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Bug #1570678: mysqld got signal 11 during setting up root password on package installation on ppc64el Undecided New 38 hours

From: Fernando Seiti Furusato
Link: percona_ppc64el.patch


Bug #1446030: CentOS 6 init script check_running() reports PID of LXC instance Wishlist New 54 weeks

From: Mark Carbonaro
Link: mysql.init.patch


Bug #1263476: sst_xtrabackup and sst_xtrabackup-v2 are broken on solaris Medium Confirmed 69 weeks

From: Derek
Link: wsrep_sst_xtrabackup-2.2.7-smartos.patch

Patch for SunOS, SmartOS

Bug #1291679: wsrep_notify_cmd to use bash rather than sed Wishlist Confirmed 115 weeks

From: Daniel Black

Bug #1262439: Compiling using Bison 3.0 does not work Critical Fix Committed 115 weeks

From: Massimiliano Torromeo
Link: mysql56-bison3.patch


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