No timestamps in polygraph-ltrace output

Bug #1202239 reported by Pavel Kazlenka on 2013-07-17
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Bug Description

There are no timestamps in polygraph-ltrace output, however they are expected to be there according to documentation ( :
"The --time_unit option has two effects: ltrace uses time since test start when reporting timestamps and that relative time is reported in the specified units or scale. By default, absolute time (seconds since Unix epoch) is reported."

Steps to reproduce:
1. Obtain any log from polygraph test.
2. Run polygraph-ltrace --side clt --objects ok_xact.count --win_len 1min client.log .

Output must contain timestamps.

Versions affected:
Reproducible using at least versions 4.3.2, 4.6.0 and 4.7.0

I've attached sample log file for 4.3.2.

Pavel Kazlenka (panya-qwert) wrote :
description: updated
Alex Rousskov (rousskov) wrote :

The options descriptions may not be very clear, but I do not think it is meant to imply that timestamps are reported if --time_unit option is used. It only describes what happens to those timestamps IF they are reported. To make ltrace actually report timestamps, you probably should use the --objects parameter, just like with any other statistics.

You may want to check that time reporting (when enabled) matches the description.

We should polish the wording so this bug report should probably remain open even if time reporting is correct.

Pavel Kazlenka (panya-qwert) wrote :

Seems like false alarm. Command line should look like polygraph-ltrace --side clt --objects time,ok_xact.count --win_len 1min client.log

However, documentation should be updated to reflect 'time' object necessity to get timestamps in output.

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