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python browser
Maintained by James; Registered on 2015-08-23
Jos Lemmens
Maintained by Jonathan OS; Registered on 2015-08-23
A util collection for Minetest mods.
Maintained by RobertZenz; Registered on 2015-08-22
It is a diary-app to store the blood sugar values.
Maintained by Ronny Fuchs; Registered on 2015-08-22
Push IMAP server for ubuntu-touch devices
Maintained by Dan Chapman ; Registered on 2015-08-22
Xubuntu marketing materials
Xubuntu marketing materials such as flyers.
Maintained by Xubuntu Team; Registered on 2015-08-22
A project for testing Launchpad features using FC development branch
Maintained by Abdullah; Registered on 2015-08-21
Community Image Testing
This repository holds any required source code to enable the community to run and test new images from For now, this includes code for jenkins jobs and associated code. NOTE: This does NOT include the actual autopilot tests, which can be found in lp:ubiquity.
Maintained by Ubuntu Testcase Admins; Registered on 2015-08-21
Map Adobe Flash's HAL requests to validate hardware veracity through, instead, udisks. That is, implement the ancient HAL interface to placate Adobe Flash DRM, and sent its queries to udisks.
Maintained by Chad Miller; Registered on 2015-08-21
Randomizer of text strings.
Maintained by Philippe Loctaux; Registered on 2015-08-21
Switchboard Accessibility Plug
Accessibility plug for Switchboard
Maintained by elementary Pantheon team; Registered on 2015-08-21
Unofficial webapp for (Dutch public transport)
Maintained by FransSchreuder; Registered on 2015-08-20
Unnofficial Ubuntu Touch webapp for NS Reisplanner, The train company in the Netherlands
Maintained by FransSchreuder; Registered on 2015-08-20
Hidos Desktop
A Desktop Environment!
Maintained by Aslan; Registered on 2015-08-20
The Dev Utils library containing various utils for the daily programming in C.
Maintained by marcvd; Registered on 2015-08-20
Traces iOS
record your traces
Maintained by Strongwillow; Registered on 2015-08-20
A simple and clean interface to transfer media between various devices and Linux OS. "Ferry" will aim to provide easy media transfer capability to Linux for Apple, Android and Camera devices in a Elementary OS style application
Maintained by Siddhartha Das; Registered on 2015-08-20
A fast desktop menu
Maintained by Alexandre ACEBEDO; Registered on 2015-08-20
Update Applications
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-08-20
uMetronome Translation File
Po file for uMetronome so that it can be translated.
Maintained by Oliver Nichols; Registered on 2015-08-19
Fasd (pronounced similar to "fast") is a command-line productivity booster. Fasd offers quick access to files and directories for POSIX shells. It is inspired by tools like autojump, z and v. Fasd keeps track of files and directories you have accessed, so that you can quickly reference them in the command line.
Maintained by Alexandre ACEBEDO; Registered on 2015-08-19
Simple calculator for Ubuntu Phone
This app for Ubuntu Phone emulates a pocket calculator.
Maintained by Roberto Carraro; Registered on 2015-08-19
Rakarrack LV2 Port
This project is the rakarrack effects ported to LV2 plugins. The ports are done such that hopefully when rakarrack gets an active maintainer these will get merged into the original project. This was forked from version 6.1 (git commit 7dba0c4bccf88740c56867568d5b218b4a131499).
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-08-19
TOSCA Parser
Parser for TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML. It parses TOSCA YAML templates and creates an in-memory graph. To learn more about TOSCA, please refer to the
Maintained by Sahdev Zala; Registered on 2015-08-19
Others Odoo Addons
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2015-08-19
Addons For Compagnie du Bicarbonate
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2015-08-19
Magento Odoo Bridge
Maintained by OpenSolutisServices; Registered on 2015-08-19
repo for testing
Maintained by VeNOm; Registered on 2015-08-18
Scope to read news from online newspaper
Maintained by Roberto Mier Escandón ; Registered on 2015-08-18
Scope with news from El Mundo (
Maintained by Roberto Mier Escandón ; Registered on 2015-08-18
Moogli s a simulator independent openGL based visualization tool for neural simulations.
Maintained by Bhalla Lab; Registered on 2015-08-18
A workspace switcher plugin for xfce4-panel which can be used for the i3 window manager
Maintained by Alexandre ACEBEDO; Registered on 2015-08-17
i3's interprocess communication (or ipc) is the interface i3wm uses to receive commands from client applications such as i3-msg. It also features a publish/subscribe mechanism for notifying interested parties of window manager events. i3ipc-GLib is a C library for controlling the window manager. This project is intended to be useful in applications such as status line generators, pagers, notification daemons, scripting wrappers, external controllers, dock windows, compositors, config templaters, and for debugging or testing the window manager itself. Source can be found here:
Maintained by Alexandre ACEBEDO; Registered on 2015-08-17
This project will be used to manage OpenStack governance elections.
Maintained by Tristan Cacqueray; Registered on 2015-08-17
OpenCycleMap for Ubuntu TOuch
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2015-08-17
Bug tracking for the arches svo project
Maintained by Mauro; Registered on 2015-08-17
All your applications are belong to us
Maintained by Alexandre ACEBEDO; Registered on 2015-08-17
TclOO extension compiled for ubuntu 12.04
Maintained by Andrew; Registered on 2015-08-17
Trisquel Security Enhanced
Trisquel Security Enhanced Project.
Maintained by Trisquel Security Enhanced Team; Registered on 2015-08-16
File management utility for archiving and rolling files on a schedule.
Maintained by irontet; Registered on 2015-08-16
An addicting poker puzzle playing game, that squares you against other players in the world, challenging you to match or beat their records.
Maintained by Akiva; Registered on 2015-08-16
Generate build files for Visual Studio, XCode, Make, and Ninja.
Maintained by Michael Williams; Registered on 2015-08-16
Maintained by Mike Divine; Registered on 2015-08-15
Dreamcast linux emulator
Maintained by Zen aka Chibiko; Registered on 2015-08-15
Run Compare lets you select multiple .GPX files and compare the workouts in linechart format.
Maintained by Bob Stevenson; Registered on 2015-08-15
Video streaming done right (or at least differently!)
Maintained by Keith Winstein; Registered on 2015-08-15
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-08-14
Falinwa Claim Ext
Maintained by falinwa; Registered on 2015-08-14
Sonata is a simple Sonos controller for Ubuntu.
Maintained by Michael Terry; Registered on 2015-08-13
Visualization Dissertation
Documents for dissertation
Maintained by Charles Bundu; Registered on 2015-08-13
Ubuntu Community Testing
Enables Ubuntu community members to be involved in the manual testing of Ubuntu images using the same software used internally by Canonical QA
Maintained by Ubuntu Testcase Admins; Registered on 2015-08-13
The app calculate your carbohydrate, insulin and FP units and has 4 functions: KU-Calculator IU-Calculator IU-Calculator for a snack FPU-Calculator
Maintained by Ronny Fuchs; Registered on 2015-08-12
Chromixium OS
Chromxium OS is the best of Ubuntu and Chrome OS, free to download and use forever.
Maintained by ChromixiumOS; Registered on 2015-08-12
Ubuntu SDK IDE
Integrated development environment for Ubuntu
Maintained by Ubuntu SDK team; Registered on 2015-08-12
Simple app for image transformation and conversion
Maintained by Marián Bača; Registered on 2015-08-12
Advanced task manager powered by crontab
Maintained by hamid reza; Registered on 2015-08-12
A rust client library and server for the Gearman protocol intended to be a possible replacement for the 'gear' library and enable rust programs to communicate with gearman servers.
Maintained by Clint Byrum; Registered on 2015-08-12
Ubuntu touch app for deliver simple crypted memo for storing encrypted notes.
Maintained by nikde; Registered on 2015-08-11
GeeksGuff is a small irc client program that allows chat people via irc channel.
Maintained by jiwan; Registered on 2015-08-11
SchoolTool Niswonger
SchoolTool customization for the Niswonger Foundation.
Maintained by SIELibre; Registered on 2015-08-11
An alternate approach to provide webapps for the Ubuntu Phone using bottom navigation
Maintained by Oliver Grawert; Registered on 2015-08-11
Test Project
Maintained by sooraj; Registered on 2015-08-11
A open platform for cloud applications
Maintained by Raji Sankar; Registered on 2015-08-11
Python client for HP OneView
Library to use OneView to provide nodes for Ironic
Maintained by python-oneviewclient-drivers; Registered on 2015-08-10
magicicada protocol
The protocol spoken between the magicicada server and client ( and
Maintained by chicharreros; Registered on 2015-08-10
magicicada client
The client daemon for file synchronization with magicicada server (
Maintained by chicharreros; Registered on 2015-08-10
magicicada server
The server for Magicicada (
Maintained by chicharreros; Registered on 2015-08-10
A Test Project
Maintained by Rasika Priyakanth Piyasiri; Registered on 2015-08-10
A Batch interpreter for Linux
Maintained by Taylor; Registered on 2015-08-09
Scope for recommendations of books, movies, authors, shows, games. Powered by TasteKid
Maintained by Mateo Salta; Registered on 2015-08-09
simple game engine
Maintained by Dominik Riehm; Registered on 2015-08-09
A compiled, typesafe, reliable programming language for microcontrollers to applications to websites.
Maintained by mauk; Registered on 2015-08-09
Packages from
Maintained by Dronecode; Registered on 2015-08-09
"Classified ads" is a internet messaging system for public and private messages, between individuals or inside groups. Classified ads has been designed from end-users perspective to be ease to get started with, ease to use and robust at runtime. Notable feature is that it does not require any server-side support for any feature at runtime.
Maintained by Antti Järvinen; Registered on 2015-08-08
My Prince Translation
My Prince fanfic translation.
Maintained by Stratum; Registered on 2015-08-08
76150 of 36792 results