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Burhani Linux Cinnamon Build
Build repo for Cinnamon from github
Maintained by Burhani Linux; Registered on 2015-04-14
Webapp for onlinebanking of the austrian Raiffeisen Bank.
Maintained by themeles; Registered on 2015-04-13
Additional support and requirements for integrating kerberos authentication into django-openstack-auth.
Maintained by Horizon Drivers; Registered on 2015-04-13
Esquerda.Net scope for Ubuntu Touch
A scope to access Esquerda.NET website content
Maintained by António Lima; Registered on 2015-04-13
Camicri Cube ( Server Edition )
Maintained by Camicri Systems; Registered on 2015-04-12
phpBB Polish Translation
phpBB Polish Translation
Maintained by Mateusz Małek; Registered on 2015-04-12
Ubuntu touch Webapp for Meo Cloud storage service. It just uses Ubuntu Touch webapps to launch the Meo Cloud service
Maintained by António Lima; Registered on 2015-04-12
serials is a very useful serialport debug tool
Maintained by hening; Registered on 2015-04-11
Ubuntu Mono Nohinting Font
hinting information stripped
Maintained by ubuntu-font-mono-nohinting; Registered on 2015-04-11
Ubuntu Core security policy and related tools
Maintained by Ubuntu Security Team; Registered on 2015-04-10
Development Python,web.
Maintained by gnaoui; Registered on 2015-04-10
Internal task tracking project for the webapps team
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2015-04-10
IS 282 for 2015 managed by UDSM Programmers
Maintained by UDSM Programmers; Registered on 2015-04-10
HS2 Acquia
HS2 Acquia Simulation Environment
Maintained by HS2; Registered on 2015-04-09
Proyecto final, DCuc, UDistrital, 2015 1, prueba de Bazaar CVS.
Maintained by Francisco Zamora; Registered on 2015-04-09
Clipboard management system for GNOME
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-09
Brent's live show collection
Maintained by Brent Malenius; Registered on 2015-04-09
Threadlocal context in use.
Maintained by Vitalii; Registered on 2015-04-09
ddeb-retriever regularly grabs the *.ddeb debug symbol packages that get produced during package builds with, pkg-create-dbgsym and puts them into a standard Debian-style archive on so that they can be found and installed with apt.
Maintained by Ubuntu Package Archive Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-09
Web browser plugin based on Vlc + Firebreath + Qt Quick 2/Qml
Maintained by Sergey Radionov; Registered on 2015-04-09
This makes integration of DRBD9 into devstack easy(-ier).
Maintained by Philipp Marek; Registered on 2015-04-08
Pop That Wrap!
Simple app for Ubuntu phone. It's not a game and never will be. Just pop that wrap!
Maintained by Michal Predotka; Registered on 2015-04-08
minimalistic headless WebKit-based with JavaScript API
Maintained by Slm0n; Registered on 2015-04-08
checkpoint and restore in userspace
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-08
Maintained by Torsten; Registered on 2015-04-07
Chat client-server It is a double project : - A server : kschat - A client : kcchat
Maintained by Alexandre Kostoj ☢; Registered on 2015-04-07
Community Policing and Intelligence Mapping Software (comPMIntel) is an open source java based platform that helps the community police to gather and profile individuals. It is also does aggregate reporting for cases and uses the GIS for decision making. It has a WEB API that allows it to share information with other departments like Immigration, Vehicle databases, medical records
Maintained by compmintel-Developers; Registered on 2015-04-07
Ionic Projects
Ionic Test projects
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2015-04-07
Openstack EC2 API support
Maintained by EC2 API; Registered on 2015-04-07
Write down some musical notes and raise or lower them. You can also convert them from a naming convention to another (e.g. From "C#" to "Do#").
Maintained by Valerio Bozzolan; Registered on 2015-04-06
scope for texts log
Maintained by texts-scope-team; Registered on 2015-04-06
The calls scope for the telephone log
Maintained by calls-scope-team; Registered on 2015-04-06
Kurento media server
Maintained by Kurento; Registered on 2015-04-06
Tell the user when a command completes and the completion status.
Maintained by Alex M. Lowe; Registered on 2015-04-06
Maintained by WoodenBox; Registered on 2015-04-05
Network Plug
Configure all available networks
Maintained by elementary Pantheon team; Registered on 2015-04-05
Basic browser in phyton.
Maintained by Vojtěch Hořánek; Registered on 2015-04-05
Simple calculator by Vojtěch Hořánek.
Maintained by Vojtěch Hořánek; Registered on 2015-04-05
Astian OS
Astian is a mobile operating system and tablets is under development. EasyLabs is the Colombian company which is involved in the development of this system. Count on profits which may incorporate and integrate the services of EasyLabs and other companies like Google, Applet
Maintained by Alfonso Hernandez; Registered on 2015-04-05
A stylish dconf editor for elementary OS
Maintained by Marcus Wichelmann; Registered on 2015-04-04
this is just to start development. Contains only a test data and nothing important
Maintained by Adarsh Nanu; Registered on 2015-04-04
It's a PPA that provide what beginner ubuntu user need to install.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2015-04-03
Stopwatch for the Ubuntu phone.
Maintained by themeles; Registered on 2015-04-03
Maintained by LGZ; Registered on 2015-04-03
Video Roulette by X-Games
Maintained by Romeo Swarovski; Registered on 2015-04-03
Python library for code shared by TripleO CLI and Tuskar UI.
Maintained by tripleo-common-drivers; Registered on 2015-04-03
The X.Org libinput driver is a thin wrapper around libinput and allows for libinput to be used for input devices in X. This driver can be used as as drop-in replacement for evdev and synaptics. Simply build and install in your $PREFIX, then install the config file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. Restart X and the libinput driver will take over your devices. See for more information
Maintained by John Reid; Registered on 2015-04-03
it's a test for launchpad
Maintained by HuangZhiquan; Registered on 2015-04-03
it's a test for launchpad
Maintained by HuangZhiquan; Registered on 2015-04-03
OpenSynergy Indonesia Twitter Modules
Maintained by Andhitia Rama; Registered on 2015-04-03
Displays a simple ASCII middle finger when run in the terminal.
Maintained by Arkadiusz Rys; Registered on 2015-04-03
Monitor your exercise goals on the go... in the cloud! You'll be able to see how "fit" you are from any device (Android supported only right now).
Maintained by Brian Oren; Registered on 2015-04-02
A Tabata is a form of interval training comprising eight rounds of twenty seconds intense exercise followed by ten seconds rest. This Ubuntu HTML5 application is a countdown timer to use whilst doing Tabata workouts.
Maintained by Dave Bagguley; Registered on 2015-04-02
os-client-config is a library for collecting client configuration for using an OpenStack cloud in a consistent and comprehensive manner.
Maintained by os-client-config drivers; Registered on 2015-04-02
European authors have written a book, we need you to translate 8 chapters on 8 languages
Maintained by Emmanuel Mazurier; Registered on 2015-04-02
A generic shell script compiler. Shc takes a script, which is specified on the command line and produces C source code. The generated source code is then compiled and linked to produce a stripped binary executable. Use with care.
Maintained by Jahidul Hamid; Registered on 2015-04-02
Maintained by guojunyu; Registered on 2015-04-02
Maintained by Abhilash Ranjan; Registered on 2015-04-01
Ambient Noise
Integrate noise into your sound indicator and relax or concentrate
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2015-04-01
cowsay piped to fortune scipt
Maintained by scott; Registered on 2015-04-01
As the name 'noSoapUI' itself explanatory about the no tools are required for testing your web services. It can be tested as part of your maven build or independent like sopaUI we can test through this without any soap UI plugin. This is opensource and can be use on any plateform. This is just a initiative for the webservice test.
Maintained by Abhilash Ranjan; Registered on 2015-04-01 shows informations about the avalanch situation in Austria and it's neighbouring countries. The information comes directly from the local avalanch information services.
Maintained by themeles; Registered on 2015-04-01
Anti-SR stands for "Anti-SkypeResolver" and its purpose is to assist you in stopping Skype resolvers from being able to resolve your IP address by activating the SkypePrivateMode in the Skype configuration file which means that only your contacts are allowed to connect to your computer directly, and thus meaning that Skype Resolvers do not directly connect to your computer and so cannot resolve your IP address. The project is available for install here: ppa:secretiveppc/anti-sr
Maintained by Secretive Private Panda Corporation; Registered on 2015-04-01
Violin Tuner
A simple app to tune a Violin in ubuntu touch
Maintained by Ear3ndil; Registered on 2015-04-01
Webapp for the website of the austrian public-service broadcaster ORF.
Maintained by themeles; Registered on 2015-04-01
OpenStack Cinder driver for the HP MSA storage arrays.
Maintained by Gauvain Pocentek; Registered on 2015-04-01
Essential resources for OGS MJIN tools.
Maintained by Opensource Game Studio; Registered on 2015-04-01
Multiple PHP versions for FORMER 03 devs
Maintained by Christian Simon; Registered on 2015-04-01
The log file navigator, lnav, is an enhanced log file viewer that takes advantage of any semantic information that can be gleaned from the files being viewed, such as timestamps and log levels. Using this extra semantic information, lnav can do things like interleaving messages from different files, generate histograms of messages over time, and providing hotkeys for navigating through the file. It is hoped that these features will allow the user to quickly and efficiently zero in on problems.
Maintained by Tim Stack; Registered on 2015-04-01
Little Ant
Little Ant is based high security, modular, high efficiency design cryptographic modules, simple and easy to use, can be applied on uclinux, x86, Android and other systems.
Maintained by libre ant; Registered on 2015-04-01
Power consumption tests for Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by Canonical Platform QA Team; Registered on 2015-03-31
uservice utils
A small library that contains common code to help us build microservices quickly and easily.
Maintained by Canonical CI Engineering; Registered on 2015-03-31
An FTP client, designed for Linux.
Maintained by Oden; Registered on 2015-03-31
creditnet project
Maintained by Dmitriy Anikin; Registered on 2015-03-31
Canting Linux OS adalah distro linux turunan Ubuntu yang dikembangan oleh STMIK Widya Pratama Open Source Community (SOSCOM) dibawah naungan UKM Pengembangan Komputer STMIK Widya Pratama Pekalongan. Canting Linux OS dikembangan dunia pendidikan dan penggunaan keseharian untuk pemakainya.
Maintained by UKM Pengembangan Komputer; Registered on 2015-03-31
76150 of 36048 results