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Implementation of HRIS Train for FHI360 Nigeria
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-16
A Desktop independant lightweight user adding program
Maintained by Israel Dahl; Registered on 2015-02-15
MySQL 5.6 Raspbian
MySQL 5.6 on Raspbian (Debian Wheezy)
Maintained by Michael Luckau; Registered on 2015-02-15
Maintained by vanita; Registered on 2015-02-15
AesyDict, an offline dictionary app, support Ubuntu Touch platform
Maintained by Joey Chan; Registered on 2015-02-15
Portable package manager for Linux (Console).
Maintained by Camicri Systems; Registered on 2015-02-15
kMusicplay is music player totally written in qml and c++ which uses Qmultimedia framework to play and manage audio files and Ubuntu Touch Components to make gui stuffs . Please contribute to the project ..... ~Thanks
Maintained by keshavbhatt; Registered on 2015-02-14
CDMA Buddy
The goal of this project is to create a CDMA Workshop-like programmer for Linux.
Maintained by Nolan Clark; Registered on 2015-02-14
Go package manager
Maintained by Andranik; Registered on 2015-02-14
project editors
editing text file
Maintained by vanita; Registered on 2015-02-14
Builds ramdisks using CoreOS
Maintained by Jay Faulkner; Registered on 2015-02-14
A site for Ubuntu users in Africa
Maintained by Ubuntu Africa Site Developers; Registered on 2015-02-13
This program seems to be like the MacOSX's Dock.
Maintained by dupingping; Registered on 2015-02-13
Documentation files to be exported to the website.
Maintained by Inkscape Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-13
Maintained by Ejz; Registered on 2015-02-13
A helper class for handling configuration defaults of packaged apps gracefully.
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-02-12
A Django app that provides helper for generating Javascript catalog to static files.
Maintained by Ubuntu One hackers; Registered on 2015-02-12
a linux distro
Maintained by Praveen Moorthy; Registered on 2015-02-12
Maintained by; Registered on 2015-02-12
Word Cascade
Android game. Spell words to clear letters before they get pushed to the bottom of the screen.
Maintained by CascadeTeam; Registered on 2015-02-12
Neutron plugin for use MidoNet as a backend. MidoNet is an Apache licensed production grade network virtualization software for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds.
Maintained by Midonet Drivers; Registered on 2015-02-12
Python Screed
short nucleotide read sequence utils in Python
Maintained by Michael R. Crusoe; Registered on 2015-02-12
BaGPipe provides and combines software to use BGP VPNs inside Openstack Neutron, to interconnect Neutron with BGP VPNs and to deliver Neutron L2 connectivity with BGP VPNs.
Maintained by Thomas Morin; Registered on 2015-02-12
The working group aims to define the use cases and identify and prioritize the requirements which are needed to deploy, manage, and run telecommunication services on top of OpenStack. This work includes identifying functional gaps, creating blueprints, submitting and reviewing patches to the relevant OpenStack projects and tracking their completion in support of telecommunication services.
Maintained by telcowg-drivers; Registered on 2015-02-12
Project for MSC at UHC
Maintained by miledi; Registered on 2015-02-12
Maintained by Joseph Guagenti; Registered on 2015-02-12
Full Set Gnome 3.14 for Ubuntu 14.10
Full Set Gnome 3.14 for Ubuntu 14.10
Maintained by AlexWBaule; Registered on 2015-02-12
Use STM build-in bootloader protocol
Maintained by LeftRadio; Registered on 2015-02-12
Special Scripts
A set of scripts to do fun stuff.
Maintained by Patrick Hart; Registered on 2015-02-11
Maintained by miau; Registered on 2015-02-11
Maintained by Erick S Johnson; Registered on 2015-02-11
AWGG is a download manager to facilitate and accelerate file downloads from internet, can group your downloads in multiple queues and schedule these at different times and dates, also has a monitor clipboard that detects URLs copied from the browser, combines the advantages software as wget, aria2 and axel as this is a frontent thereof.
Maintained by Reinier Romero Mir; Registered on 2015-02-11
This is based on the OFFICIAL Desura project, which is the open source project that the commercially maintained Desura Client Application product is built and distributed from.
Maintained by Tomasz Makarewicz; Registered on 2015-02-11
INDI driver for Meade DSI Pro I/II camera
Maintained by Jasem Mutlaq; Registered on 2015-02-11
This project tracks the work to integrate NEC networking products and Trema Sliceable Switch (OSS reference) with Neutron. The logic of communicating the backend controllers is contained in this project.
Maintained by networking-nec-drivers; Registered on 2015-02-10
This project tracks the work to integrate the Hyper-V networking with Neutron. This project contains the Hyper-V Neutron Agent Mixin, Security Groups Driver, ML2 Mechanism Driver and the utils modules they use in order to properly bind neutron ports on a Hyper-V host. This project resulted from the neutron core vendor decomposition. Supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.3.
Maintained by Networking Hyper-V Drivers; Registered on 2015-02-10
This is a fork from OpenCV developed by bq in the context of Horus project.
Maintained by Jesus; Registered on 2015-02-10
Doberman is combination of tools for running automated triaging and failure analysis.
Maintained by Andres Rodriguez; Registered on 2015-02-10
Jingle Bells sh
Please help to convert this script to `sh`.
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2015-02-10
API's and implementations to support L2 Gateways in Neutron.
Maintained by Maruti Kamat; Registered on 2015-02-10
This plugin contains script to configure Sheepdog with OpenStack storage components.
Maintained by MORITA Kazutaka; Registered on 2015-02-09
Maintained by Matthieu Huin; Registered on 2015-02-09
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-09
CLI alternative for PHP
Command Line Interface enhancement alternative for PHP on Debian 7 (Wheezy) and whatever GNU/Linux distro that you want.
Maintained by Eugenia Bahit; Registered on 2015-02-08
Snappy Craft provides a toolset that make developers feel home and productive. NOTE: snapcraft is currently a highly experimental project. Treat with care when considering to build an empire on this :) As such snapcraft will grow tools that support the workflows of individual source community by smartly extending THEIR WAY to allow developing, debugging, releasing of their software for snappy. Snapcraft is aiming at making upstream developers lives easier and as such is not a single toolset that will make live of an integrator easy, but instead is a collection of tools that enable the natural workflow of upstream to be extended with simple release step into snappy.
Maintained by Alexander Sack; Registered on 2015-02-08
SOLVCON is a collection of conservation-law solvers that use the space-time Conservation Element and Solution Element (CESE) method.
Maintained by Taihsiang Ho; Registered on 2015-02-08
Dice game
Maintained by Yatzy Development Team; Registered on 2015-02-08
PlanetFilter uses a blacklist to filter a blog aggregator feed. It allows anyone to subscribe to popular blog aggregators without being overwhelmed by the noise.
Maintained by François Marier; Registered on 2015-02-08
ARM Mali drivers
The Mali series of graphics processing units (GPUs) are semiconductor intellectual property cores produced by ARM Holdings for licensing in various ASIC designs by ARM partners. The GPU cores are mainly developed by ARM Norway, at the former Falanx company site. (
Maintained by Thomas-Karl Pietrowski; Registered on 2015-02-07
unit of dank
Maintained by Matthew Webb; Registered on 2015-02-07
It should help librarians.
Maintained by Pavel; Registered on 2015-02-07
It should help librarians.
Maintained by Pavel; Registered on 2015-02-07
Give a little color to all this - Color box to help developers and designers
Maintained by Huluti; Registered on 2015-02-06
A tiny helper to produce not trivially spoofable, easily sharable cookies.
Maintained by Mir development team; Registered on 2015-02-06
AgilOrg Odoo Project
AgilOrg Odoo Project
Maintained by Soukaina Ezzamane; Registered on 2015-02-06
Morse Sender
Send morse code using your camera flash
Maintained by Morse Sender Development Team; Registered on 2015-02-06
Dice Roller
Simulate rolling dice
Maintained by Dice Roller Development Team; Registered on 2015-02-06
Fenomen tools
In House tools.
Maintained by rang501; Registered on 2015-02-06
RepoMaker is a tool for creating portable Ubuntu software repositories. It allows to create a repository with only the softwares you need and all its dependencies.
Maintained by Jorge Fernandez; Registered on 2015-02-06
Sensors GUI for Unity
Maintained by Pavel Rojtberg; Registered on 2015-02-06
“Saaghar” is a Persian poetry software written by C++ under Qt framework, it uses "ganjoor" database as its database. It has tab feature in both its “Viewer” and its “Search” page that cause it be suitable for research goals.
Maintained by Danial Behzadi; Registered on 2015-02-05
MaidSafe consists of two key parts: the network and the client applications. The network is under active development and aims to be released by the end of 2014 (but for the time being is available for compilation from source via Example applications will be made available throughout this time to teach developers how to use the SAFE API and to enable them to build their own applications.
Maintained by Thiago Martins; Registered on 2015-02-05
An audio recorder for Ubuntu devices, that uses Qt libraries and Ubuntu QML toolkit.
Maintained by Stefano Verzegnassi; Registered on 2015-02-05
mangeclous graphics and music
my graphics. my music. me
Maintained by josselin; Registered on 2015-02-05
Shaker is toolkit for testing data plane performance inside VMs in OpenStack. It able to deploy different topologies and includes both storage and networking scenarios.
Maintained by Ilya Shakhat; Registered on 2015-02-05
Library for QHY CCD and Filter Wheel devices.
Maintained by Jasem Mutlaq; Registered on 2015-02-05
Open CASCADE Technology is a powerful software platform for development of CAD/CAM/CAE applications. It features 3D modeling kernel consisting of reusable C++ object libraries, and a set of development tools, all available in Open Source.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-02-05
Erzeugen Sie Serien-E-Mails aus Serienbriefdateien.
Maintained by Stefan Bäumer; Registered on 2015-02-04
Mi primer repositorio...
Maintained by Anthonny Palma Zeledón; Registered on 2015-02-04
questo è il repository del sw carma-ink
Maintained by Carlo Goffi; Registered on 2015-02-04
Projecto desarrollo web en PHP FatFree Framework+Bootstrap
Maintained by Andres; Registered on 2015-02-04
Sinhala Unicode
Sinhala Unicode Writer For Linux
Maintained by Madushanka Perera; Registered on 2015-02-04
view loadshedding schedule in terminal code at
Maintained by Sujit maharjan; Registered on 2015-02-04
it is a new project registered by mandy
Maintained by mandy; Registered on 2015-02-04
A ROBLOX Lua project for all platformers that support ROBLOX, and determined to bring more beginners to Lua.
Maintained by liteSUSE core; Registered on 2015-02-04
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