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Murano package validator tool
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-09-09
CDO QA Jenkins CI
Place to track issues and enhancements to the CDO QA CI system
Maintained by <hidden>; Registered on 2016-09-08
EventBrite Scope
This project is one scope that shows info from EventBrite.
Maintained by eventbrite-scope-team; Registered on 2016-09-08
Trio2o is to provide APIs gateway for multiple OpenStack clouds to act as a single OpenStack cloud
Maintained by Trio2o Driver Team; Registered on 2016-09-08
This board for all development tools.
Maintained by Bousselham Salmi; Registered on 2016-09-07
Collection of account-polld plugins written in Go.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2016-09-07
Project for Promehteus snap package
Maintained by Canonical IS SAs; Registered on 2016-09-07
Project for Prometheus pushgateway snap package
Maintained by Canonical IS SAs; Registered on 2016-09-07
Prometheus alertmanger snap package project
Maintained by Canonical IS SAs; Registered on 2016-09-07
Zorin OS Test
Maintained by Zorin OS; Registered on 2016-09-07
Tamil Translations Sri Lanka
This Project is an innovative project which helps to find exact tamil translations to many words used in web media / social media. This will also possess a vocabulary / glossary term library to guide the user in all important fields. J.Yogaraj - proprietor (
Maintained by yogaraj local trans; Registered on 2016-09-07
Face detection demo to show snapd features
Maintained by Didier Roche; Registered on 2016-09-07
Python client library for OpenStack Nimble project
Maintained by Nimble Drivers; Registered on 2016-09-07
This project maintains the source code of Juju charms for the Kaminario Openstack cinder.
Maintained by SivaRamaPrasad Ravipati; Registered on 2016-09-07
This is the UI component for the OpenStack Container Management service (Zun)
Maintained by Zun UI Drivers; Registered on 2016-09-07
Unity8 Session Snap
This is a whole lot like except that it is a deb that is wrapped around a snap. Slightly different technologies to achieve basically the same result.
Maintained by Unity8 Session Snap team; Registered on 2016-09-06
Selenium Developer
Utility built over selenium api to assist Selenium automation script development.
Maintained by Sangeeth; Registered on 2016-09-06
GNOME Autoar
GNOME Autoar is a library which makes creating and extracting archives easy, safe, and automatic
Maintained by GNOME3 Team; Registered on 2016-09-06
ZNSniffer is network sniffer. This program writed with Python
Maintained by Zaur; Registered on 2016-09-06
Douban Scope
This project includes four scopes, Douban Films, Douban Music, Douban Album and Douban Books which make use of Douban service.
Maintained by douban-scope-team; Registered on 2016-09-06
Maintained by stephrom; Registered on 2016-09-06
Paint 2d
Back2ds paint program.
Maintained by Gary; Registered on 2016-09-05
DKMS module for Digital Persona U.are.U 4000 fingerprint reader.
Maintained by Boris Barbulovski; Registered on 2016-09-05
Easy to switch and maintain /etc/hosts file with command line utility.
Maintained by Siddhant; Registered on 2016-09-05
Dianping Scope
This scope shows information from Dianping.
Maintained by dianping-scope-team; Registered on 2016-09-05
Mouse Profile Indicator
Indicator for easy switching between mouse speed profiles
Maintained by Serg; Registered on 2016-09-04
graphic terminal
Maintained by Changhan Lee; Registered on 2016-09-04
Bitcoin Unlimited aka BU
Maintained by Sarto; Registered on 2016-09-03
Hash Inspector
The most intuitive and simple hash tool checker for GNU/Linux.
Maintained by Hash Inspector Mantainers; Registered on 2016-09-03
Atom Beta
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-09-03
Metacognitive therapy
Maintained by av1k3; Registered on 2016-09-03
Lavado de activos
Maintained by CofiGrup; Registered on 2016-09-02
prgml2yl summary
Maintained by ylhsieh; Registered on 2016-09-02
Ubuntu core snap for opengl es.
Maintained by Chunsang Jeong; Registered on 2016-09-02
OpenStack Fault Injection Library
Maintained by Ilya Shakhat; Registered on 2016-09-01
RNWD Project
the project for all of RNWD Project
Maintained by RNWD Technical Board; Registered on 2016-09-01
Boomslang Programming Language
A cross-platform static programming language.
Maintained by Isaac Shelton; Registered on 2016-09-01
Maintained by Enkhbold; Registered on 2016-09-01
other experiments with FreeRDP
Maintained by Matteo Nastasi (mop); Registered on 2016-08-31
Project ppa maerty
Maintained by maerty; Registered on 2016-08-31
Puppet module for Glance
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-08-31
PostgreSQL snap packages
Maintained by Stuart Bishop; Registered on 2016-08-31
Ctrip Flights Scope
This scope shows flight info from Ctrip.
Maintained by ctripflights-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-31
Ctrip Hotel Scope
This scope shows hotel info from Ctrip based on the location
Maintained by ctriphotel-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-31
Interface to connect IBM WAS ND DM and IBM WAS ND Node.
Maintained by Geetha S; Registered on 2016-08-31
Interface to connect IBM WAS ND DM and other consumer charms.
Maintained by Geetha S; Registered on 2016-08-31
Cnet Scope
This scope shows the news from CNET RSS.
Maintained by cnet-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-31
a GUI for aria2
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-08-31
Select the best pictures out of a series
Maintained by Aaron Bentley; Registered on 2016-08-30
Synapse - Web-browser evolved
Maintained by Synapse Developer Team; Registered on 2016-08-30
A Tempest plugin to hold out of tree Nova tests
Maintained by Joe Hakim Rahme; Registered on 2016-08-30
SUSEPrime for all disbrutions.
Maintained by Özgür Ateş Fırat; Registered on 2016-08-30
TripAdvisor Ubuntu Scope
Scope allowing to search content powered by TripAdvisor
Maintained by Richard LEE; Registered on 2016-08-30
Harvard EDX
Set of resolutions to the problem sets in CS50 and tests
Maintained by Seichi; Registered on 2016-08-30
Web radio player app for ubuntu touch
Maintained by pedaliero2012; Registered on 2016-08-30
BaiduNews Scope
This scope shows news from Baidu RSS.
Maintained by baidunews-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-30
China Weather Scope
This scope shows weather of recent days in China Mainland.
Maintained by chinaweather-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-30
The official command line client for Cloud Foundry. This is a mirror from the project in github to build snaps.
Maintained by Cloudfoundry Snappy Team; Registered on 2016-08-30
Aplicación de control de gestión y proveedores.
Maintained by Francisco Isoardi Prieto; Registered on 2016-08-29
Tanel Poder's Oracle Troubleshooting Scripts
Maintained by Sergey Kryazhevskikh; Registered on 2016-08-29
Docker Plainbox Provider
Plainbox Provider for the Docker snap
Maintained by Checkbox Developers; Registered on 2016-08-29
Books Scope
This is one aggregator scope that aggregates child scopes about books.
Maintained by books-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-29
Baidu Scope
This is one aggregator scope that aggregates Baidu-Search, Baidu-Picture, Baidu-Tourism, Baidu-Nuomi and BaiduNews.
Maintained by baidu-scope-team; Registered on 2016-08-29
Facilitate setting up MSOffice using Wine
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2016-08-28
Maintained by Faysal; Registered on 2016-08-28
Launcher List Indicator
An indicator for Unity which allows easy switching between multiple lists of icons on Unity Launcher
Maintained by Serg; Registered on 2016-08-27
NAS4Free Downloady Extension
Simple download extension for NAS4Free (N4F) servers.
Maintained by crest; Registered on 2016-08-27
NAS4Free BitTorrent Sync Extension
Extension to install / configure / backup / update / manage and remove BitTorrent Sync (BTS) application on NAS4Free (N4F) servers.
Maintained by crest; Registered on 2016-08-27
NAS4Free Syncthing Extension
Extension to install / configure / backup / update / manage and remove Syncthing (STG) application on NAS4Free (N4F) servers.
Maintained by crest; Registered on 2016-08-27
NAS4Free RRDGraphs Extension
Extension to install / configure / update and remove RRDTool based graphs for NAS4Free (N4F) servers.
Maintained by crest; Registered on 2016-08-27
This interface layer handles communication between IBM Spectrum Scale manager peer units as well as between Spectrum Scale manager and Spectrum Scale client charm.
Maintained by shilpa; Registered on 2016-08-27
Simple library to read epub files using glib
Maintained by GNOME3 Team; Registered on 2016-08-27
library for common functions of GNOME games
Maintained by GNOME3 Team; Registered on 2016-08-26
Meta files for testfield
Maintained by The Love Bot; Registered on 2016-08-26
NAS4Free Extended GUI Extension
Extension for NAS4Free with several improvements for the WebGUI and additional functions.
Maintained by crest; Registered on 2016-08-26
76150 of 38774 results