Activity log for bug #1180265

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2013-05-15 08:03:27 gmeier bug added bug
2013-05-15 08:35:25 gmeier summary Plank needs a shadow to fit icons Plank needs a shadow to match icons
2013-05-15 10:06:07 Cody Garver pantheon-dock: status New Confirmed
2013-05-15 10:06:11 Cody Garver pantheon-dock: importance Undecided Wishlist
2013-05-15 10:06:21 Cody Garver pantheon-dock: assignee Daniel Fore (danrabbit)
2013-05-15 10:06:24 Cody Garver pantheon-dock: milestone 0.3-beta1
2013-05-15 18:54:07 Danielle Foré pantheon-dock: assignee Daniel Fore (danrabbit)
2014-03-16 08:45:19 Danielle Foré pantheon-dock: milestone isis-beta1