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Collection of Juju Charms created/modified by GARR-CSD department
Maintained by Fulvio Galeazzi; Registered on 2016-10-06
some wallpapers for ubuntu kylin
Maintained by Ubuntu Kylin Members; Registered on 2016-10-06
WebRTC native libraries combined into a single one.
Maintained by Axel Isouard; Registered on 2016-10-05
python-meteosclient is a client for the OpenStack Meteos. Meteos
Maintained by Hiroyuki Eguchi; Registered on 2016-10-05
Este sera mi primer proyecto
Maintained by Lanny Lagos; Registered on 2016-10-05
Meteos is a Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) in Apache Spark.
Maintained by meteos-drivers; Registered on 2016-10-05
Scalable Web Platform by Extending NGINX with Lua
Maintained by openresty-team; Registered on 2016-10-04
A Rack Scale controller service for lifecycle management of Pooled bare-metal hardware infrastructure like Rack Scale architecture which uses Redfish as one of the management protocols. Rack Scale Design (RSD) is a Open architecture for management of disaggregated server hardware resources. It exposes REST APIs for discovery and management of components in a RSD rack and capability to "compose" hardware nodes and release recources as needed by the overcloud. Many of these APIs have been standardized in Redfish. The concept of pooled storage (SSDs or nvmE) disaggregated from compute nodes and network disaggregated from compute and storage provides the flexibility to compose and uses as and when the cloud requires more server resources. This project proposes to create a management service utilizing Rack Scale and Redfish APIs in a form that can be used by Ironic, Nova, Neutron or any other service/controller within Openstack. A comprehensive lifecycle management of pooled resources.
Maintained by Valence Drivers; Registered on 2016-10-04
MetPX Sundew
MetPX-Sundew is the legacy WMO-GTS supporting message switching system. MetPX-Sundew transfers accepts, transforms, and delivers individual products.
Maintained by Supercomputing @ Government of Canada; Registered on 2016-10-04
Core Snap
All tools and script to create the Snappy Core snap package
Maintained by Snappy Developers; Registered on 2016-10-04
MetPX Sarracenia
MetPX Sarracenia is the next generation data pump with support data acquisition, routing, and dissemination in a meteorological context.
Maintained by Supercomputing @ Government of Canada; Registered on 2016-10-04
eratohoSVT is eramaker variant.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-10-04
Nagios Charm
Nagios offers complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services. This charm is designed to do basic monitoring of any service in the Charm Store that relates to it. There is an NRPE subordinate charm that you can use if you want to use local monitors.
Maintained by Nagios Charm developers; Registered on 2016-10-04
Juju charms modified/developed by GARR CSD team.
Maintained by Fulvio Galeazzi; Registered on 2016-10-04
Quicknet Solutions Office Manager
Maintained by Pablo; Registered on 2016-10-04
Power-pack for overnight fishing or camping
Maintained by Alan; Registered on 2016-10-03
VK Batch File Downloader
Program for batch download files from Vkontakte.
Maintained by Иван Вахромеев; Registered on 2016-10-03
SARIS customization for University of Bagamoyo
Maintained by Zalongwa Technologies; Registered on 2016-10-03
Este es un proyecto de ejemplo
Maintained by Lanny Lagos; Registered on 2016-10-03
Maintained by Yrjö Selänne; Registered on 2016-10-03
Pantheon Camera
The camera app designed for elementary OS
Maintained by elementary Apps team; Registered on 2016-10-03
Create simple and beautiful presentations Based upon SpiceOfDesign's presentation concept, the goal with this project is to create a presentation app that has everything you need to create simple and beautiful presentations
Maintained by Felipe Escoto; Registered on 2016-10-02
Attempts to locate IP addresses by using traceroutes (and potentially pings later on) and routers with geographical names or supporting DNS LOC. Lots of raw data at: (and subdirs), very little code at the moment.
Maintained by Barry Carter; Registered on 2016-10-02
DinkGlobal: Play FreeDink on a world map
Extends to play on google (or OSM) maps with infinite map size that pulls data from a remote server. Very much in the experimental stage at the moment. Poke around in (including subdirectories) for work I've done so far.
Maintained by Barry Carter; Registered on 2016-10-02
CYOA: Choose Your Own Adventure graphing
Let's draw directed graphs for the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 1980s. I've done a few at: Primarily in need of data from other books, could also use some help with improving code.
Maintained by Barry Carter; Registered on 2016-10-02
MercatorMap with Different Poles and Spin
Creates a Mercator map with arbitrary "North Pole" and arbitrary "spin" (ie, north isn't necessarily "up"). Similar projects exist, but I have working code at Uses "slippy" tiles, proj4, and imagemagick's "-distort Perspective". Code is working but could use many improvements.
Maintained by Barry Carter; Registered on 2016-10-02
Metawiki: scripts to create wikis from a small number of files
Creating a wiki frequently requires repeating the same information on multiple pages, which is both redundant and error-prone (eg, two different pages may have contradictory information). This "metawiki" project attempts to create many wiki pages from a small number of initial pages, making it easier to keep information consistent. Whenever one of the "source" pages is updated, the metawiki scripts automatically update all relevant pages. The code is working, but could use help and improvements. Sample: The wiki at is created entirely from a single page:
Maintained by Barry Carter; Registered on 2016-10-02
An indicator for Ubuntu, showing the computer's devices and their usage
Maintained by Jacob Vlijm; Registered on 2016-10-02
Temporary home for KStars bleeding since previous branch fails to import from GIT as it doesn't support git submodules.
Maintained by Jasem Mutlaq; Registered on 2016-10-02
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2016-10-02
Severcart - free, friendly and elegant program to manageMoving cartridges. It will be a good tool for tracking,Systematizing and providing access to information about the cartridges used in laser and color printers from different manufacturers.
Maintained by Maxim; Registered on 2016-10-02
Games that run best in XFCE's terminal on Ubuntu and Mint. "Beast" - still in development
Maintained by wattahay; Registered on 2016-10-02
Framework PHP basé sur Qt pour la création d'application web
Maintained by Youssouf Donzo; Registered on 2016-10-01
A tiny C library to interface with ALSA in the Linux kernel.
Maintained by Taylor Holberton; Registered on 2016-10-01
ClamTk-Gnome is a simple plugin for ClamTk that allows contextual scans of files or folders from inside of the GNOME Nautilus file manager
Maintained by Sunyata; Registered on 2016-10-01
Openstack Upnp Server Project
Maintained by Jaewook Kim; Registered on 2016-10-01
Spreed.ME snap for Nextcloud
Spreed.ME implements a WebRTC audio/video call and conferencing server and web client which is available directly inside Nextcloud
Maintained by Olivier Paroz; Registered on 2016-09-30
Ubuntu store payments front-end (bzr mirror)
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2016-09-30
This Project will be used to upload the source, build and manage OpenDayLight project.
Maintained by Narinder Gupta; Registered on 2016-09-29
Yet another Rock, Papper, Scissors game
Maintained by Ivo Xavier; Registered on 2016-09-29
uJudas, o melhor português do Mundo!
Maintained by Ivo Xavier; Registered on 2016-09-29
MIUI 8 Tweaks
MIUI 8 Tweaks Translations
Maintained by Konstantin; Registered on 2016-09-29
Project for Juju Charm of kaminario-cinder.
Maintained by hareeshk; Registered on 2016-09-29
Your parking pay system for mobile. Webapp linking to
Maintained by Roberto Mier Escandón ; Registered on 2016-09-29
Switchboard Bluetooth Plug
Switchboard plug to setup bluetooth devices
Maintained by elementary Application Drivers; Registered on 2016-09-29
Horizon client components configured to bootstrap into the Blue Horizon managed infrastructure
Maintained by Michael Dye; Registered on 2016-09-29
Maintained by Landscape; Registered on 2016-09-29
Puppet module for Cloudkitty
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-09-28
Puppet module for Congress
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-09-28
Puppet module for Panko
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-09-28
KDevelop - The Coder's Integrated Development Environment(IDE)
Maintained by KDevelop; Registered on 2016-09-28
Command line utility for pithre.
Maintained by bravokeyl; Registered on 2016-09-28
Simple weather application, powered by Yahoo! Weather and Open Weather Map Forked from typhoon which was Based on Stormcloud by Jono Cooper.
Maintained by Cumulus-team; Registered on 2016-09-28
Indicator for Ubuntu with Unity desktop to show disk usage
Maintained by Serg; Registered on 2016-09-28
Libvirt QEMU plugin
Maintained by devstack-plugin-libvirt-qemu drivers; Registered on 2016-09-27
Icon Theme based on Papirus with Vertex folder Icons
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2016-09-27
Nova scheduler filters useful in NFV deployments.
Maintained by NFV filters drivers; Registered on 2016-09-27
NTP subordinate charm for ensuring units in a service keep synchronized time with your site specific configuration requirements.
Maintained by NTP Charmers; Registered on 2016-09-27
The ntpmaster charm provides NTP based services to other charms - either directly or through the use of the ntp subordinate charm.
Maintained by NTP Charmers; Registered on 2016-09-27
test application
Maintained by zyfa; Registered on 2016-09-27
Charm to enable the Pure Storage Driver within OpenStack Mitaka+
Maintained by brent clements; Registered on 2016-09-26
This is a basic rust project to demo building a PPA
Maintained by Chris MacNaughton; Registered on 2016-09-26
a tool for ubuntu phones
Maintained by dt; Registered on 2016-09-26
Plex player
Maintained by dz0ny; Registered on 2016-09-26
Storage Provider OneDrive
A C++ library for open API of OneDrive and storage provider.
Maintained by onedrive-team; Registered on 2016-09-26
testing md docs framework
Maintained by Nick Veitch; Registered on 2016-09-25
Misc utilities
Maintained by Tao Jun; Registered on 2016-09-25
Chat and make audio/video calls using Spreed WebRTC on Ubuntu Snappy.
Maintained by Olivier Paroz; Registered on 2016-09-24
A library for manipulating mathematical expressions. Expressions are stored in a structured symbolic form allowing various operations to be performed on them.
Maintained by David Llewellyn-Jones; Registered on 2016-09-24
This project is used to manage and track the reported bugs and issues related with openstack-dev/sandbox repository (, which is Sandbox for first time contributors.
Maintained by OpenStack Upstream Training Coordinators; Registered on 2016-09-24
A network monitoring tool written in Python.
Maintained by Daniele Parmeggiani; Registered on 2016-09-23
Download and share files using transmissionbt on Ubuntu Snappy. Has to be run in devmode. A good hardware companion for this Snap is the Nextcloud Box which comes with a 1TB hard drive and Nextcloud, a next-generation Files, Sync and Share solution.
Maintained by Olivier Paroz; Registered on 2016-09-23
Sistema de administracion academica universitaria
Maintained by Jhonny Gonzalez; Registered on 2016-09-23
MobIns Translations
MobIns Translations
Maintained by Alexander Haas; Registered on 2016-09-23
MariaDB Charm
Maintained by mariadb-charmers; Registered on 2016-09-23
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