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Bug #716879: CHECK TABLE output is reported too late in mysql error log Undecided Fix Committed 383 weeks

From: shinguz
Link: patch_716879.diff

replaces printf to xt_log function call

Bug #715399: typo in check table output Undecided Fix Committed 384 weeks

From: shinguz
Link: patch_715399.txt

diff taken of src in mariadb 5.1.53

Bug #688404: pbxt crashes on Windows 64 (misalignment on SSE instruciton) Undecided Fix Committed 393 weeks

From: Vladislav Vaintroub
Link: xxx.diff

ensure jmp_buf is on stack (for proper alignment)

Bug #404238: xtstat failes to compile on Windows Undecided Fix Committed 465 weeks

From: Brian Evans
Link: pbxt - xtstat_xt windows.patch

pbxt - xtstat_xt windows.patch

Bug #309424: xtstat doesn't use my.cnf Wishlist Fix Committed 496 weeks

From: Andrew Garner
Link: xtstat_use_mycnf.patch

Make xtstat use the local my.cnf(s)

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