server won't start when flush_method=ALL_O_DIRECT and track_changed_pages=TRUE

Bug #1131949 reported by George Ormond Lorch III on 2013-02-22
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George Ormond Lorch III
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Laurynas Biveinis
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Laurynas Biveinis
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George Ormond Lorch III

Bug Description

Server fails to start with:
InnoDB: Error: tried to read 65536 bytes at offset 0 2048.
InnoDB: Was only able to read 0.


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George Ormond Lorch III (gl-az) wrote :
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George -

I cannot reproduce this locally. Could you please
1) attach the full error log for the failed run;
2) set a breakpoint at these InnoDB diagnostics you get and provide a stacktrace leading either to the diagnostics or the failing call itself?

Sure Laurynas, in fact, I'll even go a little further and see if I can
debug/fix it for you, should be pretty straightforward.

On 5/27/2013 10:50 AM, Laurynas Biveinis wrote:
> George -
> I cannot reproduce this locally. Could you please
> 1) attach the full error log for the failed run;
> 2) set a breakpoint at these InnoDB diagnostics you get and provide a stacktrace leading either to the diagnostics or the failing call itself?
> ** Changed in: percona-server/5.1
> Status: In Progress => Triaged
> ** Changed in: percona-server/5.5
> Assignee: Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) => George Ormond Lorch III (gl-az)
> ** Changed in: percona-server/5.1
> Assignee: Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) => George Ormond Lorch III (gl-az)
> ** Changed in: percona-server/5.6
> Assignee: Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) => George Ormond Lorch III (gl-az)

George O. Lorch III
Software Engineer, Percona
+1-888-401-3401 x542 US/Arizona (GMT -7)
skype: george.ormond.lorch.iii

George Ormond Lorch III (gl-az) wrote :

Looks like it is unaligned i/o on log file

(gdb) bt
#0 _os_file_read (file=12, buf=0x7fffa8966010, offset=2048, offset_high=0, n=65536, trx=0x0) at os/os0file.c:2525
#1 0x0000000000865fc0 in os_aio (type=10, mode=24, name=0x3a948b8 "./ib_logfile0", file=12, buf=0x7fffa8966010, offset=2048, offset_high=0, n=65536, message1=0x3a947b8, message2=0x0, space_id=4294967280, trx=0x0) at os/os0file.c:3823
#2 0x0000000000935d58 in _fil_io (type=10, sync=1, space_id=4294967280, zip_size=0, block_offset=0, byte_offset=2048, len=65536, buf=0x7fffa8966010, message=0x0, trx=0x0) at fil/fil0fil.c:5341
#3 0x0000000000853f7b in log_group_read_log_seg (type=98887331, buf=0x7fffa8966010 "", group=0x3a94948, start_lsn=8192, end_lsn=73728) at log/log0log.c:2326
#4 0x0000000000856504 in log_online_follow_log_seg (group=0x3a94948, block_start_lsn=8192, block_end_lsn=73728) at log/log0online.c:973
#5 0x0000000000856697 in log_online_follow_log_group (group=0x3a94948, contiguous_lsn=8192) at log/log0online.c:1042
#6 0x0000000000856ba9 in log_online_follow_redo_log () at log/log0online.c:1212
#7 0x00000000008b514d in srv_redo_log_follow_thread (arg=0x0) at srv/srv0srv.c:2751
#8 0x000000391b007851 in start_thread () from /lib64/
#9 0x000000391a8e811d in clone () from /lib64/

5.6 does not have the option to set O_DIRECT for log files. Will merge the fix of aligning the read buffer at OS_FILE_LOG_BLOCK_SIZE anyway, since that's what InnoDB does for the log write buffer.

Download full text (3.8 KiB)

Same happens with Percona Server 5.7.10-3 GA as soon as I have:


in my.cnf:

[root@centos ~]# service mysql stop
Stopping mysqld: [ OK ]
[root@centos ~]# vi /etc/my.cnf
[root@centos ~]# service mysql start
Percona MySQL Daemon failed to start.
Starting mysqld: [FAILED]
[root@centos ~]# tail -100 /var/log/mysqld.log
2016-02-26T15:49:07.327649Z 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

160226 17:49:07 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mysqld/ ended
160226 17:50:41 mysqld_safe Transparent huge pages are already set to: never.
160226 17:50:41 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
2016-02-26T15:50:42.607807Z 0 [Warning] TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details).
2016-02-26T15:50:42.608882Z 0 [Warning] 'NO_ZERO_DATE', 'NO_ZERO_IN_DATE' and 'ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO' sql modes should be used with strict mode. They will be merged with strict mode in a future release.
2016-02-26T15:50:42.609278Z 0 [Warning] 'NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER' sql mode was not set.
2016-02-26T15:50:42.622279Z 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld (mysqld 5.7.10-3-log) starting as process 2958 ...
2016-02-26T15:50:42.667392Z 0 [Warning] No argument was provided to --log-bin, and --log-bin-index was not used; so replication may break when this MySQL server acts as a master and has his hostname changed!! Please use '--log-bin=centos-bin' to avoid this problem.
2016-02-26T15:50:42.680642Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: innodb_empty_free_list_algorithm has been changed to legacy because of small buffer pool size. In order to use backoff, increase buffer pool at least up to 20MB.

2016-02-26T15:50:42.681648Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: PUNCH HOLE support available
2016-02-26T15:50:42.681862Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use GCC atomic builtins
2016-02-26T15:50:42.681948Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Uses event mutexes
2016-02-26T15:50:42.682280Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: GCC builtin __atomic_thread_fence() is used for memory barrier
2016-02-26T15:50:42.682376Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.3
2016-02-26T15:50:42.682439Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Using Linux native AIO
2016-02-26T15:50:42.684322Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Number of pools: 1
2016-02-26T15:50:42.685172Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Not using CPU crc32 instructions
2016-02-26T15:50:43.008759Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, total size = 5M, instances = 1, chunk size = 5M
2016-02-26T15:50:43.029818Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool
2016-02-26T15:50:43.085462Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: If the mysqld execution user is authorized, page cleaner thread priority can be changed. See the man page of setpriority().
2016-02-26T15:50:43.645092Z 0 [Note] InnoDB: Highest supported file format is Barracuda.
2016-02-26T15:50:43.651811Z 0 [Warning] InnoDB: Retry attempts for reading partial data failed.
2016-02-26T15:50:43.652176Z 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Tried to read 2048 bytes at offset 0 was only able to read0
2016-02-26T15:50:43.652257Z 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Operating system error number 22 in a file o...


This has the same root cause as bug 1529885, and the fix will be tracked there.

tags: added: i64171

Percona now uses JIRA for bug reports so this bug report is migrated to:

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