Comment 0 for bug 1574846

amit arora (amit-0923) wrote :

I have 3 node PXC, let's say PXC1, PXC2 and PXC3 as 3 nodes of the cluster.

PXC1 is a primary node of sorts (since it is an async slave or another mysql master).

I created PXC1 through xtrabackup from another mysql server(not PXC) and setup replication on it.
Added PXC2, which did an SST from PXC1 and was in sync later.
In PXC3, I set "wsrep_desync=ON" in my.cnf, later PXC3 did an SST from PXC2 and was in sync.

Now I tried to disable wsrep_desync on PXC3 through following command:
"set wsrep_desync = OFF", but it threw error 1231 saying value "OFF" cannot be set for this parameter.
ERROR 1231 (42000):Variable 'wsrep_desync' can't be set to the value of 'OFF'