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rollbacks may leave stale transactional MDL locks

Reported by Teemu Ollakka on 2013-11-04
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MySQL patches by Codership
Status tracked in 5.6
Teemu Ollakka
Teemu Ollakka
Percona XtraDB Cluster
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Bug Description

Certain combination of rollbacks may put thd in such a state that it holds transactional MDL locks even if it has no active transaction going on. This becomes apparent by defining Mdl_context::has_transactional_locks() as

  inline bool has_transactional_locks() const
    return !m_tickets[MDL_TRANSACTION].is_empty();

and putting

  DBUG_ASSERT(thd->in_active_multi_stmt_transaction() ||
              thd->in_sub_stmt ||

at the end of mysql_execute_command() function and running randgen generated load with attached grammar. It seems that the reason for this is using thd->in_multi_stmt_transaction_mode() instead of thd->in_active_multi_stmt_transaction() when checking whether to release transactional locks at the end of mysql_execute_command().

Stale locks may cause autocommit selects to cause deadlocks with TOI DDLs when causal reads is on. Thd holding stale lock may be waiting in wsrep_causal_wait() for DDL to be executed while DDL is waiting for MDL lock held by thd waiting in wsrep_causal_wait(). This is not resolved until causal waits times out.

Proposed fix: Force clear of transactional MDL locks whenever there is no active MST at the exit of mysql_execute_command().

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