Comment 1 for bug 1480719

Hi Thomas,

I've checked that piece of code and it shows which table is remaining.

 my $self;
   $self = {
      last_reported => $args{start},
      fraction => 0, # How complete the job is
      callback => sub {
         my ($fraction, $elapsed, $remaining, $eta) = @_;
         printf STDERR "$name: %3d%% %s remain\n", <---- you are getting error at this line.
            $fraction * 100,

Can you please provide the PTDEBUG output while running pt-table-checksum? i.e

shell> PTDEBUG=1 pt-table-checksum --host <ip> --user <username> --ask-pass

Also can you provide the exact database and table name? is it contain any special characters?