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Emoji One
An open source color image font implementing the emoji standard.
Maintained by Ubuntu Phablet Team; Registered on 2016-06-15
libwerkzeug collects common C++ utility classes
Maintained by Ubuntu Phablet Team; Registered on 2016-06-15
Murano plugin for networking sfc.
Maintained by Murano Drivers; Registered on 2016-06-15
Fuel plugin for SFC Networking
Maintained by Maciej Relewicz; Registered on 2016-06-15
Fuel plugin for Murano networking SFC with MOS integration.
Maintained by Maciej Relewicz; Registered on 2016-06-15
The events scope (also known as "Upcoming")
Maintained by events-scope-team; Registered on 2016-06-15
Flujo Migratorio
Maintained by hdp-g01; Registered on 2016-06-14
Swag's version of Armagetron
Maintained by LittleSteps; Registered on 2016-06-14
Nextcloud packaged as a snap.
Maintained by Kyle Fazzari; Registered on 2016-06-14
Maintained by Michael Vogt; Registered on 2016-06-14
Simple Hello
Maintained by Emanuele Antonio Faraone; Registered on 2016-06-14
This is a library that wrap xcat REST calls so upper layer such as zvm nova/neutron driver can utilize it just like oslo.vmware for vmware openstack driver
Maintained by jichenjc; Registered on 2016-06-14
nvrrp is an implementation of the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol version 3 (VRRPv3) as described in RFC 5798 ( developed at Pluribus Networks ( and shipped as part of the Open Netvisor OS.
Maintained by nvrrp-team; Registered on 2016-06-13
A nemo port of the nautilus-megasync package. All I did was replace the word nautilus with nemo in every file of the tarball.
Maintained by Pival81; Registered on 2016-06-13
6WIND plugin for Fuel provides the functionality to install 6WIND Virtual Accelerator for Mirantis OpenStack as a network backend using Fuel web UI in a user-friendly manner.
Maintained by 6WIND Fuel Team; Registered on 2016-06-13
Summary later.
Maintained by Mark Serg; Registered on 2016-06-12
Basic C++ gaming framework and library for Nintendo 3DS
Maintained by Thomas Edvalson; Registered on 2016-06-11
Maintained by cindy premchand; Registered on 2016-06-11
This program will keep your system ON based on certain parameters; namely cpu load, user activity, and network traffic (boolean OR for all three). It will also log its interval analysis to a managed log file. Keep Awake requires 'xprintidle', python3-netifaces, and python3-psutil to run.
Maintained by DanglingPointer; Registered on 2016-06-11
An application to convert videos to gif
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2016-06-11
TeamSpeak 3 Russian translation by Team
Maintained by kidi; Registered on 2016-06-10
A word processor for Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2016-06-10
Debans Gaming Community
Maintained by DotBack; Registered on 2016-06-10
Hospital Bed Occupancy Tracking System
Maintained by shayDavid; Registered on 2016-06-10
testing project
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2016-06-10
ENGram is an English grammar dictionary that help you find the grammar you want as fast as possible . It will help students learn English faster and the adults to know English more and more .
Maintained by abdelrahmanbon; Registered on 2016-06-10
Maintained by Nguyen Van Vinh; Registered on 2016-06-10
a little project
Maintained by luis david mendes timoteo; Registered on 2016-06-09
test, don't upvote
Maintained by ryeterrell; Registered on 2016-06-09
A snap build pipeline for Jenkins
Maintained by Evan Dandrea; Registered on 2016-06-09
Hotmail-Technical-Support-Number+1-888-896-7705-Hotmail-Technical Support
HOTMAIL SUPPORT email password showing wrong password HOTMAIL SUPPORT email password suggested to be reset HOTMAIL SUPPORT email inbox receiving emails from unknown sender HOTMAIL SUPPORT email inbox receives an email informing you about a jackpot win HOTMAIL SUPPORT email inbox receives an email offering you a nice job without even applied for it HOTMAIL SUPPORT email inbox receives an email demanding to give details for fund transfer. HOTMAIL SUPPORT username unknown error when signing in your email HOTMAIL SUPPORT email inbox receives an email from bank requiring card details
Maintained by John; Registered on 2016-06-09
Face Counter Webcam application based on OpenCV
Maintained by Pedro Coca; Registered on 2016-06-08
mqtt-demo project
Maintained by Pedro Coca; Registered on 2016-06-08
A UI for RPi.
Maintained by Jean-Luc Burot; Registered on 2016-06-08
Container Management Service for OpenStack
Maintained by zun-drivers; Registered on 2016-06-07
software-properties build for neon
Maintained by Jonathan Riddell; Registered on 2016-06-07
Integrate Tacker VNF manager with Fuel.
Maintained by Michal Skalski; Registered on 2016-06-07
Integrate OpenDaylight SDN controller with Fuel
Maintained by Michal Skalski; Registered on 2016-06-07
Remote Transmission
Transmission client for Ubuntu
Maintained by Calota Romeo; Registered on 2016-06-07
Before the formation of a cloud there must be aoi (the /blue/ sky).
Maintained by Mike Pontillo; Registered on 2016-06-07
Themes for Ubuntu!!
Maintained by Luan Carlos Adão; Registered on 2016-06-07
Fuel Plugin for Openstack Magnum
Maintained by Ram Sateesh Talari; Registered on 2016-06-06
Puppet module for configuring Oslo bits.
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-06-06
Puppet module for OVN
Maintained by puppet-openstack; Registered on 2016-06-06
Simple HTTP interface for OpenStack
Maintained by Jamie Lennox; Registered on 2016-06-05
Say hello, in many languages
Maintained by howdy-windows; Registered on 2016-06-05
Source for public_html at for building a static Web site with Pelican.
Maintained by Dave Kuhlman; Registered on 2016-06-05
Latest KStars
Maintained by Jasem Mutlaq; Registered on 2016-06-05
Madende Systems
System Developed by Madende
Maintained by Hemed Lungo; Registered on 2016-06-05
Box OS
A Linux based operating system for media centers. It has a full fledged Material Design UI, and full PS4 and XBOX One controller support.
Maintained by staticsn0w; Registered on 2016-06-05
Box OS
A Linux based operating system for media centers. It has a full fledged Material Design UI, and full PS4 and XBOX One controller support.
Maintained by staticsn0w; Registered on 2016-06-05
Maintained by Raul Duque; Registered on 2016-06-04
The FUTILE project (Fortran Utilities for the Treatment of Innermost Level of Executables) is a set of modules and wrapper that encapsulate the most common low-level operations of a Fortran code. It provides wrappers and controls for (log)file dumping, string handling, input file parsing, dynamic memory allocations, profiling, error handling as well as MPI interfaces and Linear algebra wrappers. It also implements advanced data storage objects like linked lists and trees, and provides their bindings to python dictionaries as well as iterators. This package is meant to simplify the work of Fortran code developers as its APIs are inspired from Fortran approach. Particular attention is paid in not downgrading the performance of the upper level subprograms.
Maintained by Luigi Genovese; Registered on 2016-06-04
write this later
Maintained by David Jenkins; Registered on 2016-06-04
Seven (operating system)
Seven is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, created from scratch and continues the legacy left off from BASIS.
Maintained by Mamidre; Registered on 2016-06-04
It is educational application based on Gujarati Students (students belongs to Gujarat, India)
Maintained by Mohan Sharma; Registered on 2016-06-04
SMS Pet Appointment Reminder
Project for pet appointment Sms Reminder
Maintained by John W. Viloria Amaris; Registered on 2016-06-03
Additional xkb keyboard availability in ibus
Maintained by Wasta-Linux; Registered on 2016-06-03
Jenkaas configuration repository for
Maintained by Libertine Developers; Registered on 2016-06-03
A secure, hardened, and improved implementation of Network Time Protocol derived from NTP Classic, Dave Mills’s original.
Maintained by Mark Atwood; Registered on 2016-06-03
An XKCD reader app designed for elementary OS. Mostly just an experiment to learn more about the platform and tools.
Maintained by Tuur Dutoit; Registered on 2016-06-03
Maintained by p; Registered on 2016-06-03
elementary-add icons
Maintained by Yuly Nesterov; Registered on 2016-06-03
This a test server creating project
Maintained by Arsen Asatryan; Registered on 2016-06-02
CheSS (standing for Chebyshev Sparse Solvers) is a package providing various high level operations based on Chebyshev expansions for sparse matrices. Among other functionalities, it provides an implementation of the Fermi Operator Expansion (FOE) method to calculate the density matrix in an electronic structure calculation and an efficient way of calculating the power of a sparse matrix, i.e. A^x.
Maintained by CheSS developers; Registered on 2016-06-02
A Qt Library / terminal command for calculating bigrams, trigrams, and monograms.
Maintained by Akiva; Registered on 2016-06-01
Engine run-on-coal
Maintained by Konstantin; Registered on 2016-06-01
This project is about a system to track HRH activities
Maintained by Andrew Agaba; Registered on 2016-06-01
Traducción Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Trilogy
¡Ayúdanos a traducir la trilogía de Ace Attorney en 3DS!
Maintained by Alejandro; Registered on 2016-06-01
GNOME Getting Started Docs
Help a new user get started in GNOME
Maintained by Ubuntu GNOME Development; Registered on 2016-05-31
Zalongwa iHRIS Train Database System
Zalongwa iHRIS Train Database System
Maintained by Juma Lungo; Registered on 2016-05-31
minimalistic personal task manager designed to fit GNOME desktop
Maintained by Ubuntu GNOME Development; Registered on 2016-05-31
Barbican UI
This is the UI component for Openstack Barbican Project
Maintained by Upama; Registered on 2016-05-31
A small C++ library for computing minimum fixed point in a dependency graph.
Maintained by DuckZero Maintainers; Registered on 2016-05-31
Cloudbase Solutions Theme for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Maintained by Cloudbase Solutions; Registered on 2016-05-30
76150 of 38368 results