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DUR - Debian User Repository
Do you like AUR (Archlinux User Repository) ? So DUR is made for you. (compatible with all debian based distro)
Maintained by Jordan Dalcq; Registered on 2017-07-07
tools for pc enablement
Maintained by Alex Tu; Registered on 2017-07-07
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-07-07
Tempest plugin for networking-l2gw project containing a set of tests.
Maintained by networking-l2gw-tempest-plugin-drivers; Registered on 2017-07-06
Input method (ibus) for entering unicode symbols and emoji by name.
Maintained by Nathan Graule; Registered on 2017-07-06
Bitcoin Protocol Implementation
Maintained by Ingenius; Registered on 2017-07-05
Maintained by marco; Registered on 2017-07-05
TBSCG test CI project
Maintained by Michal Adamczyk; Registered on 2017-07-04
Stanford build accelerator. gg memoizes each stage of a C/C++ build process (preprocess/compile/assemble/link/ar/ranlib/strip) and runs them with thousand-way parallelism on cloud functions services.
Maintained by Keith Winstein; Registered on 2017-07-04
openfortivpn is a client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services. It spawns a pppd process and operates the communication between the gateway and this process. It is compatible with Fortinet VPNs. Full Credits go to Adrien Vergé ( This is just a Launchpad Instance to build snaps for multiple Platforms.
Maintained by Kelly-Propelly; Registered on 2017-07-04
Pyslvs software in PyQt5.
Maintained by Pychang Slvs; Registered on 2017-07-04
Maintained by yuanchao; Registered on 2017-07-04
The Solidity Contract-Oriented Programming Language
Maintained by Leo Arias; Registered on 2017-07-03
Timber Wolf
3D science fiction game with game engine and development environment
Maintained by Roel Sergeant; Registered on 2017-07-03
Chicken Linux
Chicken Linux is a Linux distribution based off of Kubuntu LTS and focuses on creating the best operating system for people who love chickens.
Maintained by Chicken Linux Maintainers; Registered on 2017-07-03
EDB to PST Converter Software
Powerful Edb to Pst Converter software to recover lost edb database and save in to outlook pst file. This Software allow to save converted EDB file in to such as formats PST, EML, MSG, RTF, PDF, HTML file format.Also supports MS Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5 and compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000. Download Free Demo version from:-
Maintained by Olivia Mulvany; Registered on 2017-07-03
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-07-02
Developing ROS IDE Tools
Maintained by Levi Armstrong; Registered on 2017-07-02
Wasta-Linux PNG Ukarumpa Customization
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2017-07-01
A Test Project
Maintained by Test; Registered on 2017-07-01
dfghdf dfgd f dfh
fxghdf dfhdfhdfh
Maintained by duxe; Registered on 2017-07-01
Maintained by David Britton; Registered on 2017-06-30
Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine
Maintained by Leo Arias; Registered on 2017-06-29
Tools for evaluating Split Hopkinson Experiments
Maintained by Georg Ganzenmueller; Registered on 2017-06-29
👢 Cross platform dependency manager for developers
Maintained by Nat!; Registered on 2017-06-29
PowerOlive's work
Maintained by PowerOlive; Registered on 2017-06-29
Maintained by NH TEAM; Registered on 2017-06-29
A C# console game in the vein of MUDs/text adventures.
Maintained by kyrathaba; Registered on 2017-06-28
A live bitcoin ticker for your system tray
Maintained by Ian Smith; Registered on 2017-06-28
Package skypeweb .deb x86_64 architecture plugin Skype for PIdgin
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-06-27
Open Source Time Series DB Platform for metrics and events (time series data).
Maintained by Saeed Partonia; Registered on 2017-06-27
A utility for editing floppy images.
Maintained by Jacek Wieczorek; Registered on 2017-06-27
Maintained by Aaron Blankstein; Registered on 2017-06-26
Maintained by Roghib; Registered on 2017-06-26
Electronic Hospital Management Information System
eHMIS (electronic Hospital Management Information System) - Is a software solution aimed at managing all the different aspects of a health facility, be it small or big
Maintained by eHMIS Support; Registered on 2017-06-26
EncuestaHDP-115 Proyecto Grupo 13
Un sistema gestor de encuesta Básico
Maintained by Enrique; Registered on 2017-06-26
Maintained by Enrique; Registered on 2017-06-26
monster world
Maintained by tom da rocha; Registered on 2017-06-25
Tarea de la materia HDP-115
Maintained by Fernando; Registered on 2017-06-25
Talk to strangers
Chat application with strangers
Maintained by ta thanh an; Registered on 2017-06-25
Maintained by CHUAN-HE; Registered on 2017-06-25
A prototype for a new approach to providing overlay-filesystem functionality in Linux.
Maintained by overlayfs-developers; Registered on 2017-06-24
Complete All in One Internet Marketing Course
Maintained by Keith Moore; Registered on 2017-06-24
Graphical network connections viewer
Maintained by; Registered on 2017-06-23
Papirus icon themes for the Claws Mail
Maintained by Papirus; Registered on 2017-06-23
Wekan is an completely Open Source and Free software collaborative kanban board application with MIT license.
Maintained by wekan-team; Registered on 2017-06-23
How to Apply For Aadhar Card online
However, the registration for an Aadhaar card is completely voluntary, which means that it does not matter if you have an Aadhaar card or not, you are still going to get all the privileges you have been getting since a lot of time and those won’t be excluded.Secondly, the issuing process of an Aadhaar card is very long and very tiring and it totally depends on you, whether you are able to visit the enrollment centres and provide them with any and all sorts of document as per their requirement.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-06-23
How to Apply For Aadhar Card
check Aadhar card status enquiry by name date of birth, EID, Aadhaar number. also, check correction update status As of now, almost everybody got Aadhaar card in India. then no longer need to check aadhar card status. but you may be looking for Aadhaar card update status.Tracking card status is now very efficient way online. but tracking e aadhar status with the mobile number not necessary anymore. we could track check aadhar status and update/correction status with adhar number and EID as well as. Don’t if we want to check aadhar correction status we have to enter URN number it means Unique reference number by UIDAI India.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-06-23
Reliance Jio DTH SetTop Box Online Booking and jio DTH Booking Online Welcome Offer, Price, Plans 2017 & Launch Date News. If you are looking for a post, about reliance jio DTH set top box services then you have clicked a right Post. Jio has Launches Set UP Box Services for there client to Watch Live channels in TV. The Reliance Jio DTH setup box will be launched soon in the month of April 2017. We have already seen that jio has extended there offer till Happy New year plan. Again Jio have expand their free services till June 2017. From here we can easily imagine that jio dose not want to loss there customer. Now Jio is launching their Jio DTH Services soon. As we have seen almost all of the customers are satisfied with jio offerings and unfastened calling services. So in dth offerings additionally jio is going to bang others. By reading this article you all will understand the use and services of DTH set top box.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-06-23
A collection of helm charts for infrastructure services for openstack-helm
Maintained by Steve Wilkerson; Registered on 2017-06-22
A collection of helm charts for services designed to complement openstack-helm
Maintained by Steve Wilkerson; Registered on 2017-06-22
Many-Body codes for low-energy nuclear physics using the Berggren basis, mostly the Density Matrix Renormalization Group (DMRG) for now.
Maintained by kevin fossez; Registered on 2017-06-22
AWS plugin for Openstack Horizon.
Maintained by Dennis Hong; Registered on 2017-06-22
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-06-22
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2017-06-22
Maintained by luis david mendes timoteo; Registered on 2017-06-22
Maintained by Telman Agababov; Registered on 2017-06-21
high-productivity build system
Maintained by GNOME3 Team; Registered on 2017-06-21
mate desktop
The remix of the f/oss ubuntu_mate desktop environment to sit on your vanilla ubuntu OS| just $> apt-get install matedesktop Est Ξ 21ˢᵗjun2017
Maintained by qdirstat; Registered on 2017-06-21
Prometheus Blackbox Exporter Charm
Project for the prometheus blackbox exporter charm
Maintained by Jacek Nykis; Registered on 2017-06-21
Prometheus blackbox-exporter snap
Maintained by Jacek Nykis; Registered on 2017-06-21
QA for MAAS. MAAS offers a nice UI to provision your Ubuntu servers. Each physical server (“node”) will be commissioned automatically on first boot. During the commissioning process administrators are able to configure hardware settings manually before an automated smoke test and burn-in test are done. Once commissioned, a node can be deployed on demand by name, or allocated to a queue for dynamic allocation to services being deployed on this MAAS.
Maintained by MAAS Maintainers; Registered on 2017-06-21
PIVX is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, with many features not available in most other cryptocurrencies. Anonymized transactions using coin mixing technology, we call it Obfuscation. Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, we call it SwiftTX. Decentralized blockchain voting providing for consensus based advancement of the current Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide the above features, each Masternode is secured with collateral of 10K PIV
Maintained by Shaun Mcbride; Registered on 2017-06-21
A Vault charm.
Maintained by Vault charmers; Registered on 2017-06-20
SIRE_ParqueoPositivo - copia
proyecto de prueba
Maintained by oscar fabricio pinzon gomez; Registered on 2017-06-20
An entirely open source driver and user-space daemon for controlling Razer peripherals under GNU/Linux.
Maintained by OpenRazer; Registered on 2017-06-20
The Castellan UI plugin for Horizon allows users to view and manage key manager objects such as keys and certificates needed for OpenStack’s encryption features.
Maintained by Castellan UI Drivers; Registered on 2017-06-20
Human Resource Information System For NCAA
Maintained by Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authory; Registered on 2017-06-20
Maintained by Ally Shaban; Registered on 2017-06-20
openstack resources cleanup
Maintained by sureshkvl; Registered on 2017-06-20
Decentral Application for StromDAO Energy Blockchain
Maintained by Thorsten Zoerner; Registered on 2017-06-20
Wallpapers for OSPC computers
Maintained by OSPC Dev; Registered on 2017-06-19
OSPC wallpapers for visual fun!
Maintained by OSPC Dev; Registered on 2017-06-19
wallpaper for OSPC computers
Maintained by Kris Gainsforth; Registered on 2017-06-19
Snake game
Maintained by Ilija Ćulap; Registered on 2017-06-19
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