Comment 1 for bug 1227240

Vlad Lesin (vlad-lesin) wrote :

Hrvoje, I can not repeat it with the parameters you gave.

I tried to repeat in with the following xtrabackup options:
./xtrabackup_56 --backup --target-dir=/tmp
/1/backup --datadir=/tmp/1/percona-current/data --suspend-at-end --defaults-group="mysql" --tmp-dir=/tmp --inn

on PS-5.6.13 with the following options:
bin/mysqld --no-defaults --gdb --basedir=/tmp/1/percona-current --datadir=/tmp/1/percona-current/data --innodb_log_archi
ve=ON --innodb_log_arch_dir=/tmp/1/percona-current/data --innodb-file-per-table --innodb_log_file_size=2M --in

and it works ok.

So I need some additional data:
1) How do you build xtrabackup and PS?
2) Your my.cnf file.