Comment 5 for bug 713267


On 27.06.11 21:14, Peter Zaitsev wrote:
> Alexey,
> OK lets read the bug when differently.
> if innodb_open_files_limit set to 20000 and some 20000 of innodb tables
> are backed up the innodb failes with ulimit -n = 1024
> which should not happen per your description. Might be it only was the case
> in old
> version. can you or Valentine check it just to be sure ?

I have constructed a simple test case and discovered that xtrabackup
indeed leaks file descriptors.

That is, xtrabackup calls fil_space_get_zip_size() with the only purpose
to determine compressed page size for a tablespace. Which in turns calls
fil_node_open_file() eventually than opens the file. But xtrabackup
never calls fil_node_close_file().

So all .ibd files, once opened before they are copied, stay open until
backup completes for no good reason.

Setting the bug to confirmed.