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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1092645: Use MADV_DONTDUMP for innodb buffer pool Wishlist Triaged 91 weeks

From: Hui Liu
Link: innodb_dump_full_corefile.patch


Bug #1204353: XA_PREPARED transaction rollbacked when client disconnect Medium Triaged 122 weeks

From: fengyi
Link: xa_prepare_disconnect.patch


Bug #940404: event is passed back and forth between dual master if event is from some other mysqld Medium Triaged 166 weeks

From: Hui Liu
Link: bug940404.patch


Bug #966254: connection is refused while excuting "flush privileges" Medium Triaged 191 weeks

From: yinfeng
Link: flush_priv.diff


Bug #952920: performance tuning for deadlock detect switch Wishlist Triaged 192 weeks

From: Hui Liu
Link: deadlock_detect_switch.diff


Bug #841621: Failing assertion: page_get_n_recs(page) > 1 High Triaged 196 weeks

From: yinfeng
Link: 01.diff


Bug #893348: max_user_connections issue Medium Triaged 202 weeks

From: Gor Martsen

Bug #725436: Integrate the "KILL IF_IDLE" patch Wishlist Triaged 248 weeks

From: Alexey Kopytov
Link: percona-server-5.1.51-11.5-132.lenny-kii.patch

Patch against percona-server-5.1.51-11.5-132.lenny

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