"Keep in dock" Results in too high sort values

Bug #1080769 reported by bwat47 on 2012-11-19
This bug report is a duplicate of:  Bug #1016575: Item sorting messed up by dragging. Edit Remove
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Bug Description

Plank's default behavior is supposed to be, that when you open an application that is not pinned to the dock, that that application should show up to the right of all the pinned applications in the dock. On a fresh install of plank this works as expected.

The problem is, when I begin pinning applications to the dock via right clicking the application and checking "keep in dock", that the resulting .dockitem files are given sort values of 1000 or higher. This causes inconsistent behavior in the dock, because when you open applications not pinned to the dock they no longer open to the far right, and instead some random place in the dock, because these pinned items were given such high sort values. This requires the user to go into plank's config files and fix the sort values manually to get consistent sorting behavior back.

I can always replicate this issue on a fresh install of plank.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Well, transients have a sort (starting at) 1000. Once you pin, it is supposed to find the highest sort left of the transients and then set the items sort to that + 1.

I'm not exactly sure how you get it to behave how you see. Please give me a complete set of steps to reproduce on a clean install (remove ~/.config/plank). Make sure you indicate what .dockitems are installed (~/.config/plank/dock1/launchers) after first launch.

Also I need your Plank version.

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bwat47 (bwat47) wrote :

first launch after installing plank and deleting ~/.config/plank I have the following dockitems: gedit, google chrome, plank, vlc. They all have normal sort values below 1000 and plank behaves normally. I can replicated it by simply pinning any item. Here's a video showing replication of the bug. I pin nemo, move it to where I want. Then you can see apps are opening in the middle of my dock.

bwat47 (bwat47) wrote :

also plank version: bzr 711

bwat47 (bwat47) wrote :

I can also replicate it sort of the opposite way I showed in the video. In the video I open nemo, pin it, then move it.

The exact same issue happens if I open nemo, move it, and then pin it. Either way it gets a sort higher than 1000 and unpinned apps open in the middle of my dock due to that.

bwat47 (bwat47) wrote :

And here's an attachment of my "fresh" plank config folder after exiting plank, deleting the folder, and letting plank recreate if that helps

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Ok you are using a drag and drop branch. Sorting is known as messed up there. See bug 1016575.

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