Pipelight is crashing java applications

Bug #1383534 reported by Cpw on 2014-10-21
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Bug Description

Pipelight is crashing Java applications, and generally causing a serious slowdown with anything Java related.

It appears that it is loading through the SWT WebGTK component (which is embedding a webkit component I believe).

This is causing a serious instability in Java applications, and many times they crash with segmentation and bus error faults.

A snippet of a crash here:

Thread Stack Trace:
    at soup_session_feature_detach+17()@0x7fb81432a861
    -- Java stack --
    at org/eclipse/swt/internal/webkit/WebKitGTK._soup_session_feature_detach(JJ)V(Native Method)
    at org/eclipse/swt/internal/webkit/WebKitGTK.soup_session_feature_detach(WebKitGTK.java:739)
    at org/eclipse/swt/browser/WebKit.create(WebKit.java:529)
    at org/eclipse/swt/browser/Browser.<init>(Browser.java:96)
    at com/jrockit/mc/console/ui/information/tab/BrowserInformationSectionPart.createClient(BrowserInformationSectionPart.java:65)
    at com/jrockit/mc/ui/sections/MCClientSectionPart.initialize(MCClientSectionPart.java:36)
    at org/eclipse/ui/forms/ManagedForm.addPart(ManagedForm.java:84)
    at com/jrockit/mc/ui/sections/PageBookBlock.addPart(PageBookBlock.java:57)
    at com/jrockit/mc/console/ui/information/tab/ServerInformationTab.createFormContent(ServerInformationTab.java:42)
    at org/eclipse/ui/forms/editor/FormPage$1.run(FormPage.java:152)
    at org/eclipse/swt/custom/BusyIndicator.showWhile(BusyIndicator.java:70)
    at org/eclipse/ui/forms/editor/FormPage.createPartControl(FormPage.java:150)
    at org/eclipse/ui/part/MultiPageEditorPart.addPage(MultiPageEditorPart.java:241)
    at org/eclipse/ui/forms/editor/FormEditor.addPage(FormEditor.java:325)
    at com/jrockit/mc/ui/formpage/internal/ToolbarFormEditor.addPageSafe(ToolbarFormEditor.java:198)

(Run the JRockit Mission Control application and select to start the console on the local instance to reproduce).

I have uninstalled pipelight, as Java is much more important than Unity webplayer.

I think it is misguided that there is no environment variable or anything that allows me to say "NO!" don't load the pipelight/wine context when running e.g. Java programs.

Anyway, I believe this is fatal to this otherwise interesting toy. Crashing utterly unrelated systems is not acceptable, ever.

Information: Debian Sid.
Desktop Env: Gnome 3
No info on the plugin - I have uninstalled it and will not reinstall.
(also reproduceable on friend and colleague's Kubuntu 14.04 KDE env).

Console output when I ran eclipse before the uninstall:

cpw:~$ ./eclipse/eclipse
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] attached to process.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] checking environment variable PIPELIGHT_UNITY3D_CONFIG.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] searching for config file pipelight-unity3d.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] trying to load config file from '/home/cpw/.config/pipelight-unity3d'.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] trying to load config file from '/etc/pipelight-unity3d'.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] trying to load config file from '/usr/share/pipelight/configs/pipelight-unity3d'.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unknown] sandbox not found or not installed!
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unity3d] using wine prefix directory /home/cpw/.wine-pipelight.
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unity3d] checking plugin installation - this might take some time.
[install-dependency] wine-unity3d-installer is already installed in '/home/cpw/.wine-pipelight'.
fixme:winediag:start_process Wine-Compholio is a Wine testing version containing experimental patches.
fixme:winediag:start_process Please don't report bugs at winehq.org and use our issue tracker instead:
fixme:winediag:start_process https://github.com/compholio/wine-compholio/issues
wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winemenubuilder.exe"
err:wineboot:ProcessRunKeys Error running cmd L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winemenubuilder.exe -a -r" (2)
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] Read dllPath 'C:\Program Files\Unity\WebPlayer\loader' and dllName 'npUnity3D32.dll' from registry
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] embedded mode is on.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] windowless mode is off.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] linux windowless mode is off.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] force SetWindow is off.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] window class hook is off.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] strict draw ordering is off.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] replaced API function TrackPopupMenuEx.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] replaced API function TrackPopupMenu.
[PIPELIGHT:WIN:unity3d] init successful!
[PIPELIGHT:LIN:unity3d] using thread asynccall event handling.

I hope you fix this.


Cpw (cpw) wrote :
storager (storager) wrote :

Confirm Bug. Eclipse is gone when trying to access web browser settings for example.

Strange things. huh..

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