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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1282466: [PATCH] Added support for simulating wind with Bullet Soft Bodies in Python Undecided Fix Committed 8 weeks

From: Ashley Whetter
Link: softBodyWind.patch


Bug #1221942: CommonFilters: SSAO fails on old GPUs Undecided New 32 weeks

From: Juha Jeronen
Link: panda3d-1.8.1-ssao-compatibility.patch

Fix SSAO compatibility with old GPUs by embedding filter-ssao.sha into, and filling in explicit value for loop limit at filter configure time.

Bug #1221546: [feature] Cartoon shader improvements Undecided New 32 weeks

From: Juha Jeronen
Link: panda3d-1.8.1-cartoon-shader-improvements-v2.patch

New version of patch. See comment.

Bug #1219422: Shader generator errors out with some material property combinations Undecided New 33 weeks

From: Juha Jeronen
Link: panda3d-1.8.1-shadergen-error.patch

Fix shader generator error with some combinations of material properties

Bug #1214782: Double threshold light ramps ignore t1 and l1 Undecided New 33 weeks

From: Juha Jeronen
Link: panda3d-1.8.1-double-lightramp.patch

Fixes double threshold light ramps in Panda3D 1.8.1

Bug #954257: 1.8 and pthread instability High Triaged 63 weeks

From: Tureba
Link: panda3d-bamwriter-fix.patch


Bug #1075053: Not compiling with newest ffmpeg Undecided Fix Committed 68 weeks

From: Tureba
Link: panda-fix-ffmpeg-audiovideo.diff

Fix Audio and Video parts of ffmpeg uses

Bug #1089245: "No errors." output in console when compiling GLSL shaders on intel GPU Low Fix Committed 70 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: glsl_no_error_intel.diff


Bug #1081784: Static build on windows results in redundant symbols Undecided New 73 weeks

From: Geoff Evans
Link: 0001-fix-linking-on-windows-when-building-static-libs-don.patch


Bug #1074173: OccluderNodes not working at certain positions and angles Wishlist Fix Committed 76 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: occluder_improvements.diff


Bug #385951: Add getTags method to NodePath Undecided Fix Committed 77 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: NodePath_getPythonTags.diff


Bug #940390: loading sounds asynchronously fails Undecided Fix Committed 78 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: AudioLoadRequest_Fix.diff


Bug #1057903: Bug in Maya 2013 API causes errors building maya2egg Undecided Fix Committed 81 weeks

From: benchang
Link: diff

patch with workarounds in mayaegg/ and mayaprogs/

Bug #1013419: TextNode::set_text_scale does not properly handle spaces Undecided Fix Committed 88 weeks

From: SamL
Link: text_scale.patch

Patch to account for text_scale in space width

Bug #1027758: OdeSpace incorrectly shares the auto collide joint group Undecided Fix Committed 91 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: odespace_fix.diff


Bug #1024134: Fix some warning Undecided New 92 weeks

From: Yvon TANGUY
Link: panda3d_warnings_fix.patch


Bug #1013380: it is not possible to set some speaker configurations using FMOD (patch included) Undecided Fix Committed 96 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: fmod_speaker_modes.diff


Bug #1009603: it should be possible to scale lodNode distances based on camera FOV (patch included) Wishlist Fix Committed 97 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: camera_lod_scale.diff


Bug #1009593: read-mipmaps texture flag causes error (patch included) Undecided Fix Committed 97 weeks

From: Josh Enes
Link: read_mipmaps_fix.diff

Fix Patch

Bug #992049: GLShaderContext mixing malloc and delete Undecided Fix Committed 103 weeks

From: Andrew Wason
Link: shader-err.diff


Bug #990221: makepanda doesn't fined Eigen in Ubuntu 11.10 Undecided Fix Committed 103 weeks

From: Andrew Wason
Link: makepanda-eigen.diff

makepanda patch

Bug #730255: Wrong interpolation in MeshDrawer::stream Undecided New 163 weeks

From: Chusslove Illich
Link: panda3d-meshdrawer-stream-linterp-01.diff


Bug #616382: Add simple event "touch" to multi-touch Windows 7 messages Wishlist New 192 weeks

From: Guillermo Andrade
Link: winGraphicsWindow.cxx.patch


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