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Bug #1655689: pt-query-digest doesn't understand hyphen-padded general log thread ids Undecided Confirmed 48 weeks

From: Sean Purdy
Link: pt-query-digest.patch

Hack to grok thread id

Bug #1542291: pt-osc rebuild constraint can be faster since 5.6 Undecided New 97 weeks

From: DavidDucos
Link: pt-online-schema-change.patch


Bug #1462490: pt-online-schema-change should clear sql_mode before CREATE and ALTER TABLE Undecided Confirmed 132 weeks

From: Maciej Dobrzanski
Link: pt-online-schema-change.diff


Bug #1456324: pt-query-digest outputs "Reading from STDIN" Medium Triaged 134 weeks

From: Ryan Olson
Link: pt-query-digest-debug.patch

print -> PTDEBUG && _d

Bug #1428549: pt-table-sync: unneeded replication of temporary tables Undecided New 144 weeks

From: Daniel Black
Link: pt-table-sync-btree_PK.patch

primary key on temp table

Bug #1389743: CONCAT() and numeric arguments Undecided Confirmed 162 weeks

From: Markus Falb
Link: pt-table-checksum-concat.patch

cast separator to binary

Bug #1372785: pt-table-checksum doesn't set USE database before deleting from checksums table Undecided Confirmed 168 weeks

From: Brian
Link: pt-table-checksum.patch

add tbl to use_repl_db to set USE database before

Bug #1314500: pt-kill does not report failure exit code Low In Progress 174 weeks

From: Frank Cizmich
Link: pt-kill-exit-code.patch


Bug #1289703: pt-show-grants does not support IDENTIFIED WITH for authentication plugins Undecided In Progress 174 weeks

From: Frank Cizmich
Link: pt-show-grants-identified-with-auth-plugin.patch


Bug #1287318: pt-diskstats doesnt process multiple files Wishlist Confirmed 186 weeks

From: Frank Cizmich
Link: pt-diskstats-1287318.diff

allows pt-diskstats to accept multiple files for input

Bug #1314696: using --defaults-file can't use host from there Undecided Confirmed 189 weeks

From: Elan Ruusamäe
Link: bug-1314696.patch


Bug #1133249: pt-heartbeat --monitor --file sometimes results in an empty file Undecided Confirmed 208 weeks

From: W. Andrew Loe III
Link: rename.patch


Bug #1241361: pt-summary stalled Undecided Confirmed 217 weeks

From: Frederic Descamps
Link: VirtualSwap.patch

This fix the problem

Bug #1220341: pt-query-digest: a lot of information is removed when doing '--no-report --output' Undecided Confirmed 223 weeks

From: Kenny Gryp
Link: pt-query-digest-slowlogwriter-fix.diff


Bug #1170454: pt-table-sync line-ending problems with --print Undecided Confirmed 236 weeks

From: Mrten
Link: pt-table-sync-hex-all-diff-v2.diff


Bug #1097997: pt-heartbeat does not detect master server id if it can't connect to the remote master Undecided Triaged 257 weeks

From: Stuart Cianos
Link: 20130109_pt-heartbeat.diff

Patch which adds master detection via show slave status

Bug #1063876: pt-find needs option to keep nulls Undecided Triaged 270 weeks

From: Joe
Link: pt-find-issue-keep_nulls.patch


Bug #1017719: Include port number in pt-deadlock-logger output Undecided Confirmed 285 weeks

From: Geoffrey Anderson
Link: bug1017719.patch


Bug #984057: pt-query-digest with --review breaks on multiline comments Medium Confirmed 295 weeks

From: Baron Schwartz
Link: multiline-review.patch


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