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Bug #1497566: Error 6030 in SkyOnline Undecided New 179 weeks

From: Michele
Link: outputs.txt

outputs.txt contains the outputs required for the bug report

Bug #1436834: Failure to download extra data files Undecided New 183 weeks

From: Six
Link: update-notifier-common-fix.patch

patch to fix update-notifier-common

Bug #1389982: winecheck should be more verbose about failed tests Undecided New 224 weeks

From: Michael Müller
Link: font-verbose.diff

Patch to add some more debug output

Bug #1307989: chromium 34 not see NPAPI pipelight plugin Undecided Triaged 254 weeks

From: Michael Müller
Link: 0002-Add-code-to-properly-initialize-a-NPAPI-plugin-with-.patch


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