Comment 4 for bug 1168291

The problem here is that, you have two set of values:

a) auto-inc from master
b) auto-inc determined from cluster - determined from wsrep_auto_increment_control

It would be incorrect to take a) because if
wsrep_auto_increment_control is enabled, the cluster auto-inc
values get inconsistent with what master has provided.

Now, it may be possible to account for master while calculating
the auto-inc, however, the problem remains in that master is not
aware of this.

It may be better to make this combination fail, ie. STMT +
wsrep_auto_increment_control than introducing inconsistency in
the cluster.

Is there any other way this inconsistency can be resolved - ie.
taking into account both the value derived from
wsrep_auto_increment_control and the value from