Comment 8 for bug 1496603

Bert Timmerman (bert-timmerman) wrote :

Hi Chad,

Technically the bug filed by KaiMartin is resolved.

While I'm looking at menu files I found a couple of diffences between the between the gtk and the lesstif menus.

I pushed another commit to decrease the differences a bit.

Another observation is that decreasing/increasing values are hard coded in the menu, for example:

    {"Vias -10 mil" ChangeSize(SelectedVias,-10,mil)}

    {"Via Tool size +5 mil" a={"Shift-V" "Shift<Key>v"} SetValue(ViaSize,+5,mil)}

What about metric values ?

Maybe we should review the whole menu system to get rid of hard coded values and units.

I will start a new bug report for this one.

Kind regards,

Bert Timmerman.