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Open a Shapefile and import it in a Boost::Graph.
Maintained by TCHATTE; Registered on 2015-03-17
Patch for Eagle2KiCad
patched eagle2kicad library converter for Open Parts Library
Maintained by Hiro ME/Vista/8; Registered on 2015-03-17
nothing special
Maintained by Zernov; Registered on 2015-03-17
Issues Management System integration into Openstack
Maintained by Sticks Development Team; Registered on 2015-03-17
Security tools integrator
Maintained by Cerberus Development Team; Registered on 2015-03-17
A native QML based player for the internet radio. Pick from 1500+ community driven internet radio stations, manage favorites and station playlists on your Ubuntu Phone.
Maintained by Oliver Grawert; Registered on 2015-03-17
Zakers Trusty Tahr Gh0st Zakers Enterprise !!!
Maintained by House; Registered on 2015-03-17
This is a collection of Heat templates that can be used to deploy a variety of container orchestration engines onto a cluster of Nova instances.
Maintained by Lars Kellogg-Stedman; Registered on 2015-03-16
Python library and CLI for cloud management tasks. It complements os-cloud-config (library for a cloud post-deployment configuration) but addresses any cloud management tasks, for example adding new nodes into Ironic, scaling up nodes in a Cloud, updating nodes. Library is primarily intended to be used in TripleO project and it will be used both by TripleO CLI and Tuskar UI.
Maintained by os-cloud-management-drivers; Registered on 2015-03-16
This plugin contains script to configure Ceph with OpenStack storage components.
Maintained by Ceph Drivers; Registered on 2015-03-16
A micro-service that inspects results from one or more adt-cloud-worker instances, and publishes them to swift.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-15
eggdrop scripts
tcl scripts for eggdrop bot
Maintained by Nando; Registered on 2015-03-15
Delicious Fruits and Vegetables Offers high quality Fruits and Vegetables at best prices in Chennai. Buy Fruits and Vegetables Online through our website. is one of the Largest Grocery Store in Chennai at Southasia. Order it and get at your doorstep.
Maintained by Fruitsandveg; Registered on 2015-03-15
Ubuntu Phone Webapps
My webapps for Ubuntu Phone
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2015-03-14
Maintained by Alex Neyra; Registered on 2015-03-14
A native Trello application for Ubuntu.
Maintained by Rodney Dawes; Registered on 2015-03-14
Provide an interface on top of dogpile.cache that can be configured via oslo.config.
Maintained by Oslo Drivers; Registered on 2015-03-13
System for financial analysis of the company on the basis of open financial statements
Maintained by GZAV; Registered on 2015-03-13
Sets proxy settings for generic services.
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-03-13
An C++ aggregator scope that is easy to customize to make new aggregator scopes via json file child scope declarations.
Maintained by scope-aggregator; Registered on 2015-03-13
YouTube to MP3 Converter
Save YouTube,, Vimeo videos and SoundCloud in MP3 format.
Maintained by MediaHuman; Registered on 2015-03-13
This LinuxSOHO project automatically brings a high-security, high-performance router online in a matter of minutes. After installation is complete, everything is point-and-click with an easy-to-configure, web-based GUI.
Maintained by Travis Bean; Registered on 2015-03-13
This LinuxHA project automatically brings a high-availability, load-balancing cluster online in a matter of minutes. After installation is complete, everything is point-and-click with an easy-to-configure, web-based GUI.
Maintained by Travis Bean; Registered on 2015-03-13
An open-source electricity market simulator built with Python programming language.
Maintained by Bryan See; Registered on 2015-03-12
A uService for mapping a series name to a nova image.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-12
A Logo interpreter written in Java.
Maintained by Matthew Aguirre; Registered on 2015-03-12
Measures the popularity of Linux distributions using Freenode IRC statistics
Maintained by Akiva; Registered on 2015-03-12
This will contain imported code from our github repositories so that we can create packages and provide through PPAs. For further details, see our wiki:
Maintained by Tamer Saadeh; Registered on 2015-03-11
Evergreen Overdrive API Integration
Integration between the Evergreen ILS and APIs provided by OverDrive.
Maintained by Jeff Davis; Registered on 2015-03-11
rozne programy
Maintained by olo81; Registered on 2015-03-11
Maintained by huisky; Registered on 2015-03-11
A microservice providing REST API for requesting source package tests.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-11
psivaa test
Maintained by Parameswaran Sivatharman; Registered on 2015-03-11
cette plateforme web permet de dématérialiser les procédures de passation de marchés publics et d'évaluer les performances des entreprises titulaires d'un marché
Maintained by mamadou ndiaye; Registered on 2015-03-11
This project provides CLI tool for user to interact with the Senlin clustering service.
Maintained by Senlin Drivers; Registered on 2015-03-11
Juju Wait Plugin
A juju plugin to wait for an environment to reach a steady state.
Maintained by Stuart Bishop; Registered on 2015-03-11
Intelligent thoughts group.
Maintained by Xiang Hui; Registered on 2015-03-11
MAAS Image Builder
Builds images that can be deployed with MAAS
Maintained by Blake Rouse; Registered on 2015-03-10
Low latency LAN audio transfer over UDP
Maintained by Tejas Shah; Registered on 2015-03-10
Proxycrush launches a small fastcgi server that will proxy image requests through `jpegtran` to optimize filesize before serving.
Maintained by Jud Stephenson; Registered on 2015-03-10
Lutris is an open source gaming platform for GNU/Linux make by - Mathieu Comandon, project founder and leader (aka Strider, or Strycore where Strider is not available) - Xodetaetl, France, joined somewhere between 2010 and 2013. Does a bit of everything.
Maintained by malt; Registered on 2015-03-10
This project contains the necessary modulesync configuration that apply to all stackforge/puppet-* modules. It allows to manage the same file across different modules from one place.
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2015-03-10
Senlin is a clustering service for OpenStack cloud. It creates and operates clusters of homogenous objects exposed by other OpenStack services. The goal is to make orchestration of collections of similar objects easier.
Maintained by Senlin Drivers; Registered on 2015-03-10
cue-dashboard is a project to integrate screen for Cue in horizon.
Maintained by Steve Leon; Registered on 2015-03-09
EaRP Updates
EaRP Updates
Maintained by jake teater; Registered on 2015-03-09
This project tracks the work to integrate the IBM SDN controller with Neutron.
Maintained by Mohammad Banikazemi; Registered on 2015-03-09
Prototype of a multi thread engine
Maintained by Yordan Karadzhov; Registered on 2015-03-09
Packages which are missing in Ubuntu
Maintained by stavras; Registered on 2015-03-09
Projector Camera Calibration
Maintained by Hitmuri; Registered on 2015-03-09
Checking out stuff
Maintained by Nikhil R; Registered on 2015-03-09
Supergeek Homepage
The source code behind my personal homepage
Maintained by Siggi Bjarnason; Registered on 2015-03-09
HTM tidy5
Maintained by Pete Morgan; Registered on 2015-03-08
An extension for Ubuntu MATE
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2015-03-08
LV2 port of CAPS audio plug-ins.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-03-08
Mobile App for Sgt SMS system
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2015-03-08
Elementary Third-Party Icons Freya
More icons for elementary OS 0.3 Freya
Maintained by Marcus Wichelmann; Registered on 2015-03-08
Unofficial builds of the latest IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition by JetBrains
Maintained by Marcel Kapfer; Registered on 2015-03-07
Mr. Squirrely's MineCraft Server Helper
This is a simple application to set up a MineCraft server.
Maintained by; Registered on 2015-03-07
PIC32 Programmer
Maintained by Matt Jenkins; Registered on 2015-03-07
apt-get install wrapper
Maintained by apt-get-install; Registered on 2015-03-06
Proyecto de practicas 3
Proyecto para practicas 3
Maintained by Cesar Barron Bautista; Registered on 2015-03-06
proyecto de practicas 2
Proyecto de practicas de reportes y queries
Maintained by Cesar Barron Bautista; Registered on 2015-03-06
Apt Browser
A qml/c++ apt for Ubuntu for devices you use to explore the apt dependency tree.
Maintained by Kyle Nitzsche; Registered on 2015-03-06
SPARTA is a python GUI application which simplifies network infrastructure penetration testing by aiding the penetration tester in the scanning and enumeration phase. It allows the tester to save time by having point-and-click access to his toolkit and by displaying all tool output in a convenient way. If little time is spent setting up commands and tools, more time can be spent focusing on analysing results.
Maintained by Antonio Quina; Registered on 2015-03-06
Powerful Types
A document detailing techniques for using types to design and improve programs.
Maintained by Stephen Compall; Registered on 2015-03-05
A set of lv2 utility plug-ins from the mod team.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-03-05
Godot Engine
Open source 2D/3D game engine.
Maintained by Jose Falanga; Registered on 2015-03-05
iHRIS Namibia Central
iHRIS Namibia Central Customization
Maintained by IntraHealth Informatics; Registered on 2015-03-05
The PayPal REST SDK provides Python APIs to create, process and manage payment. The Paypal REST APIs are fully supported by the sdk.
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-03-05
Create multiple live linux on a USB disk...
Maintained by mbusb; Registered on 2015-03-05
Hawaii desktop environment
QtQuick and Wayland based desktop environment aiming at semplicity, ease of use and performance.
Maintained by Pier Luigi Fiorini; Registered on 2015-03-05
BitLord on Qt
Maintained by Alex; Registered on 2015-03-05
Dragonfire - Virtual assistant
Maintained by DragonOS Core; Registered on 2015-03-05
Dragonborn - speech recognition
Maintained by DragonOS Core; Registered on 2015-03-05
Maintained by kabeer; Registered on 2015-03-05
76150 of 35879 results