Comment 9 for bug 51538

Scott (sworley) wrote :

A publicly accessible .pdf that triggers this error: . Note: this document will probably be updated in place, and redistribution is not permitted, so this is potentially a time-limited example.

The problem area is on page 59.

Viewing this page in 'fit page width' mode with a small window yields a lot of "Error: Bad bounding box in Type 3 glyph" messages. Slowly increasing the window size causes evince to exit with the message "Out of memory". Maximizing the window or scrolling to page 59 in a large or maximized window causes evince to exit with the message "Bogus memory allocation size"

See attached gdb backtrace from a breakpoint on exit(). T3FontCache() in libpoppler calls gmallocn(8,284192164).

(Note: Trace is not from an ubuntu install. Versions: evince-2.22.0, poppler-0.6.1 )