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Gerhard Schmidt (estartu71) wrote : Re: [Bug 1974172] Re: pkginfo picks random package if multiple package with the same prefix are installes

I wasn't sure if _ and - are consistently exchanged. As you see in the
list the the package name are with - while the directory on the disks
are with _. So there might be packages that have a - in the directory
name which will break my fix again.

The version string is quite fixed in it's format. So it might be
possible to define a regular expression for the version information and
matching against <projectname>-<versionexpression>.{egg|dist)-info.
This whould be the premium solution. But I hadn't had the time to look
into it.

Am 19.05.22 um 18:31 schrieb Tres Seaver:
> Thanks very much for the report!
> I'm curious why you think your fix is not ideal. It looks to me as
> though any installed '.egg-info' or '.dist-info' directory *should* be
> prefixed by '<package_name>-'.