Comment 44 for bug 1169505


I can confirm the what is said in #43.
(and ones older) do not have any SSL symbols nor are linked
against libssl. This can cause any client linked against those
libraries to fail. Since the symbols don't exist in those at all (either unresolved or in the library itself) I presume they may be built without SSL.

This is an issue with packaging of shared-compat which has not
been updated for a while - - version51 is still 5.1.66 there, the 5.1.70 version of Percona-Server-shared-51 (from which Percona-Server-shared-compat gets is linked correctly against libssl.


However, that may be only part of the problem since mysql client
(which is linked with libssl) also seems to be affected - even
with different CNs

@Olaf: Can you confirm that even with different CNs (as per #30) you had issue
with mysql client (or was this with a client built on libmysqlclient?).

Also, the verification in #42 seems to be against openssl 1.0.x,
there also seem to be failures against openssl 0.9.8.x reported
above (and which is standard on CentOS 5.x).