Comment 5 for bug 1496603

Chad Parker (parker-charles) wrote :

The following are the shortcuts involving the alt key:

<alt-a> Select all
<alt-shift-a> Unselect all (is this really needed?)
<alt-r> Auto route selected rats
<alt-s> Change drill size +5 mils
<alt-shift-s> Change drill size -5 mils
<alt-v> SetValue(ViaDrillingHole, +5, mil)
<alt-shift-v> SetValue(ViaDrillingHole, -5, mil)

These all work fine in the lesstif HID, but alt-s and alt-v are used to access the settings menu and view menu. In order to create the minimum disruption, I'm only going to update the gtk hid for now.

We should consider overhauling the key bindings for the next major release to make them consistent. Like, <key> and shift-<key> be used to interact with objects in the layout (shift making them larger since shift produces capital letters). ctrl-<key> and ctrl-shift-<key> be used to interact with the software for the purposes of things like saving, changing the view, updating route styles, highlighting connections, and such.

For this fix I am going to implement the following mappings:
alt-a --> ctrl-a
alt-shift-a --> ctrl-shift-a
alt-s --> ctrl-d
alt-shift-s --> ctrl-shift-d
alt-v --> ctrl-l
alt-shift-v --> ctrl-shift-l

alt-r will stay alt-r since there isn't presently a conflict, and there isn't really a better combination available.