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Project for the Openstack Windows Powershell environment
Maintained by Openstack-cli-powershell-team; Registered on 2014-04-08
Better way to start SEO
Maintained by Nikita; Registered on 2014-04-08
Kancolle Tool Viewer
Kancolle tool viewer updates
Maintained by Lynxyss; Registered on 2014-04-08
Maintained by Le Truong Thanh; Registered on 2014-04-08
You know, that one.
Maintained by Joshua Dowding; Registered on 2014-04-08
Maintained by Tempo Openerp; Registered on 2014-04-08
iHRIS Kenya Customizations
This project contains iHRIS customizations for Kenya.
Maintained by victor mayaka; Registered on 2014-04-08
Builds for
Maintained by <hidden>; Registered on 2014-04-08
ubuntu customisation for pde
Maintained by TP PDE; Registered on 2014-04-08
With Catmandu, LibreCat tools abstract digital library and research services as data warehouse processes. As stores we reuse MongoDB or ElasticSearch providing us with developer friendly APIs. Catmandu works with international library standards such as MARC, MODS and Dublin Core, protocols such as OAI-PMH, SRU and open repositories such as DSpace and Fedora. And, of course, we speak the evolving Semantic Web.
Maintained by Chris Cormack; Registered on 2014-04-08
Simple yet fully functional loyalty program for OpenERP
Maintained by Greg; Registered on 2014-04-08
Free patch set for MIDI audio synthesis
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-07
Client that contains the UI and interactions needed to handle purchases. Works with pay-service on Ubuntu Touch.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2014-04-07
Tengine is a web server originated by Taobao, the largest e-commerce website in Asia. It is based on the Nginx HTTP server and has many advanced features. Tengine has proven to be very stable and efficient on some of the top 100 websites in the world, including and
Maintained by Gabriel Mazetto; Registered on 2014-04-07
Proyecto de pruebas y practicas
Maintained by Cesar Barron Bautista; Registered on 2014-04-07
Addons developed by Poiesis Consulting merged with trunk-restaurant-fva
Maintained by Poiesis Consultants; Registered on 2014-04-07
Ubuntu Settings
default settings for Infinity OS Touch default settings for the Infinity desktop
Maintained by Giulio Leone; Registered on 2014-04-07
this is a test
Maintained by Axel Sabotier; Registered on 2014-04-07
This package represents the ancient Orthodox calendar.
Maintained by Maxim Chernyatevich; Registered on 2014-04-07
COS Astrolab
Astrolab is a web app based Astronomy resource
Maintained by Alchymy Laboratory; Registered on 2014-04-06
A FUSE filesystem written in Go, to provide per-process namespaces and unioned directories resembling Plan9. Taken out of the zabUdka Linux project for independent development.
Maintained by golubovsky; Registered on 2014-04-06
stoken is an open source tokencode generator compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens.
Maintained by Kevin Cernekee; Registered on 2014-04-06
Jupiter Broadcasting
Official Jupiter Broadcasting application for Ubuntu Touch.
Maintained by Szymon Waliczek; Registered on 2014-04-06
Jupiter Broadcasting
Official Jupiter Broadcasting application for Ubuntu Touch.
Maintained by Szymon Waliczek; Registered on 2014-04-06
Maintained by mimoun khaled; Registered on 2014-04-06
Webkit Report Zoom
Maintained by wowas; Registered on 2014-04-06
Open-source implementation of the Nonogram game.
Maintained by Christian Wichmann; Registered on 2014-04-06
CiviCRM Finnish translation
New custom CiviCRM Finnish translation. Official translation is maintained in
Maintained by Antti Kekki; Registered on 2014-04-06
KOI OpenERP Project Modules
KOI OpenERP Project Modules
Maintained by Kawula OpenERP Indonesia; Registered on 2014-04-06
Staple multiple scanned images together into a single PDF
Maintained by Nathan Dyer; Registered on 2014-04-05
haskell-equ is the library upon which equ and fun are built.
Maintained by Miguel Pagano; Registered on 2014-04-05
KCT Tool
Updated builds for linux of KCT Tool from KancolleTool team.
Maintained by Lynxyss; Registered on 2014-04-05
A re-implementation of pydoc with cleaner colours and more modular code The ability to deamonize the web serever Web served pages allowing navigation through packages and directories.
Maintained by Tony Flury; Registered on 2014-04-05
Node Package
Node Package
Maintained by vovd; Registered on 2014-04-05
my demo project pramod
student mgt
Maintained by Pramod Kumar sharma; Registered on 2014-04-05
my demo projecttttt
demo projecttt
Maintained by shital; Registered on 2014-04-05
my testing project
my test projjetcts
Maintained by mansi; Registered on 2014-04-05
ERP@Apagen Solution
This Project covers In-House ERP Implementation of OpenERP in Apagen Solutions
Maintained by Prateek Jaiswal (Apagen Solutions); Registered on 2014-04-05
Jembatan Ligamas Tamansri Sempadan Antara 2 Perumahan.
Maintained by Zulfahmy Bin Mokhtar; Registered on 2014-04-05
Customized Nginx Builds
Maintained by SandyD Productions; Registered on 2014-04-04
Orange Box
This is the Orange Box project
Maintained by Dustin Kirkland ; Registered on 2014-04-04
Multiplication of polynomials
Maintained by Arvind Choudhary; Registered on 2014-04-04
sarkesh is a small cms for using in simple projects like a blog system.
Maintained by Babak Alizadeh; Registered on 2014-04-04
go-unityscopes provides a binding for the unity-scopes-api library that makes it possible to write scopes in the Go programming language.
Maintained by James Henstridge; Registered on 2014-04-04
Build and share a CSS theme for ubuntu community related subreddit.
Maintained by cm-t arudy; Registered on 2014-04-04
IESH Project
Projet IESH
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2014-04-04
The Philemon project develops OpenERP modules to manage donations, masses and stays. These modules have been developped by the Barroux Abbey ( in France who decided to publish these modules so that they can benefit to other abbeys and other religious organisations. The donation module is fully generic and doesn't have any links to religion. So it can suit the needs of all the charities that need to manage donations.
Maintained by Philemon Core Editors; Registered on 2014-04-04
Windows Aid Linux
Windows Aid Linux is a bootable ubuntu based distro for windows partition that have viruses this will not erase your your whole windows pc so dont worry.
Maintained by Yafeat Alemayhu; Registered on 2014-04-03
OpenShot Video Library | libopenshot
libopenshot is an open-source, cross-platform C++ library dedicated to delivering high quality video editing, animation, and playback solutions to the world. This is the same library which powers OpenShot Video Editor (version 2.0+) and it could power your next video editing application! Both C++ and Python are fully supported, and other languages can be added if requested.
Maintained by Jonathan Thomas; Registered on 2014-04-03
Detecção e Prevenção de ataques DoS/DDoS a Servidores Linux
Com o advento do linux em larga escala, nos vemos de fronte as novas técnicas de invasão e roubo de dados presente em servidores, antigamente restrigo aos servidores da gigante Microsoft, mas que atualmente vem chegando cada vez mais próximo dos servidores linux.
Maintained by Brenno Clemente; Registered on 2014-04-03
Checkbox Provider for PlainBox
This project contains the CheckBox jobs collection, i.e the hardware test definitions and scripts originally included with CheckBox. It is used together alongside with PlainBox.
Maintained by Checkbox Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-03
Next Generation Checkbox (GUI)
QML based interface for system testing based on Plainbox. Provides an interface for executing system tests. The results can be viewed at the end.
Maintained by Checkbox Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-03
Resource Provider for PlainBox
This project provides the generic resource jobs for PlainBox
Maintained by Checkbox Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-03
Checkbox Support Library
This library contains support code for many of the tests of the checkbox project.
Maintained by Checkbox Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-03
Next Generation Checkbox (CLI)
CheckboxNG is a command line test runner based on the plainbox project. It uses tests providers such as plainbox-provider-checkbox and plainbox-provider-resource to offer a full testing solution. It is mainly targeted at testing server environments.
Maintained by Checkbox Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-03
PlainBox (Toolkit)
PlainBox is a toolkit consisting of python3 library, development tools, documentation and examples. It is targeted at developers working on testing or certification applications and authors creating tests for such applications.
Maintained by Checkbox Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-03
C/C++ PowerTools
Functions to make using c/c++ faster
Maintained by Anonym User; Registered on 2014-04-03
DriverLog goal is to list all vendor drivers available for OpenStack together with their verification status
Maintained by Ilya Shakhat; Registered on 2014-04-03
ScProg SS2014
Fortgeschrittene Aspekte des wissenschaftlichen Programmierens. Insbesondere Aspekte des generischen Programmierens in C++, Meta-Programming Techniken und Expression-Templates.
Maintained by Simon Praetorius; Registered on 2014-04-03
An algebraic theory of type-and-effect systems
Source generating my thesis. Feel free to propose merges of fixes (typos, corrections, etc.) or just file bugs as you spot them.
Maintained by Ohad Kammar; Registered on 2014-04-03
Connect OpenERP with QTM
Maintained by Grupo ESOC; Registered on 2014-04-03
EDB to PST Converter
Exchange Recovery software helps you copy the EDB files, in an attempt to retrieve the lost data. It is also recommended that the files be saved from any kind of corruption as once it gets corrupt it’s hard to recover the data.
Maintained by Paul Ryan; Registered on 2014-04-03
cairo/librsvg stress test
A stress-test for cairo and librsvg.
Maintained by Mirco Müller; Registered on 2014-04-02
MySimpleToDo is a simple cross platform software to manage your ToDo and tasks. Based on the todo.txt app so a todo.txt file ( is simply edited by mobile apps, too.
Maintained by El Salvador; Registered on 2014-04-02
A driver to use Docker as a virtualization driver in OpenStack Nova
Maintained by Eric Windisch; Registered on 2014-04-02
A client side plugin for juju that automates provisioning machines on digital ocean. This is a mirror of github project, use that for bugs/features/pull requests. That exists soley due to launchpad deficiencies for package building.
Maintained by juju-deployers; Registered on 2014-04-02
Lighting Ubuntu
We are making simple and easy to use Applications for Ubuntu!
Maintained by Felix Häcker; Registered on 2014-04-02
Pirum OS/Pirum Cloud Inc.
This project can be better explained here:
Maintained by brenden gonzalez; Registered on 2014-04-02
Contract Extension (cirrus/ openerp enterprise)
Extends existing contract module of OpenERP to manage Cirrus and OpenERP Contracts
Maintained by Jan Dasenbrock (; Registered on 2014-04-02
Bank Statement Reconciliation
Maintained by Hans Yonathan; Registered on 2014-04-02
Maintained by rihepy; Registered on 2014-04-02
Sat is an environment for learning the notions of satisfiability for first-order logic formulas. It uses a signature for geometrical figures placed in a square board.
Maintained by Miguel Pagano; Registered on 2014-04-01
Gnome Music
Music is the new GNOME music playing application
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2014-04-01
Programming Language Designer
A GUI program to create programming languages using railroad diagrams which integrates with python code which allows execution of the programming language created.
Maintained by EmMatSa; Registered on 2014-04-01
Whichever content you create for Ubuntu, if it's apps, scopes, charms or anything else - you'll find your developer documentation and guides over here. This project holds the content for
Maintained by Daniel Holbach; Registered on 2014-04-01
76150 of 34460 results