<SHIFT>+<SPACE> deletes whole line

Bug #1639542 reported by Franz Fellner on 2016-11-06
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This is extremely annoying because I have to type extremely slow. This happens all the time to me when I write ALL_CAPS or quotation marks or any other SHIFT+KEY-combo followed by a SPACE. This also propagates to vim.
I couldn't find a hint on how to deactivate this.

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Alex George (xzeroknight) wrote :

I ran into the exact same issue; I assume you're using Zsh? Add this somewhere to your shell configuration:

# Make Shift+Enter and Shift+Space just emit Enter and Space respectively in
# ZLE, otherwise their corresponding escape codes are taken as actual input
bindkey -s '^[[13;2u' '^M'
bindkey -s '^[[32;2u' ' '

The reason the command line is "deleted" is because ZLE interprets the escape sequence sent by Shift+Space as actual input, thus it thinks you pressed Esc, which puts it into Vi "normal" mode. So now the rest of the escape sequence becomes a string of Vi commands, so ZLE thinks that you typed a '[' character, which probably does nothing, followed by '32;', which attempts to repeat the last 'f/F/t/T' command 32 times, and finally interprets '2u' as the 'undo' command, which in this case undoes the last 'insert' operation, which was the command line that you initially started to type out. This is why Shift+Space "deletes" your command line.

Let me know if this alleviated your problem. Cheers.

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Alex George (xzeroknight) wrote :

The thought occurred to me that one will run into this problem in other programs as well, such as Vim. You could work around it on a per-program basis if need be, or if you don't plan on ever using the Shift-Space or Shift+Enter chords, you can simply disable them completely in pangoterm.cfg.

To completely disable any unwanted chord, add the respective line(s) to your $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pangoterm.cfg:

chord_shift_space = false
chord_shift_enter = false
chord_shift_backspace = false

Note that as of the time of writing, these are the only 3 config options available regarding disabling chords.

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