first project - this is a test
Maintained by AKrone; Registered on 2015-05-11
OpenStack Search (Searchlight)
Searchlight - OpenStack Indexing and Search
Maintained by Travis Tripp; Registered on 2015-05-11
Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program
Maintained by Jakob Borg; Registered on 2015-05-11
The python toolbox for Triphase power modules empowers the jupyter (former ipython) notebook. The result is an alternative interface to the Triphase power modules which offers features that are unique in comparison to standard Simulink and webbased GUI interfaces.
Maintained by Bruno Hendrickx; Registered on 2015-05-11
We have the swift. We have the ceph. There are glusterfs and sheepdog. All those technologies are incorporated into openstack differently. This project aims to add abstract layer to object storage with all mentioned technologies as a driver backend. All already integrated things will stay as is (or via proxy layer) and abstraction will be for the missing things, like quotas and other missed details.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-05-11
Preview of new features. Later this project will become mainstream.
Maintained by Roman Shchekin; Registered on 2015-05-11
Carbon GTK
Carbon GTK
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-05-11
This project is serving the purpose of installing the jmxtrans bundle for Google Cloud Monitoring.
Maintained by Morten Hekkvang; Registered on 2015-05-11
Postgraduate Registration
Source codes for CoICT Postgraduate Students registration System
Maintained by Charles Bundu; Registered on 2015-05-11
This is an updated version of the original project hosted there - . This version will work with Ubuntu starting with 12.04. My initial changes are as follows: - works with recent ubuntu - new client (appindicator) for Unity, but I try to make it compatible with other DE's - client functionality change to better inform user (kid) about time he has left - trying to support more login managers - keeping project alive I'm not really adding a lot of new/cool stuff, but mainly keeping timekpr alive and working. There are couple of other developers occasionally helping me. I'm not promising any fundamental rewrites or anything, BUT if someone has great ideas - welcome, maybe then we'll stick something worthy together.
Maintained by Eduards Bezverhijs; Registered on 2015-05-11
Zorba 28msec
Zorba 28msec
Maintained by Federico Cavalieri; Registered on 2015-05-10
الباحث في القرآن الكريم
أداة فعالة للبحث في القرآن الكريم والحصول علي نتائج واضحة ودقيقة مع إمكانية حفظ نتائج البحث في ملف وطباعتها بكل سهولة. Effective tool for research in the holy Koran and get clear and accurate results with the possibility of saving Search results in file and print with ease
Maintained by hajjaj; Registered on 2015-05-10
This project implements a Python language binding for OpenStack Cloudpulse
Maintained by Vinod Pandarinathan; Registered on 2015-05-10
LaTeX to Worpress (Basic html).
Maintained by cristHian Gz. (gcca); Registered on 2015-05-10
this is neutorn-api with juno changes
Maintained by Sunny Verma; Registered on 2015-05-10
Have you ever wanted to find translations of aplications at one place? Look there!
Maintained by Ales Kvapil; Registered on 2015-05-10
With sdam you can start services daemonized and monitored, what means that they will be restarted automatically and their output will be put in syslog or a logfile. The command given should run in foreground and give all output to stdout respective stderr.
Maintained by OK2; Registered on 2015-05-10
An ubuntu touch html5 app to save timestamps and calculate the time differences
Maintained by Alexander Mlinzk; Registered on 2015-05-09
elokab file manager
elokab file manager
Maintained by elkirtasse; Registered on 2015-05-09
Elokab Desktop Environment is an open-source independent desktop environment for Linux which uses QT libraries like KDE .
Maintained by elkirtasse; Registered on 2015-05-09
OpenCPN Draw PlugIn
A plugin for OpenCPN which may form the basis of a general drawing tool. Currently only Boundaries and Points are implemented
Maintained by Jon Gough; Registered on 2015-05-09
Unity WallpaperSwitcher
An automatic wallpaper switcher when switching viewports in Unity.
Maintained by Jacob Vlijm; Registered on 2015-05-09
Wonderbuild is an extremely fast, extensible build tool
Maintained by Johan Boule; Registered on 2015-05-09
Terminus is a simple GTK+ terminal application written in Vala with emphasis on software development best practices like unit testing and modular design.
Maintained by Craig Weber; Registered on 2015-05-08
Jekyll Helper
Jekyll Helper is a GUI for Jekyll.
Maintained by Christopher Wells; Registered on 2015-05-08
We want to collect and rank the issues of bodyspace
Maintained by Peter; Registered on 2015-05-08
Plugin for Rhythmbox to refresh the appearance of this media player. Works across desktop environments including Unity and Gnome-Shell
Maintained by fossfreedom; Registered on 2015-05-08
only for test, later for use
Maintained by luther; Registered on 2015-05-08
Maintained by Vicamo Yang; Registered on 2015-05-08
A domain name registry system for registrar
Maintained by Sunday Olutayo; Registered on 2015-05-07
Bansho is a web interface for Surveil (
Maintained by Surveil Drivers; Registered on 2015-05-07
Neutron drivers to use fast path as an offloading technology for Linux networking processing. It allows acceleration of openvswitch, linux bridge, L3 forwarding, filtering, nat while packet IOs are handled by the DPDK drivers.
Maintained by networking-6wind-drivers; Registered on 2015-05-07
CloudPulse provides an OpenStack implementation of healthchecking of an OpenStack deployment to notify operators of failures.
Maintained by Vinod Pandarinathan; Registered on 2015-05-07
Package Freeradius 3.0.8 Ubuntu 14.04
Maintained by João de Sousa; Registered on 2015-05-06
Maintained by aboguta; Registered on 2015-05-06
Translation for PodcastGenerator
Maintained by 816_8055; Registered on 2015-05-06
personal launchpad sandbox
Maintained by Paul Larson; Registered on 2015-05-06
Simple timer for Ubuntu phone
Maintained by Michal Predotka; Registered on 2015-05-06
net OS
net OS is a free System to connect youre phone with youre PC
Maintained by net OS; Registered on 2015-05-06
Linux Console
The Linux Console tools include utilities to test and configure joysticks, connect legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem (providing support for serial mice, touchscreens etc.), and test the input event layer.
Maintained by Stephen Kitt; Registered on 2015-05-06
Pig Latin
An encoder of frivolous jargon.
Maintained by Alex Gleason; Registered on 2015-05-06
Continuous Integration, Deployment and Validation Framework
Maintained by continuous-drivers; Registered on 2015-05-05
MusiKernel is an open source framework for audio applications and a complete suite of music production tools
Maintained by Musikernel Team; Registered on 2015-05-05
shim is a trivial EFI application that, when run, attempts to open and execute another application.
Maintained by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre; Registered on 2015-05-05
Celestial Weight Calculator
A simple tool to calculate weight on different celestial bodies.
Maintained by Abhinav Dhere; Registered on 2015-05-05
Maintained by pstack; Registered on 2015-05-05
The sound indicator for wingpanel
Maintained by WingPanel Devs; Registered on 2015-05-04
A lightweight python and bash power communication program.
Maintained by Trident Canada; Registered on 2015-05-04
Turok EX Project
Maintained by SVillarreal; Registered on 2015-05-04
GCleaner is a system cleaner for GNU/Linux
Maintained by Juan Pablo Lozano; Registered on 2015-05-04
Maintained by cross-toolchain-base-devs; Registered on 2015-05-04
The application creator
Maintained by Corentin Noël; Registered on 2015-05-04
Maintained by adredz; Registered on 2015-05-04
Toontown United
A non-profit game based on Disney's Toontown Online.
Maintained by Zachary; Registered on 2015-05-03
A meta plugin for ayatana application indicator support for wingpanel
Maintained by WingPanel Devs; Registered on 2015-05-02
Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee
Maintained by James Geboski; Registered on 2015-05-02
KML-data editor.
Maintained by Anton; Registered on 2015-05-02
Ozon Icon Theme
This is the Official Icon theme for Ozon.
Maintained by Ozon OS; Registered on 2015-05-02
A framework to create MQTT solutions
Maintained by Francis Brosnan; Registered on 2015-05-02
Numix Folders
This program provides and installs alternate folders for use with our base icon theme.
Maintained by Numix Maintainers; Registered on 2015-05-01
Provides a backend for OpenStack Designate to integrate with Infoblox grids.
Maintained by John Belamaric; Registered on 2015-05-01
This is a fork version of Ubuntu official RSS reader app. Due to some reasons, some features cannot be used in China region, these features are removed or replaced.
Maintained by Joey Chan; Registered on 2015-05-01
plymouth themes
plymouth themes by chibiko
Maintained by Zen aka Chibiko; Registered on 2015-05-01
LibAxl (or just Axl) is an implementation of the XML 1.0 standard specification, developed by the ASPL people to support many of its XML software requirements. The library has been implemented using ANSI C, it doesn't has any external library dependency and it's function is ensured and checked for at least for GNU/Linux station, as well as Microsoft Windows platforms.
Maintained by Francis Brosnan; Registered on 2015-04-30
Pantheon Gtk Modules
A project for Pantheon Gtk Modules like the file chooser dialog
Maintained by elementary Pantheon team; Registered on 2015-04-30
PHP extension for OpenOffice analysis functions
Maintained by Arkady Emelyanov; Registered on 2015-04-30
Construção Digital
Maintained by Michel Gazato Tonon; Registered on 2015-04-30
Builder is a IDE for GNOME that is focused on bringing the power of our platform to more developers than ever before.
Maintained by Jeff Waugh; Registered on 2015-04-30
Open Word Database
Maintained by vovd; Registered on 2015-04-30
A set of Git scripts to help developing and deploying.
Maintained by Codeko Informática; Registered on 2015-04-30
A simple flask project that allows people to create and edit landing requests within the CI Train system.
Maintained by CU2D maintainers; Registered on 2015-04-29
Part of the Akanda Project. This is place holder launchpad project. See for parent project details. Addon API extensions for OpenStack Neutron which enable functionality and integration with the Akanda project, notably Akanda router appliance interaction, and services for the Akanda RUG orchestration service. Get the source code at
Maintained by Akanda Drivers; Registered on 2015-04-29
76150 of 36204 results